Top 21 Best Rom Sites To Download Roms (2021)

Best rom sites
best rom sites

Do you want to download the best safe ROM site in 2021? If the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. We understand how messy things become when the ROM or emulator doesn’t works while gaming.

Although the game works well on the emulator, you must find the best ROM sites to download Roms. Make sure to download ROMs in a secure way, as many websites that offer downloadable ROMs contain hidden viruses. For this reason we have compiled a definitive guide on how to make sure to download ROM safely.

Top 21 Best Safe Rom Sites 2021

Below is the list of the top 21 best safe ROM sites of 2020 that will provide you with many ROMs for all your favorite games.

1. Love Roms

best rom sites

Love Roms is an amazing and one of the safest Rom sites to download ROMs. You can download your favorite ROMs from the Love Rom website. This site is available with many game ROMs for different gaming consoles.

Like other ROM download sites, it has an amazing user interface, as well as a great gallery of popular games. In other words, users can easily find and download their favorite game ROMs for free.

This platform offers a variety of emulators and console ROMs, and is known for its free services. GBA, PSP, N64, PSP ISO, PS2, , NDS, and many other popular games are available on this site. Also, you can download emulators from the Love Rom website.

There are various menus to make navigation easier and simpler for users. Plus, you get cover photos to easily find the game you want.

2. Retrostic

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This site is the best safe ROMs site for 2020. Retrostic is a website where you can download all kinds of games for any old and retro console.

If you want emulators and ROMs for the most popular consoles like Sage, GBA, N64, SNES, NDS, or Atari, Retrostic should be your first choice.

3. Romsmode

rom websites

Although relatively new compared to its contemporaries, RomsMode is one of the best free ROM sites on the Internet. The site includes everything from classic to some modern ROMs. In addition to ROM files, there is a separate section on the website for emulators. This section includes several console emulators, including Nintendo, PlayStation, Attic and more.

The website interface is one of the best things about it. It will be easy for you to visit the site. You can easily find some of the ROMs listed on the home page. You can also find games for specific consoles like Wii, Dreamcast, GBA, NDS, SEGE and more.

4. CoolRom

best rom sites

It is one of the best safe ROM sites of 2020. This ROM site has many ROMs to download. This site offers a number of games and emulators available for download here. Romsmode offers you a search bar function at the top of the page where you can enter a keyword to find any ROM.

A large number of ROMs and games are available for download on this site. You also have the option to play directly on this site. This site is safe to download Roms.

5. DopeROMs

DopeRoms is known as the interactive video game site that allows you to play saved games. You can run game backups on your mobile device or computer at your convenience.

On this site you will find different ROMs for each console previously available. This site supports download security by providing administrative and direct downloads.

6. EdgeEmu

best rom sites

Find thousands of games for different consoles, including SEGA, GBA, GBC, GB, MAME and more on this ROM site. EdgeEmu is one of the sites that attract a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Here you get more than 60,000 safe Roms, suitable for 30 consoles and many other gaming devices.

The interface is very clean and there are no ads or popups. You can also find Flash Player on the website that allows you to simulate various games online. EdgeEmu makes it easy to download ROMs. This site is one of the best and safest way to get some classic ROM for free.

7. Romania

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It is one of the best safe ROM site 2020 and has many ROMs. This site offers a number of games and emulators available for download here. EdgeEmu offers you a search bar function at the top of the page where you can enter a keyword to find any ROM.

Romania will provide you with information about each ROMs such as downloads, consoles, etc. This is the best place to download ROM.

8. ClassicGameRoms

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If you want to avoid crowded websites, visit this safe ROM site. Classic Game ROMs is a simple website that has a large number of ROMs for some common consoles, such as Attari, Capcom, Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, Gameboy and more.

On this site, you can also find a list of emulators to run the downloaded game efficiently. Classic Game ROMs is a popular site among ROM fans. It is also certified by users as one of the safest ROM sites.

9. WoWroms

This is one of the best ROM sites 2020 and has many ROMs. The site contains ROMs for more than 40 emulators and games for old computer systems like Apple I, DOS, Acron, etc. You can even read ROM files online directly on this site.

10. Gamulator

best rom sites

Gamulator is a safe to visit best ROM sites. On this site, you can access various games for more than 20 consoles. In fact, you can make ROM files available to various other controllers. However, the various emulator files only have a few games.

Gamulator also allows you to download or install games using the direct download link. In addition to ROM, you can also get BIOS and emulator from website.

11. Rom Hustler

rom websites

Room Hustler is an amazing and safe ROM site. This site contains the best emulators and ROMs available online. Here on this site, ROMs and emulators are based on user feedback and don’t worry about what you get.
You can search for ROM by simply selecting console or keywords. This site will keep your device away from malware and viruses and will effectively meet all your needs.

