Starbound Item ID List

Starbound Item id

Starbound Item id are an easy and free way to gain edge in Starbound. We are giving the complete list of Starbound Items.

Starbound Item ID

Here you will find an updated and working list of id list.

Starbound Item ID – A

Starbound Item ID starting with A

AA Battery smallbattery
AA Battery Pack batterypackAAback
Abstract Painting paintingstarrynight
Accordion accordion
Acid Drop Source drip2
Acoustic Guitar acousticguitar
Action Movie Poster hylotlmovieposter1
Adaptable Crossbow adaptablecrossbow
Adult Poptop Figurine adultpoptopaf
Advanced Fossil Brush fossilbrushstudent
Advanced Mech Blueprint mechblueprint4
Adventurer’s Breastplate adventurerobotchest
Adventurer’s Chestguard humantier5schest
Adventurer’s Greaves adventurerobotpants
Adventurer’s Helm humantier5shead
Adventurer’s Mask adventurerobothead
Adventurer’s Trousers humantier5spants
Aegisalt Bow aegisaltbow
Aegisalt Ore aegisaltore
Aegisalt Pistol aegisaltpistol
Aegisalt Sample aegisaltsample
Agaran Gilled Hat shroomhead2
Agrobat Figurine agrobataf
Air Booster airbooster
Air Hockey Table hockeytable
Air Vent vent
Airhorn Mech Horn mechhornairhorn
Alarm alarm
Alarm Bell glitchalarm
Alert Light alertlight
Alien Alpaca Legs alpacalegs
Alien Alpaca Mask alpacahead
Alien Alpaca Real Head alpacavillagerhead
Alien Alpaca Real Legs alpacavillagerlegs
Alien Alpaca Real Torso alpacavillagerchest
Alien Alpaca Sweater alpacachest
Alien Appendage tentaclegun
Alien Bed alienbed
Alien Chair alienchair
Alien Chest alienchest
Alien Door aliendoor
Alien Fruit alienfruit
Alien Fruit Jam alienfruitjam
Alien Fruit Juice alienfruitjuice
Alien Rock alienrock
Alien Seaweed seaweed
Alien Skull alienskullhead
Alien Table alientable
Alien Weird Wood alienweirdwood
Alien Wood Sap alienwoodsap
Alien Worm Gun wormgun
All-Seeing Cape eyeback
All-Seeing Helmet eyehead
Alpaca Growth Rune alpacagrowthrune
Alpaca Guard Real Head alpacaguardhead
Alpaca Legs alpacafossil3
Alpaca Real Guard Legs alpacaguardlegs
Alpaca Real Guard Torso alpacaguardchest
Alpaca Skull alpacafossil1
Alpaca Torso alpacafossil2
Amber amberfossil
Ambiguous Cave Art caveart4
Ammonite ammonitefossil
Anatomy Shirt anatomychest
Anchor anchor
Ancient Block ancientblock
Ancient Bones ancientbones
Ancient Boulder Trap ancientbouldertrap
Ancient Brick ancientbrick
Ancient Bust ancientbust
Ancient Chest ancientchest
Ancient Console ancientconsole
Ancient Console ancientsmallconsole
Ancient Console returnconsole
Ancient Crystal Trap ancientcrystaltrap
Ancient Door ancientdoor
Ancient Essence essence
Ancient Essence Chest essencechest
Ancient Flame Trap ancientflametrap
Ancient Gate ancientgate
Ancient Hatch ancientverticaldoor
Ancient Hidden Platform ancienthiddenplatform
Ancient Hidden Switch ancientswitchhidden
Ancient Hologram hologram1
Ancient Hologram hologram2
Ancient Hologram hologram3
Ancient Hologram hologram4
Ancient Hologram hologramgalaxy
Ancient Ice Trap ancienticetrap
Ancient Library Codex librarycodex
Ancient Light Platform ancientlightplatform
Ancient Mural ancientmural1
Ancient Mural ancientmural2
Ancient Mural ancientmural3
Ancient Mural ancientmural4
Ancient Mural ancientmural5
Ancient Mural ancientmural6
Ancient Pillar ancientpillar
Ancient Plaque ancientplaque1
Ancient Platform ancientplatform
Ancient Pressure Plate ancientpressureplate
Ancient Saw Trap sawblade2
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight1
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight10
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight11
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight12
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight13
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight2
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight3
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight4
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight5
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight6
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight7
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight8
