Roblox unConvential Codes – October 2021

Roblox unConvential Codes

Roblox unConvential Codes are the only way to earn some free stuff and freebies. You get cash and some other free stuff when you redeem the codes in the game. Here in this article, you will find all the updated and working codes for the game.

One thing that you must know about is about the game developers. This fantastic game is a work of big_thonk.

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UnConvential Codes

Roblox UnConvential Codes are the best way to upgrade your game. You get free cash. These codes also give you the option to reset the in game money.

There are many things that that you can do with the in game cash. You can acquire and enhance new abilities. Additionally you can improve you speed, reduce damage, recover quickly and can improve your defense abilities.

Roblox UnConvential Codes List

Below we are listing all the latest working Codes. We will be adding more codes in the future. These codes may expire after some time. So make sure to redeem these as soon as possible. We are also giving away the list of expired codes for your reference.

UnConvential Codes List (working)

Below is the list of all the active codes.

halloween event Redeem this code for Graveyard cosmetic (New)
NEWMAPPOG Redeem this code for 20K Cash
Supernova Redeem this code for cash
Pro Codeuser Redeem this code for cash
code reserver Redeem this code for rewards
i made this code a month ago Redeem this code for rewards
losing money is funny Redeem this code for rewards
substantial cash prize Redeem this code for 20K Cash
boss raid Redeem this code for +36 Income
RedemptionRedeem this code for rewards
RouletteRedeem this code for 3k cash
big_thonk is coolRedeem this code for 5,000 cash

UnConvential Codes List (expired)

Below is the list of all the expired codes.

  • big_money – 9k cash
  • Roulette – 3k cash

Secret: Redeem this code for free 20+ income

MaidingMalding: Redeem this code for free 12+ income

Phoenix: Redeem this code forfree 20+ income

Demon: Redeem this code forfree 10,000 cash

CODERELEASEPOG: Redeem this code for free money or in-game cash (requires level 4)

IncomeReset: Reset your money or in-game cash to 100

heykidcheckthisout: Reset your money or in-game cash to 100

How to Redeem Roblox UnConvential Codes

Once you get your codes, the next step is to redeem the codes for free items. To help you with that we are giving you the steps that you have to follow to redeem codes.

Step 1: Open the game.

Step 2: Find the NPC of the blue hoodie on your screen.

Roblox Dragon Blox GT Codes

Step 3: Tap on the button. You will see a pop up.

Step 4: Copy any one of the codes from the above list and paste it in the box that says “Code”.

Step 5: Hit the activate button to redeem the code.

If the code has not expired and is still valid, you will get your reward instantly.


Above we have listed all the working and non-working codes for Roblox unConvential Codes. Some of the codes may expire with time. Though we do check for new and expired codes every day, if you find any, let us know in the comment section. We will update the code list as per your feedback.

based on the webtoon unOrdinary 

- fixed the stairs 


- Income decrease slowed 
- less frequent anti afk 

- Power: Determines the damage of all your attacks. 
- Trick: Increases the multiplier of your ability skills, which determines the damage they deal. (or represents the power of your abilities) 
- Defense: Reduces damage you take 
- Recovery: How much you can heal 
- Speed: How quickly you are able to move and punch


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