Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) Cheats, Secrets and Unlockable Modes

Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) Cheats

Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) Cheats are an easy and free way to gain edge in Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019). To help you with these cheats and console commands, we are giving the complete list of working cheats for Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019). Not only I will provide you with the code list, but you will also learn how to enable these cheats step by step. So let’s begin!!

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Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) Cheats

Here you will find an updated and working list of cheats.

Safe Combinations and Other Codes

These are all of the codes you can complete at any time in Resident Evil 2 Remake, allowing you to get some items out of order.

  • 3F Stairs Dial Lock (Letters) Solution – DCM (Found in a film roll).
  • Control Room Dial Lock (Letters) Solution – SZF – Found in Jazz Festival Flyer
  • Greenhouse Control Room Code 1 Solution – F, II, two small L shapes, and F – Found on ladder top
  • Greenhouse Control Room Code 2 Solution – Two L, L, I, a big square above a little square, and a thicker I – Found on bottom of DNA Trophy
  • Lion Statue Lock Solution – Lion, Leafy Branch, Bird
  • Maiden Statue Lock Solution – Woman, Bow, Snake
  • Men’s Locker Room Dial Lock (Letters) Solution – CAP – Found in note in room attached to Operations Room.
  • Rookie’s First Assignment Initials in West Office Solution – Left Lock: NED, Right Lock: MRG
  • Treatment Pool Room Safe Solution – Left 2, Right 12, Left 8 – Found on side of safe (lol!)
  • Unicorn Statue Lock Solution – Fish, Scorpion, Vase
  • Waiting Room Safe Solution – Left 6, Right 2, Left 11 – Found in Confiscation Report File
  • West Office Safe Solution – Left 9, Right 15, Left 7 – Found in S.T.A.R.S. Office memo.

How to Unlock Leon’s Desk

  • NED – Code to unlock the left side.
  • MRG – Code to unlock the right side.

When you unlock the Leon’s Desk you’ll get a High Capacity Magazine (Pistol). But if you are Claire, you get a Speed Reloader (Revolver).

How to Unlock Lockers

  • SZF – Combination for the locker in the Upper Sewer Control Room.
  • DCM – Combination for the locker on the third floor.
  • CAP – Combination for the locker on the second floor (Shower Room).

How to Open Safes

  • L2, R12, L8 – Treatment Pool Room (you will find a Shotgun Stock or Hip Pouch).
  • L6, R2, L11 – East Wing, Waiting Room (you will find a Muzzle Brake or Extended Mag).
  • L9, R15, L7 – West Office, First Floor (in the safe you will find a Hip Pouch).

Note: L and R means left and right.

Unlockable Weapons

  • Unbreakable Combat Knife – Destroy all Mr. Raccoon Toys
  • Unlimited Ammo LE-5 Submachine Gun – S-Rank the game on Hardcore Difficulty
  • Unlimited Ammo Samurai Edge Handgun – S-Rank the game on Standard Difficulty

Unlockable Modes

  • Claire’s Story Second Run Mode – Beat Leon’s Story, any difficulty and rating OR beat Leon’s Second Run
  • Leon’s Story Second Run Mode – Beat Claire’s Story, any difficulty and rating OR beat Claire’s Second Run
  • The Fourth Survivor Mode (Play as Hunk) – Beat Leon’s Second Story

Tofu Survivor Mode (play as Tofu) – Beat The Fourth Survivor Mode

New cheats and console commands will be added to the list as soon as developers release them. So keep visiting this post.


So, now that you have Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) Cheats and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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