Ancient Strip Light ancientstriplight9
Ancient Torch ancienttorch
Ancient Wall Light ancientlight
AND Switch and
Anglure Figurine anglureaf
Animal Cave Art caveart1
Announcement Intercom apexspeaker
Anomalous Display bunkerdisplay4
Antenna antenna
Ape Flu Poster apexflusign
Ape Grapes apegrapes
Ape Monitor bigapescreen
Apex Anatomy Mask anatomyapexhead
Apex Artifact Altar apexartifactaltar
Apex Captain’s Chair apexcaptainschair
Apex Flag flagapex
Apex Fritter apexfritter
Apex Lantern apexfightlantern
Apex Legs apexfossil3
Apex Level 01 Sign apexlevel1sign
Apex Male Bust apexbustmale
Apex Poet Portrait paintingapespeare
Apex Portrait apexpainting2
Apex Sandstone Statue sandstonestatueapex
Apex Scientist Statue apexstatue
Apex Ship Door apexshipdoor
Apex Ship Door apexshipdoorBroken
Apex Ship Hatch apexshiphatch
Apex Skull apexfossil1
Apex Skull Mask apexskullhead
Apex Spawner spawnerapex
Apex Storage Locker apexstoragelocker
Apex Torso apexfossil2
Aphotic Chestguard hylotltier6mchest
Aphotic Fin hylotltier6mhead
Aphotic Trousers hylotltier6mpants
Apple Basket applebasket
Apple Crumble applecrumble
Arc Mech Legs mechlegsarc
Arcade Machine arcademachine
Arcade Prize Counter hylotlprizecounter
Arcade Sign arcadesign
Arena Champion’s Helm arenachampionhead
Arena Flame Trap arenaflametrap
Ark Teleporter arkteleporter
Armed Display Armour medievalarmorarmed
Armour Shop Sign signarmorshop
Armoured Cultist Chest armoredcultistchest
Armoured Cultist Greaves armoredcultistlegs
Armoured Cultist Hood armoredcultisthead
Armoured Cultist Tentacles armoredcultistback
Arrow Etched Rocks huntingplatformrocks
Arrow Sign arrowsign
Arthuria Mech Body mechbodyglitch
Arthuria-00 Mech Body mechbodyglitchproto
Artificial Brain artificialbrain
Ash Pile ash
Ashsprite ashsprite
Asphalt asphalt
Asra Nox Figurine asranoxaf
Assassin’s Chestguard apextier5schest
Assassin’s Mask apextier5shead
Assassin’s Trousers apextier5spants
Astro Cabinet astrocabinet
Astro Ceiling Monitor astroceilingmonitor
Astro Chair astrochair
Astro Console astroconsole
Astro Crate astrocrate
Astro Door astrodoor
Astro Light astrolight
Astro Mech Boosters mechboosterastro
Astro Monitor astromonitor
Astro Server astroserver
Astro Storage Locker astrostoragelocker
Astro Table astrotable
Astro Vent astrovent
Astro Wall Panel astrowallpanel
Astronomy Telescope telescope
Asuterosaberu DX astrosabredeluxe
Aurorabee aurorabee
Auto Chip autochip
Auto Drive autodrive
Automato automato
Automato Seed automatoseed
Automato Seed wildautomatoseed
Automato Shake automatoshake
Automato Stew automatostew
Avesmingo avesmingo
Avesmingo Ice Cream avesmingoicecream
Avesmingo Juice avesmingojuice
Avesmingo Seed avesmingoseed
Avesmingo Seed wildavesmingoseed
Avian Air Emblem airemblem
Avian Anatomy Mask anatomyavianhead
Avian Anatomy Trousers anatomyavianlegs
Avian Artifact Altar avianartifactaltar
Avian Bed tribalbed2
Avian Bunny Statue tombstatuebunny
Avian Captain’s Chair aviancaptainschair
Avian Closet tribalcloset1
Avian Colourful Banner avianbanner1
Avian Earth Emblem earthemblem
Avian Emblem birdgodemblem
Avian Fire Emblem fireemblem
Avian Flag flagavian
Avian Flame Trap flametrap
Avian God Wings aviangodwingsback
Avian Head Altar altaravian
Avian Hero Statue tombstatueavian
Avian Lamp triballamp
Avian Legs avianfossil3
Avian Lunar Banner avianbanner2
Avian Moon Emblem moonemblem
Avian Patterned Banner avianbanner3
Avian Prayer Altar birdaltar2
Avian Sandstone Statue sandstonestatueavian
Avian Sarcophagus sarcoavian1
Avian Server tribalserver
Avian Ship Door avianshipdoor
Avian Ship Door avianshipdoorBroken
Avian Ship Hatch avianshiphatch
Avian Skull avianfossil1
Avian Skull Mask avianskullhead
Avian Small Banner avianbanner4
Avian Spawner spawneravian
Avian Spear Rack spearrack
Avian Storage Locker avianstoragelocker
Avian Tech Block aztectech
Avian Throne birdthrone
Avian Torso avianfossil2
Avian Water Emblem wateremblem
Avioscale Legs avioscalefossil3
Avioscale Skull avioscalefossil1
Avioscale Torso avioscalefossil2
Axe Display medievalaxedisplay

