STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™: Before You Play (No Spoilers)

STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™: Before You Play (No Spoilers)

Things to know about the game before you play.


  • There are no missable collectibles or achievements.
  • There are no side quests, story branches, or alternative endings.
  • All abilities are learned throughout the progression of the main story.
  • Not every area is accessible at first. Come back later when you have the necessary abilities.
  • BD-1 will alert you of nearby interactions. Run around the inside of each room to sweep for things to investigate.
  • If you aim for 100% completion and fight enemies along the way, you should have roughly enough experience and skill points to unlock all skills. You shouldn’t need to grind experience much, if at all.

Point of No Return

  • You cannot backtrack after traveling to the last planet (i.e. selecting the last planet from the ship’s map).
  • After completing the story campaign, you can continue the game to revisit any planet except for the last.
  • The last planet has no collectibles. You will know what is the last planet because the ship’s map will show that it doesn’t have any chests or secrets.
  • The name of the last planet is: Nur

Difficulty Selection

  • Story and achievements are unaffected by difficulty selection. You will not be locked out of any content.
  • Difficulty can be changed at any time in Settings.

Combat and Gameplay

  • You don’t necessarily need to hold a direction when dodging an attack.
  • The parry and dodge timing window might be earlier than you expect. If you have trouble, try inputting the command about 0.2 second earlier.
  • You can disable button mashes and quick-time events. This means that you will always succeed in these events. You can find this in Settings \ Gameplay \ Disable button mashes and quick-time events.
  • You can enable auto-grip. This means that you don’t have to press the climb command to climb walls. This has little to no negative effects on playability. You can find this in Settings \ Gameplay \ Auto-grip climbable walls.

Exploration and Collectibles

  • Force Echoes reveal bits of lore.
  • Chests contain cosmetic items.
  • Secrets increase your life and force meters.
  • Seeds are added to the ship’s terrarium and are cosmetic.
  • Seeds are typically not in hidden areas, but are not obvious to find. You will have to rely on BD-1 to locate.
  • You will need to revisit planets to gather all collectibles.
  • There are environmental hints to all hidden areas. Take your time and look around. None of the hidden areas feel unfair or require a lot of precision to reach.
  • There are no collectibles in areas where you are rushed.
  • The last ability that you need to be able to reach all hidden areas is: Climbing Claws (acquired in Dathomir)


  • None of the Steam achievements are too difficult to obtain or take an excessive amount of time.
  • All Steam achievements can be obtained from a single run of the story campaign.
  • After completing the story campaign, you can continue the game to revisit planets and obtain any and all missing achievements.
  • Most combat-related achievements can easily be obtained in Meditation Training. Meditation Training is unlocked after completing the story campaign.

By Brahms


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