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Rusty Gun Trophy Guide

Our Rusty Gun Trophy Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Rusty Gun. Let us look at the Rusty Gun Trophy Guide so that you can unlock all the trophies.


Rusty Gun Trophy Guide – Full List

Below is the list of all the trophies and and their locations.

1 Secret number 1 Find poster number 1 > see posters & secrets locations
2 Secret number 2 Find poster number 2 > see posters & secrets locations
3 Secret number 3 Find poster number 3 > see posters & secrets locations
4 Secret number 4 Find poster number 4 > see posters & secrets locations
5 Secret number 5 Find poster number 5 > see posters & secrets locations
6 Secret number 6Find poster number 6 > see posters & secrets locations
7 Secret number 7 Find poster number 7 > see posters & secrets locations
8 Secret number 8 Find poster number 8 > see posters & secrets locations
A wonderful miracle Defeat 2 boss > Level 7 boss
As fragile as crystal Smash the ice statue > Beat level 15 boss, then shoot him until you unlock the trophy or achievement
At the bottom Fall into the water > Level 1, just go left from the spawn and unlock it
Cold blooded Defeat 4 boss > Level 15 boss
Collector Find all posters > if you have unlocked the previous trophies you already have this achievement
Fluffy and oblique Defeat 1 boss > Level 3 boss
Nautilus Flood the submarine > Level 16, hold left and don’t stop shooting the guy until the submarine sinks and you unlock the trophy or achievement
Tight Bandana Defeat 5 boss > Level 17 boss
To the eyeballs Collect 100 Bottles > Easy, but do it in one session
Uninvited dinner Defeat 3 boss > Level 12 boss

Rusty Gun Trophy Guide – Secrets or Posters

Trophy Secret number 1 – Poster number 1

After the first checkpoint in level 3, climb the long ladder and jump right

Trophy Secret number 2 – Poster number 2

After a checkpoint in level 5, just after the second enemy with shield

Trophy Secret number 3 – Poster number 3

After the first checkpoint in level 7, below the spikes

Trophy Secret number 4 – Poster number 4

After the first button in level 9, go right until a dead end with a button just above

Trophy Secret number 5 – Poster number 5

In level 11, above the room with 2 doors

Trophy Secret number 6 – Poster number 6

In level 13, there is a ladder to the left of the place where you bounce up with snow, to the left of the ladder

Trophy Secret number 7 – Poster number 7

In level 17, go right & up until you find 2 beers near the 1st button, the poster is hidden behind the 2 beers

Trophy Secret number 8 – Poster number 8

In level 17, After the previous one you will start going left & up, find it to the right of another button


Now that you have the Rusty Gun Trophy Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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