Risk of Rain 2 Developer Commands

Risk of Rain 2 Developer Commands

Risk of Rain 2 Developer Commands are an easy and free way to gain edge in Risk of Rain 2. To help you with these cheats and console commands, we are giving the complete list of working cheats and console commands for Risk of Rain 2. Not only I will provide you with the code list, but you will also learn how to enable these cheats step by step. So let’s begin!!

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How To enable Risk of Rain 2 Developer Commands

  • Enter the game.
  • Press Control + Alt + `.
  • This will activate the developer console.
  • Just enter the commands from our list and press enter button.

Risk of Rain 2 Developer Commands

Here you will find an updated and working list of cheats & console Commands.

List of Commands

aim_stick_assist_max_deltathe maximum amount in radians the aim assist will turn towards.
aim_stick_assist_max_input_helpthe amount, from 0-1, that the aim assist will actually add magnitude towards. helps you keep target while strafing. currently unused.
aim_stick_assist_max_sizethe size, as a coefficient, of the aim assist ‘white’ zone.
aim_stick_assist_max_slowdown_scalethe maximum amount the sensitivity scales down when passing over an enemy.
aim_stick_assist_min_deltathe min amount in radians the aim assist will turn towards
aim_stick_assist_min_sizethe minimum size, as a percentage of the gui, of the aim assist ‘red’ zone.
aim_stick_assist_min_slowdown_scalethe maximum amount the sensitivity scales down when passing over an enemy.
aim_stick_dual_zone_slopethe slope value for stick dual zone behavior.
aim_stick_dual_zone_thresholdthe threshold for stick dual zone behavior.
aim_stick_exponentthe exponent for stick input used for aiming.
aim_stick_global_scalethe global sensitivity scale for stick aiming.
aim_stick_smoothingthe smoothing value for stick aiming.
anisotropic_filtering = disablethe anisotropic filtering mode. can be disable, enable or forceenable.
audio_focused_onlywhether or not audio should mute when focus is lost.
auto_simulate_physicsenable/disables physics autosimulate.
ban_steambans the user with the specified steam id from the server.
body_generate_portraitsgenerates portraits for all bodies that are currently using the default.
body_listprints a list of all character bodies in the game.
chat_max_messagesmaximum number of chat messages to store.
Cheatsenable cheats. achievements, unlock progression, and stat tracking will be disabled until the application is restarted.
Clearclears the console output.
client_set_playersadds network players for all local players. debug only.
Connectconnect to a server.
connect_steamworks_p2pconnect to a server using steamworks p2p. argument is the 64-bit steam id of the server to connect to.
console_enabledenables/disables the console.
corpses_disposalthe corpse disposal mode. choices are hard and outofsight.
corpses_maxthe maximum number of corpses allowed.
create_corrupted_profilescreates corrupted user profiles.
Cvarlistprint all available convars and concommands.
debug_aim_assist_visual_coefficient = 2magic for debug visuals. don’t touch.
director_combat_disabledisables all combat directors.
Disconnectdisconnect from a server or shut down the current server.
dump_network_idslists the network ids of all currently networked game objects.
dump_projectile_mapdumps the map between indices and projectile prefabs.
ea_message_skipwhether or not to skip the early access splash screen.
Echoechoes the given text to the console.
enable_damage_numberswhether or not damage and healing numbers spawn.
Execexecutes a named config from the config/ folder.
export_controller_mapsprints all rewired controllermaps of the first player as xml.
export_default_controller_mapsprints all default rewired controllermaps.
Findfind all concommands and convars with the specified substring.
fps_maxmaximum fps. -1 is unlimited.
Gamemodesets the specified game mode as the one to use in the next run.
Gammagamma boost, from -inf to inf.
Helpshow help text for the named convar or concommand.
Hosthost a server. first argument is whether or not to listen for incoming connections.
hud_enableenable/disable the hud.
hud_scalescales the size of hud elements in-game. defaults to 100.
kick_steamkicks the user with the specified steam id from the server.
Languagewhich language to use.
language_generate_tokensgenerates default token definitions to be inserted into a json language file.