Starbound Item ID – B

Starbound Item ID starting with B

Baby Larva larva
Back Spear spearback
Bacon Pancakes baconpancakes
Bad Goo Plushie badgooplush
Baggy Jeans jeans3legs
Baked Potato bakedpotato
Ball and Chain ballandchain
Ball of Gnomes throwinggnome
Bamboo bamboo
Bamboo Door bamboodoor
Bamboo Door huntingdoor1
Bamboo Platform bambooplatform
Bamboo Wind Chime windchime
Banana banana
Banana Cream Donut bananacreamdonut
Banana Cream Pie bananacreampie
Banana Ice Cream bananaicecream
Banana Mask bananahead
Banana Propaganda Poster apexbananasign
Banana Seed bananaseed
Banana Seed wildbananaseed
Banana Split bananasplit
Bananacon bananacon
Bandage bandage
Bandit Chaps novatier2pants
Bandit Hat novatier2head
Bandit Vest novatier2chest
Bandit’s Bandana bandithat1
Bandit’s Hood bandithat2
Bandito’s Pants novatier5apants
Bandito’s Poncho novatier5achest
Bandito’s Sombrero novatier5ahead
Banjo banjo
Bar Stool barstool
Barbed Wire barbedwire
Baron’s Cape baroncapeback
Barred Door prisondoor
Barred Vent barvent
Barrel barrelchest
Barrel Fire prisonbarrelfire
Barrel Lid barrelhead
Basic Anvil anvil
Basic Bath basicbath
Basic Fossil Brush fossilbrushbeginner
Basic Lamp Post lamppost1
Basic Mech Boosters mechboostersimple
Basic Mech Legs mechlegssimple
Basic Metal Bed outpostbed
Basic Metal Chair basicmetalchair
Basic Metal Desk outpostdesk
Basic Metal Locker outpostlocker
Basic Metal Table outposttable
Basic Oven oven1
Basic Shield startershield
Basic Terminal outpostterminal
Basic Toilet basictoilet
Basic Tombstone tombstone1
Bass Guitar bassguitar
Bathroom Hand Dryer bathroomhanddryer
Bathroom Sink apexsink
Bathroom Sink bathroomsink
Bathroom Stall bathroomstall
Bathroom Trash bathroomtrashquest
Bathroom Urinal bathroomurinal
Batong Figurine batongaf
Battered Banana batteredbanana
Battery battery
Battle Standard battlestandard
Beachball beachball
Beakseed beakseed
Beakseed Bread beakseedbread
Beakseed Jam beakseedjam
Beakseed Seed beakseedseed
Beakseed Seed wildbeakseedseed
Beakseed Tart beakseedtart
Beam Drill Mech Arm mecharmbeamdrill
Beam Sniper Mech Arm mecharmbeamsniper
Beanstalk beanstalk
Bear Hat bearhead
Bear Plushie bearplush
Beat Mech Body mechbodybad
Beautiful Ape Painting paintingbirthofapevenus
Beautiful Painting paintingbirthofvenus
Beehive beehivehead
Bench bench
Bend bottom piece background stationbackgroundbendbot
Bend top piece background stationbackgroundbendtop
Benevolent Face Leech faceleechhead
Benjamin Deust Statue benjaminstatue
Berry Hat berryhead
Big Ape Bust apexstatue1
Big Ape Cross-Stitch apexpainting5
Big Ape Doll bigapedoll
Big Ape Figurine bigapeaf
Big Ape HDTV apexhdtv
Big Ape Monument classicapestatue
Big Ape Poster apexapesign
Big Ape Record apexpainting3
Big Ape Target Map bigapetargetmap
Big Ape TV apextv
Big Bird Jar bigjar1
Big Flower Statue flowerstatue
Big Green Gumdrop greengumdrop1
Big Lily Pad hylotllilydeco3
Big Present bigpresent
Big Purple Gumdrop purplegumdrop1
Big Red Bow giantbow1
Big Red Button bigredbutton
Big Red Gumdrop redgumdrop1
Big Unusual Gift Box giftmonsterbox
Biggy’s Reputable Weaponry penguinweaponshop
Bike Bell Mech Horn mechhornbikebell
Bio Sample biosample
Bio-Lamp hylotllamp
Biohazard Sign biohazardsign
Bird Jar ashjar1
Bird’s Nest birdsnest
Black Dye blackdye
Black Glass blackglass
Black Sliding Door apexslidingdoor2
Black Stone Bishop chessbishopblack
Black Stone King chesskingblack
Black Stone Knight chessknightblack
Black Stone Pawn chesspawnblack
Black Stone Queen chessqueenblack
Black Stone Rook chessrookblack
Bladed Wings bladedwingsback
Blaststone blaststone
Blood Drop Source dripblood1
Bloodbank apexbloodbank
Bloody Puss bloodypuss
Blouse and Belt dress1chest
Blue Alert hylotlredalert
Blue Arcade Machine arcadeblue
Blue Base Button hylotlbutton
Blue Chair hylotlchair
Blue Club Lights clubceilinglights
Blue Crayon crayonblueback
Blue Dome Tent tent1blue
Blue Dye bluedye
Blue Firework fireworkblue
Blue Flask blueflask
Blue Flower flowerblue
Blue Geode Sample geodebluesample
Blue Glow Rock biorock2
Blue Glowstick glowstickblue
Blue Hidden Switch avianswitchhidden2
Blue Light bluelight
Blue Neon Block blueneonsymbol
Blue Neon Shop Sign hylotlsign3b
Blue Neon Sign hylotlsign2b
Blue Neon Symbol hylotlsymbolb
Blue Paintgun paintgunblue
Blue Petal petalblue
Blue Present present3
Blue Shell Sign hylotlsign1b
Blue Sleeping Bag sleepingbag
Blue Stim Pack bluestim
Blue Vending Machine hylotldrinks
Blue Wall Shelf hylotlwallshelf
