Rust Admin Commands 2021

Rust Admin Commands

Rust Admin Commands are an easy and free way to gain edge in Rust. To help you with these console commands, we are giving the complete list of working commands for Rust. We will be listing commands for server settings, server info, player admin, developer and player controls.

For latest gaming tips and tricks you can go to cheats and console commands section.

Rust Admin Commands

Here you will find an updated and working console Commands.

New cheats and console commands will be added to the list as soon as developers release them. So keep visiting this post.

Rust Admin Commands – Server Settings

chat.serverlog <true/false (default true)>  true = to log the chat to the console
echo “text”  To print a text to the server console
supply.drop Airdrop command also an Airdrop command
find <name or . for all>  To find or search admin commands
say “message”  message to all players
server.globalchat <true/false (default true?)>  true = chat to all players
server.hostname “server name”  To change the server host name
server.identity “identity”  To change the folder name of the server data
server.level “map name” : To change the server’s map 
server.maxplayers <number (default 500)>  To set the max number of players
server.port <number (default 28015)>  To set server’s connection port  To save the map and also the player data
server.saveinterval <number (default 60)>  To force the server to auto save each (number of minutes) <true/false (default true)> True = to kick banned or also unregistered players who try to join
server.seed <number (default 123456)> To change server’s map generation seed
server.stability true/false  True = enables structure stability
server.start  to start the server
server.stop “reason”  To stop the server with the reason of your choice
server.tickrate <number (default 30)>  To set the tick rate
server.worldsize <number (default 4000)>  To change the world size
server.writecfg  To write and also save the server cfg
init To load the server cfg
quit  To save, but also close the server
Rust Admin Commands

Rust Admin Commands – For Players

Player Admin

ban “player name” “reason” You will ban a player with a reason
banid <steamid64> “player name” “reason” same, but previous one is easier
banlist  Shows a list of banned players
banlistex  list of banned players, but with more info
kick <steamid64> “player name” “reason”  To kick a player, but using the steam id
kickall <invalid parameter, just put “”> “reason”  To kick all players in the server
listid <steamid64>  List of banned players, but with info about their steam ids
moderatorid <steamid64> “player name” “reason”  To give a player moderator privileges (auth lvl 1), but you need the steam id
ownerid <steamid64> “player name” “reason”  To give a player admin privileges (auth lvl 2), but you need the steam id
removemoderator <steamid64>  If you want to remove moderator privileges
removeowner <steamid64>  If you want to remove admin privileges
unban <steamid64>  To unban a player using the steam id
noclip walk through walls, fly…

Player Controls

chat.say  To send a message
craft.add to add something to the crafting list
craft.cancel to cancel something from the crafting list
craft.canceltask to cancel a task from the crafting list
find <name or . for all>  To find or search console commands
inventory.give to give something to inventory
inventory.giveid check the ids & names at the end of this guide (Link)
inventory.givebp check the ids & names at the end of this guide (Link)
inventory.give “item name” <amount>  You will get x (amount) of y (item name), check the ids & names at the end of this guide (Link)
kill  Autokill (suicide)
quit  To save and close
respawn  You will respawn
respawn_sleepingbag  You will respawn, but in your sleeping bag
sleep To sleep
spectate To spectate
wakeup to wake up

Rust Admin Commands – Info

players  Shows players info (currently connected)
status  Shows players status (currently connected)
users  Shows users info (connected or not)

Rust Admin Commands – Debug

gc.collect  optimizes unused memory and also unused assets
perf  to Print out the performance data
physics_iterations <number (default: 7)>  it should be a positive value
physics_steps X X= number (per second)
queue  Shows stability and also surroundings queues
report  All spawned entities report (find it in the server’s root directory
textures All the loaded textures in one list

Rust Admin Commands – Oxide

oxide.load “file name”  Loads plugin (not ex. lua, js or also py extensions)
oxide.reload “file name”  Reloads plugin (not ex. lua, js or also py extensions)
oxide.unload “file name”  Unloads plugin (not ex. lua, js or also py extensions)
version  Oxide version and also Rust network protocol version


So, now that you have Rust Admin Commands and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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