SSO Pandoria Portal Locations

SSO Pandoria Portal Locations

Our SSO Pandoria Portal Locations is useful for all the gamers who want to play SSO Pandoria. Let us look at the SSO Pandoria Portal Locations so that you can find the portals to revisit Pandoria every day.

SSO Pandoria Portal Locations

If you want to unlock portals in Star Stable Online, complete the quest in Pandoria. Every day only 1 out of the seven portals are active each day. It depends on the day of the week as of which portal will be open.

Let us look the coordinates and tips to find portal locations.

Monday Epona: X:162, Y:327 | In the Mirror States
Tuesday Epona: X:151, Y:390 | Sunset Island (the closes to South Hoof Peninsula)
Wednesday Epona: X:109, Y:336 | While going through The Great Thunder, the portal will be off to the side.
Thursday Epona: X:75, Y:298 | Behind the house in Old Stormgarden
Friday The Harvest Counties: X:55, Y:180 | Coast of the Forgotten Fields
Saturday The Harvest Counties: X:121, Y:216 | In Graydew Coast
Sunday Epona: X:175, Y:265 | Eastern Slones Wolf Hall Inn > left gate > go left


Now that you have the SSO Pandoria Portal Locations, use it to find portal locations. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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