Blueback blueback
Blueprint Blob blueprintblob
Blueprint Display bunkerdisplay1
Bobfae Figurine bobfaeaf
Bobot Figurine bobotaf
Boiled Pearlpeas boiledpearlpeas
Boiled Rice boiledrice
Boiler boilerback
Boiler Valve boilervalve
Bolt bolt
Bolt O’s boltos
Boltbulb boltbulb
Boltbulb Seed boltbulbseed
Boltbulb Seed wildboltbulbseed
Bomb bomb
Bon Bon Bon Bons bonbonbonbons
Bon Bons bonbons
Bone bone
Bone Carving floranbonedisplay2
Bone Chair bonechair
Bone Chest bonechest
Bone Coffin Bed bonebed
Bone Door bonedoor
Bone Dragon Figurine bonedragonaf
Bone Pile smashbones1
Bone Pile smashbones2
Bone Pile smashbones3
Bone Pile smashbones4
Bone Rack floranbonerack
Bone Spike bonespike
Bone Table bonetable
Bone Trophy floranbonedisplay1
Boneboo boneboo
Boneboo Seed bonebooseed
Boneboo Seed wildbonebooseed
Bones on a Pike huntingpike1
Bonesaw’s Coat novatier5mchest
Bonesaw’s Hat novatier5mhead
Bonesaw’s Slacks novatier5mpants
Bonesmith’s Chestguard florantier2chest
Bonesmith’s Loincloth florantier2pants
Bonesmith’s Skullhat florantier2head
Boomerang boomerang
Booster Flame bigboosterflame
Booster Flame bigboosterflameavian
Booster Flame bigboosterflameglitch
Booster Flame bigboosterflamehuman
Booster Flame boosterflame
Booster Flame boosterflameapex
Booster Flame boosterflameapex2
Booster Flame boosterflameapex3
Booster Flame boosterflamehuman
Booster Flame boosterflamehuman2
Booster Flame boosterflamehuman3
Booster Flame boosterflamenovakid
Booster Flame smallboosterflameglitch
Booster Flame smallboosterflamehuman2
Boss Right Spawner bossrightspawner
Boss Tentacle bosstentacle
Bottled Healing Water bottledhealingwater
Bottled Water bottledwater
Bouncy Ball bouncyball
Bouncy Collar bouncycollar
Bowling Ball bowlingball
Bowling Pin bowlingpin
Box Of Bread baguettebox
Box of Chocolates valentinechocolates
Boxing Glove boxingglove
Brain Activity Screen screen5
Brain in a Jar apexbrainjar
Brains brainsblock
Brass Knuckles brassknuckles
Brass Lamp Post brasslamppost1
Brass Teleporter brassteleporter
Bread bread
Breathing EPP breathprotectionback
Brewmaster Hat bevhead
Brick Hidden Door templehiddendoor
Brick Hidden Trapdoor templehiddentrapdoor
Bricks brickmaterial
Bright Piano brightpiano
Brightstripe brightstripe
Brineapple brineapple
Broken Anchor brokenanchor
Broken Ark Teleporter arkdestinationteleporter
Broken Broadsword brokenprotectoratebroadsword
Broken Candy Cane redcandycane3
Broken Display Light displaylightbroken
Broken Electric Box scorchedcitybrokenelectricbox1
Broken Fluorescent Light protectoratebrokenlight
Broken Fluorescent Light protectoratelight
Broken FTL Fuel Hatch brokenapexfuelhatch
Broken FTL Fuel Hatch brokenavianfuelhatch
Broken FTL Fuel Hatch brokenfloranfuelhatch
Broken FTL Fuel Hatch brokenglitchfuelhatch
Broken FTL Fuel Hatch brokenhumanfuelhatch
Broken FTL Fuel Hatch brokenhylotlfuelhatch
Broken FTL Fuel Hatch brokennovakidfuelhatch
Broken Protectorate Picture Frame protectoratebrokenportrait1
Broken Red Light redlightBroken
Broken Register scorchedcitybrokenregister
Broken Round Table scorchedcitybrokentable
Broken Ship Door novakidshipdoorBroken
Broken Ship Light apexshiplightBroken
Broken Stone Pillar pillar2
Broken Stylish Bed scorchedcitybrokenbed
Broken Stylish Chair scorchedcitybrokenchair
Broken Stylish TV scorchedcitybrokentv
Broken Supply Cabinet prisoncabinet1
Broken Tank brokentank
Broken Traffic Lights scorchedcitybrokentraficlights
Broken Utility Box scorchedcitybrokenelectricbox2
Broken Vending Machine protectoratebrokenvending
Broken Waterproof Light underwaterlightsmallbroken
Broken Wooden Cage plantbrokencage
Broom broom
Brown Dye browndye
Bruiser’s Broadsword bruisersword
Bruiser’s Chestpiece arenabruiserchest
Bubble Blaster bubblegun
Buccaneer Coat buccaneerchest
Buccaneer Pantaloons buccaneerlegs
Bug Hive hivebomb
Bug Net bugnet
Bug Shell bugshell
Buggy Microformer microformerhive
Building Hat buildinghathead
Bulb bulb
Bulbop Figurine bulbopaf
Bull Mech Horn mechhornbull
Bunker Vent bunkervent
Bunny Altar altarbunny
Bunny Hat bunnyhead
Bunny Jar ashjar2
Bunny Mask fullbunnyhead
Bunny Sarcophagus sarcobunny
Burlap Sack burlapsack
Burning Coals burningcoals
Burning Eyeballs burningeyeballs
Bush Prop 1 bushprop1
Bush Prop 2 bushprop2
Bush Prop 3 bushprop3
Butterbee butterbee
Butterfly Bush butterflybush
Butterfly Wings butterflywingsback
Buzzy Hat buzzyhead
Buzzy Shirt buzzychest
Buzzy Trousers buzzylegs
Buzzy Wings buzzyback

