Star Renegades Unlock Characters Guide

Star Renegades Unlock Characters Guide

Our Star Renegades Unlock Characters Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Star Renegades. Let us look at the Star Renegades Unlock Characters Guide so that you can unlock all the secret and classes.

You will also be able to unlock alternate progenies using our combinations.

Star Renegades Unlock Characters  – Hidden unique classes

There are two ways to get the four hidden classes. First, you have to fill the relationship meter to four hearts (soulmates) during the campfire segment.

The second way to get hidden classes is by successfully pairing two particular characters together during a run.

  1. Valkyrie + Archon = The Varangian
  2. Commando + Saboteur = The Gunslinger
  3. Aegis + Enforcer = The Juggernaut
  4. Empath + Marksman = The Spectre
  5. Paragon (*)

You will unlock Paragon when you complete the first run successfully. You can purchase the characters of the hidden class at the Quantum Synchronizer shop at the main hub.

Star Renegades Unlock Characters  – Alternate Progenies

Alternate Progenies are alternate art variations of their parents, but with different stats & skills

2 Progenies

Below are the parents that can create two progenies:

  1. Aegis + Paragon
  2. Aegis + Saboteur
  3. Archon + Empath
  4. Aegis + Spectre
  5. Commando + Empath
  6. Commando + Varangian
  7. Enforcer + Marksman
  8. Enforcer + Varangian
  9. Marksman + Juggernaut
  10. Spectre + Paragon
  11. Spectre + Saboteur
  12. Valkyrie + Gunslinger
  13. Spectre + Varangian
  14. Saboteur + Paragon
  15. Empath + Commando

4 Hearts

These are all the 4 hearts relationships:

  1. Gunslinger + Valkyrie
  2. Gunslinger + Archon
  3. Spectre + Archon
  4. Spectre + Juggernaut
  5. Commando + Marksman

3 Hearts

These are all the 3 hearts relationships:

Saboteur Valkyrie and also Archon
Enforcer Valkyrie, Saboteur and also Archon
Aegis Archon, Saboteur and also Spectre
Marksman Archon, Saboteur and also Aegis
Empath Saboteur and also Enforcer
Varangian Archon, Saboteur, Aegis, Marksman and also Empath
Paragon Valkyrie, Archon, Enforcer, Marksman, Empath, Varangian and also Juggernaut
Valkyrie Saboteur, Enforcer and also Paragon
Archon Saboteur, Enforcer, Aegis, Marksman and also Varangian

If you come up with more combinations, do let us know in the comment section.

Star Renegades Unlock Characters  – Successfully paired

Alternate progenies will take the colour scheme of the other parent. So if you paired up Spectre + Saboteur, you will get the alternate progenie of Spectre, but with Saboteur’s colour scheme


Now that you have the Star Renegades Unlock Characters Guide, use it to unlock all the hidden classes. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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