Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List – October 2021

Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List

Are you looking for Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving the latest and updated Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List. This list will help you to get the best of commanders.


Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List (commanders)

This is the list of in game commanders from best to worst.

Rise of Kingdoms Commanders – Tier S+

Yi Seong-Gye (YSG) – (Tier S+) Korea Archer Garrison also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Alexander the Great – (Tier S+) Greece Infantry Versatility also Attack (Legendary Commander)
Richard I – (Tier S+) Britain Infantry Garrison also Defense (Legendary Commander)

Tier S

Saladin – Arabia Cavalry Conquering also Support (Legendary Commander)
Charles Martel – France Infantry Garrison also Defense (Legendary Commander)
Edward of Woodstock – Britain Archer Versatility also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Attila – HunsCavalry Conquering also Attack (Legendary Commander)
Guan Yu – China Infantry Conquering also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Artemisia I – Persia Archer Garrison also Defense (Legendary Commander)
Ramesses II – Egypt Archer Versatility also Attack (Legendary Commander)
Genghis Khan – Mongolia Cavalry Versatility also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Takeda Shingen – Japan Cavalry Versatility also Mobility (Legendary Commander)
Leonidas I – Greece Infantry Versatility also Defense (Legendary Commander)
Zenobia – Palmyra Infantry Garrison also Support (Legendary Commander)

Rise of Kingdoms Commanders – Tier A

Wu Zetian – China Leadership Garrison also Support (Legendary Commander)
Constantine I – Byzantium Infantry Garrison also Support (Legendary Commander)
Aethelflaed – Britain Leadership Peacekeeping also Support (Legendary Commander)
Mehmed II – Ottoman Empire Leadership Conquering also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Tomyris – Massagetae Archer Conquering also Attack (Legendary Commander)
Minamoto no Yoshitsune – Japan Cavalry Peacekeeping also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Julius Caesar – Rome Leadership Conquering also Attack (Legendary Commander)
Hannibal Barca – Carthage Leadership Conquering also Attack (Legendary Commander)
Frederick I – Germany Leadership Conquering also Attack (Legendary Commander)
Cao Cao – China Cavalry Peacekeeping also Mobility (Legendary Commander)
Charlemagne – France Leadership Conquering also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Chandragupta Maurya – Maurya Empire Cavalry Conquering also Skill (Legendary Commander)
William I – Britain Cavalry Versatility also Attack (Legendary Commander)
Yi Sun-sin – Korea Leadership Garrison also Defense (Legendary Commander)
Theodora – Byzantium Leadership Garrison also Defense (Legendary Commander)
Sun Tzu – China Infantry Garrison also Skill (Epic Commander)
Joan of Arc – France Integration Gathering also Support (Epic Commander)

Rise of Kingdoms Commanders – Tier B

El Cid – Spain Archer Versatility also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Harald Sigurdsson – Norway Infantry Conquering also Skill (Legendary Commander)
Mulan – China Integration Peacekeeping also Support (Legendary Commander)
Pelagius – Spain Cavalry Garrison also Skill (Epic Commander)
Hermann – Germany Archer Garrison also Skill (Epic Commander)
Kusunoki Masashige – Japan Archer Garrison also Skill (Epic Commander)
Baibars – Arabia Cavalry Conquering also Skill (Epic Commander)

Tier C

Boudica – Britain Integration Peacekeeping also Skill (Epic Commander)
Belisarius – Byzantium Cavalry Peacekeeping also Mobility (Epic Commander)
Osman I – Ottoman Empire Leadership Conquering also Skill (Epic Commander)
Keira – Other Archer Peacekeeping also Skill (Epic Commander)
Scipio Africanus – Rome Leadership Conquering also Attack (Epic Commander)
Lohar – Other Integration Peacekeeping also Support (Epic Commander)


Now that you have the Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List, use it to select the best characters in the game.


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