Starbound Item ID – C

Starbound Item ID starting with C

Cabin Bunk Bed cabinbunkbed
Cabin Chair cabinchair
Cabin Lamp cabinlamp
Cabin Roofing cabinroofing
Cabin Stool Table cabinstooltable
Cabin Stove cabinstove
Cabin Table cabintable
Cacti Block cactiblock
Cacti Ice Cream cactiicecream
Cactus cacti
Cactus Juice cactusjuice
Cactus Pot cactiflowerpot
Cafeteria Table prisontable
Cake cake
Calming Poster bunkerposter2
Cameron York Statue cameronstatue
Camo Helmet camohead
Camo Jacket camochest
Camo Trousers camolegs
Campfire Banana campfirebanana
Candied Corn candiedcorn
Candle medievalcandle
Candy Apple candyapple
Candy Automato candyautomato
Candy Block candyblock
Canned Food cannedfood
Cannibal’s Chestguard florantier5mchest
Cannibal’s Mask florantier5mhead
Cannibal’s Trousers florantier5mpants
Cannon Mech Arm mecharmcannon
Canvas canvas
Cap caphead
Capricoat Figurine capricoataf
Capsule Storage Unit protectoratestorage4
Capsule Storage Unit protectoratestorage5
Capsule Storage Unit protectoratestorage6
Captain’s Cap captainshead
Capture Pod capturepod
Car Bed carbed
Card Index index
Cardboard Box cardboard2
Cardboard Box Armor cardboardboxarmor
Cardboard Hat cardboardhead
Cardboard Hobo Hat hobohead
Caretaker Hood caretakerhead
Caretaker Robes caretakerchest
Caretaker Trousers caretakerlegs
Carrot carrot
Carrot Bread carrotbread
Carrot Cake carrotcake
Carrot Juice carrotjuice
Carrot Seed carrotseed
Carrot Seed wildcarrotseed
Carrot Soup carrotsoup
Cartilage Gun gristlegun
Carved Bird Console consoletribal1
Carved Counter tribalcounter1
Carved Crystal Trap crystaltrap
Carved Door tribaldoor
Carved Egg Console consoletribal2
Carved Flame Console consoletribal3
Carved Security Panel consoletribalwall
Carved Support Beam idolsupport
Carved Table tribaltable
Carved Wall Cabinet tribalwallcabinet
Cascading Lava Tank lavatankcascade
Cash Register medievalregister
Casual Cardigan conceptchest
Casual Hoodie hoodiechest
Casual Shorts conceptlegs
Cateye Glasses glasses1head
Caustic Stag Helmet causticstaghead
Cave Detector cavedetector
Cell Block Sign prisonsign1
Cell Chair cellchair
Cell Chest cellchest
Cell Door celldoor
Cell Lamp celllamp
Cell Materia cellmateria
Cell Matter cellmatter
Cell Structure cellstructure1
Cell Structure cellstructure2
Cell Structure cellstructure3
Cell Structure cellstructure4
Cell Structure cellstructure5
Cell Table celltable
Chained Metal Bed prisonbed
Chainsaw chainsaw
Chakram chakram
Challenge Door challengedoor
Challenge Door challengereturndoor
Champion Mech Body mechbodyavian
Champion-00 Mech Body mechbodyavianproto
Champion’s Spear Display championspeardisplay
Champion’s Trophy trophygold
Charge Gun chargegun
Charge Mech Horn mechhorncharge
Cheap Light futurelight
Checkout Sign shopline
Cheese cheese
Cheeseburger cheeseburger
Chef Apron cheflegs
Chef Hat chefhead
Chef Jacket chefchest
Chef Spawner spawnerchef
Chic Cooking Table outpostcookingtable
Chic Fridge outpostfridge
Chilli chili
Chilli Seed chiliseed
Chilli Seed wildchiliseed
Chocolate chocolate
Chocolate Cake chocolatecake
Choconut choconut
Chunk of Ice frozenmistprimer
Chunk of Ice geometricshard1
Chunk of Ice geometricshard2
Chunk of Ice geometricshard3
Chunk of Ice geometricshard4
Chunk of Ice geometricshard5
Chunk of Ice iceshard1
Chunk of Ice iceshard2
Chunk of Ice iceshard3
Chunk of Ice iceshard4
Chunk of Ice iceshard5
Cinderfly cinderfly
Clarinet clarinet
Classic Ape Painting paintingapexpixellisa
Classic Banner Bottom classicbanner3
Classic Banner Mid classicbanner2
Classic Banner Mid Symbol classicbanner2b
Classic Banner Top classicbanner1
Classic Barred Door classicbardoor
Classic Baseboard baseboard