12. CDRomance

This website is a safe ROM site to download ROMs in 2020 . By visiting the home page of the site, you will find game screenshots along with the actual example of the game on the site.

There is no shortage of ROMs that you can find on this site. You will also receive some details about the game, such as ROM file area, game release date and game type.

13. FreeRoms

best rom sites

Although this site only provides ROM for some consoles, it has a large collection of ROM files. Through this site, you can also download emulators like PSP Emulator for Windows and JPCSP Emulator for Mac. In FreeRoms, you can view and download more than 3500 ROM files for free.

The only downside of this site is that its interface is not ad-free. Repeated ads on this site may endanger your experience. However, at FreeRoms you get fast and secure access to an amazing collection of ROM files.

14. The Eye

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Here is another ROM site without ads. It is an archive site that hosts a variety of content from all over the internet, including ROMs. This is one of the most trusted and safest ROM sites. This site contains amazing ROMs for more than 70 controllers, representing 4 terabytes of storage.

It is very easy to visit this website and you can easily find the content here. Here you can sort ROMs in alphabetical order and you can easily find a specific game.


rom websites

Are you looking for a full ROM game for consoles like Attari, GBA, N64, NES, Sega and more? Visit Nitroblog and download links to various ROM files from popular websites like Media ROMs and Mega. Unlike other names on the list, the site does not host its own content, but it provides links to download from other various websites for those who like the classic ROM.
In Nitroblog, you can download the full ROM for certain types of controllers in one zip file with one click. An additional benefit of this blog is that they have ROM for WII, PS Vita and PS3. This safe ROM site also contains articles and tutorials explaining how to successfully play the game on different systems.

16. Vimm’s Lair

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This site is the best, secure and free Rom website on the Internet. Anyone can download the classic ROM and emulator easily from this site. Announced in 1997, the site provides ROMs for some of the best gaming operating system.

The website not only boasts of having a set of unique titles for console games in the United States, but also allows users to download emulators to play games. The website also provides a search engine that helps you find and configure your favorite ROMs virtually. The site receives a fair share of monthly traffic, which makes it safest ROM sites for new users.

17. Romulation

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Looking for a safe site to download your favorite ROM? This site offers some classic video games that you might want to explore. You will find some popular games on this ROM site since 2004. All you have to do is register in a minute and you can download the ROM of your choice on different consoles.

On the home page of this website, you can also find a list of some popular games along with a list of the latest games! The site contains more than 35,000 safe ROM files available for various websites, including PlayStation and Nintendo consoles. You’ll also find a search engine on the home page that allows you to get started easily. This ROM site is definitely one of the safest places to download free ROMs.

18. Emulator.Games

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This gaming site is exactly the same as its predecessor list. This site has a huge lobby filled with ROMs and emulators games to look for. The website allows users to play this game online, which is one of the features that distinguishes it from the rest.

Play many Pokemon games available in thousands of versions on the site. You can find ROM based on different consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Game Boy, Game Gear and more. For emulators, look no more than emulators. the game! Download the emulators needed to play your favorite ROM on different consoles.

19. Emuparadise

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Emuparadise is one of the best safe ROM website in 2020. This website contains the best emulators and ROMs available online. Here on this site, ROM and emulators are based on user feedback and don’t worry about what you get.

Here, on this site, you can download games, ISO, music, guides and more. A large number of ROMs and games are available for download on this site. You also have the option to play games directly on this site.

20. MyAbandonware

Play some old popular games like Turbo Out Run, Arctic Banner, Nemesis and more by downloading ROMs from MyAbandonware. You can also browse by ROM name, platform, year, publisher, topic, developer, and gender.
If you are interested in video games, the content on this website can give you an adrenaline rush.

Choose from over 16000 safe ROMs and many other fighting and adventure games. Don’t forget to check out top ROMs downloads list and try out some of the most popular games released over decades.

21. EagleForces

best rom sites
best rom sites

This is a Korean best safe ROM site to download Roms safely. It is a favorite site for free ROM downloads. One of the reasons why the traffic on this website is so incredibly high is that the site is so safe. For those of you who care about legal considerations, this site may address your concerns.

You will find thousands of indexes on this ROMs website. All these ROMs can be downloaded for free. You will also find that the download speed is quite suitable. Overall, the site is on par with others on this list.

Guide to Download ROMs Safely from the Internet

Downloading anything from the internet can be very dangerous. There are many similar and dangerous programs that can steal your data or corrupt your system. You should be careful when downloading anything from the web. Never download from an untrusted or unsafe website.

Never download anything from a website that asks you to download any kind of program. This type of program is basically an easy way to access your system.

Most of the ROMs you download come in a zip extension package. Never click on any downloadable link that displays the .exe file. .exe file is considered an executable file for Windows that could be a malicious program.


We have included all the popular, trusted and best safe ROM sites to download ROMs. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comment section.


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