language_reloadreloads the current language.
master_texture_limitreduction in texture quality. 0 is highest quality textures, 1 is half, 2 is quarter, etc.
max_messagesmaximum number of messages that can be held in the console log.
net_loglevelnetwork log verbosity.
net_p2p_debug_transportallows p2p transport information to print to the console.
net_p2p_log_messagesenables logging of network messages.
Pausetoggles game pause state.
Pingprints the current round trip time from this client to the server and back.
pp_aossao postprocessing. 0 = disabled 1 = enabled
pp_bloombloom postprocessing. 0 = disabled 1 = enabled
pp_motionblurmotion blur. 0 = disabled 1 = enabled
pp_sobel_outlinewhether or not to use the sobel rim light effect.
pregame_start_runbegins a run out of pregame.
print_local_usersprints a list of all local users.
print_statsprints all current stats of the sender.
Quitcloses the game.
r_foliagewindwhether or not foliage has wind.
r_lod_biaslod bias.
r_lod_maxthe maximum allowed lod level.
r_shadowsshadow quality. can be all hardonly or disable
r_softparticleswhether or not soft particles are enabled.
remove_all_local_usersremoves all local users.
Resolutionthe resolution of the game window. format example: 1920x1080x60
resolution_listprints a list of all possible resolutions for the current display.
resolution_scaleresolution scale. currently nonfunctional.
rule_show_itemswhether or not to allow voting on items in the pregame rules.
rules_dumpdump information about the rules system.
run_endends the current run.
run_print_seedprints the seed of the current run.
run_print_unlockablesprints all unlockables available in this run.
run_scene_overrideoverrides the first scene to enter in a run.
Saysends a chat message.
scene_listprints a list of all available scene names.
set_scenechanges to the named scene.
set_vstrsets the specified vstr to the specified value.
shadow_cascadesthe number of cascades to use for directional light shadows. low=0 high=4
shadow_distancethe distance in meters to draw shadows.
shadow_resolutiondefault shadow resolution. can be low, medium, high or veryhigh.
stage1_podwhether or not to use the pod when spawning on the first stage.
steam_iddisplays your steam id.
steam_lobby_copy_to_clipboardcopies the currently active lobby to the clipboard if applicable.
steam_lobby_iddisplays the steam id of the current lobby.
steam_lobby_inviteinvites the player with the specified steam id to the current lobby.
steam_lobby_open_invite_overlayopens the steam overlay to the friend invite dialog.
steam_lobby_print_dataprints all data about the current steam lobby.
steam_lobby_print_listdisplays a list of lobbies from the last search.
steam_lobby_print_membersdisplays the members current lobby.
steam_lobby_update_player_countforces a refresh of the steam lobby player count.
steam_remote_storage_list_fileslists the files currently being managed by steamworks remote storage.
sv_listenwhether or not the server will accept connections from other players.
sv_maxplayersmaximum number of players allowed.
sync_physicsenable/disables physics ‘autosyncing’ between moves.
test_splitscreenlogs in the specified number of guest users, or two by default.
timer_resolutionthe windows timer resolution.
Timescalethe timescale of the game.
Timestepthe timestep of the game.
transition_commandfade out and execute a command at the end of the fadeout.
user_profile_copycopies the profile named by the first argument to a new profile named by the second argument. this does not save the profile.
user_profile_deleteunloads the named user profile and deletes it from the disk if it exists.
user_profile_mainthe current user profile.
user_profile_savesaves the named profile to disk, if it exists.
viewables_listdisplays the full names of all viewables.
volume_masterthe master volume of the game audio, from 0 to 100.
volume_msxthe music volume, from 0 to 100.
volume_sfxthe volume of sound effects, from 0 to 100.
vsync_countvsync count.
wait_mshow many milliseconds to sleep between each frame. -1 for no sleeping between frames.
window_modethe window mode. choices are fullscreen and window.
wwise_log_enabledwwise logging. 0 = disabled 1 = enabled.

New cheats and console commands will be added to the list as soon as developers release them. So keep visiting this post.


So, now that you have Risk of Rain 2 Developer Commands and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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