Classic Bed classicbed
Classic Bookcase classicbookcase
Classic Bowl classicbowl
Classic Candlestick classiccandlestick
Classic Ceiling Light classiclightart
Classic Chair classicchair
Classic Chandelier classicchandelier
Classic Chest classicchest
Classic China Cabinet classicchina
Classic Cupboard classiccupboard
Classic Curtain classiccurtain1
Classic Desk classicdesk
Classic Desk hylotlclassicdesk
Classic Dining Table classicdiningtable
Classic Door classicdoor
Classic Drape classiccurtain2
Classic Light classiclight
Classic Mug classicmug
Classic Painting paintingmonalisa
Classic Plate classicplate
Classic Table classictable
Classic Thin Drape classiccurtain3
Classic Vase vaseclassicmedium2
Classic Wallpaper wallpaper
Claw Glove clawglove
Clay clay
Clock Tophat clocktophathead
Clockwork Hat novatier6mhead
Clockwork Jacket novatier6mchest
Clockwork Trousers novatier6mpants
Closed 2 Stop Teleshop 2stopshopclosed
Closed Biggy’s Reputable Weapons penguinweaponshopclosed
Closed Frögg Furnishing frogfurnishingclosed
Closed Mazebound64 arcadegameclosed
Closed Penguin Bay penguinbayclosed
Closed Sign Store signstoreclosed
Closed Terra Mart terramartclosed
Cloud cloudblock
Clown Mech Horn mechhornclownhorn
Club Decks clubdecks
Club Lamp clublampsmall
Club Speaker clubspeaker
Cluster Mine Mech Arm mecharmclustermine
Coal coalore
Coal Sample coalsample
Cobblestone cobblestonematerial
Cobblestone Brick cobblestonebrick
Cocoa Pod cocoa
Cocoa Seed cocoaseed
Cocoa Seed wildcocoaseed
Coconut coconut
Coconut Block coconutblock
Coconut Drink coconutmilk
Coconut Ice Cream coconuticecream
Coconut Milk liquidmilk
Coconut Rice coconutrice
Coffee coffee
Coffee Beans coffeebeans
Coffee Cake coffeecake
Coffee Machine coffeemachine
Coffee Seed coffeeseed
Coffee Seed wildcoffeeseed
Colourful Bush colourfulbush1
Colourful Bush colourfulbush2
Colourful Bush colourfulbush3
Colourful Bush colourfulbush4
Colourful Bush colourfulbush5
Colourful Bush junglebush1
Colourful Bush junglebush10
Colourful Bush junglebush11
Colourful Bush junglebush12
Colourful Bush junglebush2
Colourful Bush junglebush3
Colourful Bush junglebush4
Colourful Bush junglebush5
Colourful Bush junglebush6
Colourful Bush junglebush7
Colourful Bush junglebush8
Colourful Bush junglebush9
Colourful Feather Bundle feathers2
Colourful Tapestry decorativewallrug1
Combat Medic Chest medicchest
Combat Medic Helmet medichead
Combat Medic Trousers mediclegs
Combination Lock Prop combinationprop
Comedy Movie Poster hylotlstyleposter
Comedy Script comedyscript
Comfy Traditional Bed hylotlbed2
Command Console bunkerconsole1
Commander Jacket apexcommanderjacket
Commander Trousers apexcommanderpants
Commemorative Marker markergroundplaque
Common Assault Rifle commonassaultrifle
Common Axe commonaxe
Common Broadsword commonbroadsword
Common Dagger commondagger
Common Grenade Launcher commongrenadelauncher
Common Hammer commonhammer
Common Machine Pistol commonmachinepistol
Common Pistol commonpistol
Common Rocket Launcher commonrocketlauncher
Common Shortsword commonshortsword
Common Shotgun commonshotgun
Common Sniper Rifle commonsniperrifle
Common Spear commonspear
Component Rune alpacacomponentrune
Composite Rail compositerail
Composite Rail Platform compositerailplatform
Compound Bow compoundbow
Concrete Block concretematerial
Condor License license5
Console Keyboard apexconsolekeyboard
Cooked Bacon cookedbacon
Cooked Fish cookedfish
Cooked Ham cookedham
Cooked Poultry cookedpoultry
Cooked Ribs cookedribmeat
Cooked Steak cookedalienmeat
Cooked Tentacle cookedtentacle
Cooked Tomato cookedtomato
Cool Bookcase apexcoolbookcase
Cool Chair apexcoolchair
Cool Chemical Shelf apexcoolshelf2
Cool Computer apexcoolcomputer
Cool Cupboard apexcoolcupboard
Cool Desk apexcooldesk
Cool Empty Shelf apexcoolshelf1
Cool Fez coolfezhead
Cool Server apexcoolserver
Cool Shades coolshadeshead
Cool Table apexcooltable
Cooling EPP Upgrade heatprotectionback
Copper Bar copperbar
Copper Ceiling Light copperceilinglight
Copper Chestpiece copperarmorchest
Copper Cog cog
Copper Crate copperbox1
Copper Drill copperdrill
Copper Fence copperfence
Copper Gear Block copperblock
Copper Goggles copperarmorhead
Copper Greaves copperarmorpants
Copper Ladder copperladder
Copper Oil Lantern copperlantern
Copper Ore copperore
Copper Pickaxe copperpickaxe
Copper Platform copperplatform
Copper Rock copperrock
Copper Roofing copperroofing
Copper Sample coppersample
Copper Support coppersupport
Copper Wall Shelf coppershelf
Copper Window copperwindow
Copper Wire wire
Coral Mirror coralmirror
Coralcreep coralcreep
Coralcreep Curry coralcreepcurry
Coralcreep Seed coralcreepseed
Coralcreep Seed wildcoralcreepseed
Core Fragment corefragmentore
Core Fragment Sample corefragmentsample
Core piece background stationbackgroundcore
Corn corn
Corn Cob corncob
Corn Peckers cornpeckers
Corn Seed cornseed
Corn Seed wildcornseed
Corobockle corobocklehead
Corrupt Dirt corruptdirtmaterial
Cotton Fibre cotton
Cotton Seed cottonseed
Cotton Seed wildcottonseed
Cotton Wool cottonwool
Countdown Timer countdowntimer
Covered Plant Bedroll plantbed4
Cowboy Hat cowboyhead
Cowboy Jacket cowboychest
Cowboy Pants cowboylegs
Crabcano Figurine crabcanoaf
Craftsmen Shirt craftsmenchest
Craftsmen Trousers craftsmenlegs
Creepling Chestpiece beachcreeperchest
Creepling Mask beachcreeperhead
Creepling Trousers beachcreeperlegs
Crooked Bone Railing huntingrail1
Crooked Candy Cane greencandycane2
Crooked Candy Cane greencandycane3
Crooked Candy Cane redcandycane2
Crooked Pike Railing huntingrail2
Crooked Stocking stocking2
Cross Mounted Skull huntingtrophy3
Cross piece background stationbackgroundcross
Crossroads Sign crossroadssign
Crown fairyhead
Crude Bench huntingbench
Crude Pot talljar2
Crusader’s Breastplate glitchtier5achest
Crusader’s Greaves glitchtier5apants
Crusader’s Helm glitchtier5ahead
Crustoise Figurine crustoiseaf
Crutter Figurine crutteraf
Cryogenic Blaster freezetrap
Cryonic Extract cryonicextract
Crystal crystal
Crystal Backpack crystalbackpackback
Crystal Bed crystalbed
Crystal Block crystalblock
Crystal Chair crystalchair
Crystal Chest crystalchest
Crystal Erchius Fuel solidfuel
Crystal Glass classicglass
Crystal Lamp crystallamp
Crystal Light avianwaterlight
Crystal Plant crystalplant
Crystal Plant Seed crystalplantseed
Crystal Plant Seed wildcrystalplantseed
Crystal Pressure Plate avianpressureplate
Crystal Table crystaltable
Crystal Torch crystaltorch
Crystalline Bush crystalcavebush1
Crystalline Bush crystalcavebush2
Crystalline Bush crystalcavebush3
Crystalline Bush crystalcavebush4
Crystalline Bush crystallinebush1
Crystalline Bush crystallinebush2
Crystalline Bush crystallinebush3
Crystalline Bush crystallinebush4
Crystalline Microformer microformergeode
Cultist Altar cultistaltar
Cultist Chestpiece cultistchest
Cultist Door cultistdoor
Cultist Hood cultisthead
Cultist Leg Armour cultistlegs
Cupid’s Bow cupidsbow
Cupid’s Diaper cupidslegs
Cupid’s Sash cupidschest
Cupid’s Wings cupidsback
Curious Painting genericpainting1
Currentcorn currentcorn
Currentcorn Seed currentcornseed
Currentcorn Seed wildcurrentcornseed
Curtain curtain1
Cyanider cyanider
Cyclops Mech Body mechbodyiris
Cyclops Yeti Mask cyclopsyetihead
Cyclops Yeti Shirt cyclopsyetichest
Cyclops Yeti Trousers cyclopsyetilegs

Starbound Item ID – D

Starbound Item ID starting with D

Damage I Augment damageaugment1
Damage I Collar damagecollar1
Damage II Augment damageaugment2
Damage II Collar damagecollar2
Damage III Augment damageaugment3
Damage III Collar damagecollar3
Damaged Bookcase librarybookcaseN2damage
Damaged Fluorescent Light flickeringfluorescentlight
Damaged Grand Bookcase librarybookcaseG2damage
Damaged Huge Bookcase librarybookcaseHUGEdamage
Damaged Large Bookcase librarybookcaseL2damage
Damaged Small Bookcase librarybookcase
Damaging Booster Flame encounterbigboosterflame
Damaging Booster Flame encounterboosterflame
Damaging Booster Flame encounterboosterflamehuman
Damaging Small Booster Flame encountersmallboosterflame
Damaging Small Booster Flame encountersmallboosterflame2
Dance Top fairychest
Dance-Dance Machine arcadedance
Dapper Hat fancyhead
Dark Battle Standard darkbattlestandard
Dark Cape darkcapeback
Dark Disguise Mask darkdisguisehead
Dark Disguise Shirt darkdisguisechest
Dark Disguise Trousers darkdisguiselegs
Dark Guard Mask darkguardhead
Dark Knight’s Breastplate glitchtier4chest
Dark Knight’s Helm glitchtier4head
Dark Knight’s Tassets glitchtier4pants
Dark Mask darkhead
Dark rock shadowrock1
Dark rock shadowrock2
Dark rock shadowrock3
Dark rock shadowrock4
Dark rock shadowrock5
Dark Shirt darkchest
Dark Smooth Stone darksmoothstonematerial
Dark Terraformer terraformermidnight
Dark Tomb Brick tombbrick4
Dark Trousers darklegs
Dastardly Eyepatch eyepatchhead
Data Screen screen1
Data Station datastation
Deadbeat Bruiser Glasses deadbeatbruisernerdhead
Deadbeat Bruiser Jacket deadbeatbruiserleatherchest
Deadbeat Bruiser Mask deadbeatbruisermaskhead
Deadbeat Dirty Trousers deadbeatscroungerstrapslegs
Deadbeat Helm deadbeathelmhead
Deadbeat Horn Helm deadbeathornhelmhead
Deadbeat Horn Mask deadbeathornmaskhead
Deadbeat Leather Jacket deadbeatleatherchest
Deadbeat Mask deadbeatmaskhead
Deadbeat Merchant Horns deadbeatscroungerhornshead
Deadbeat Nerd Mask deadbeatnerdhead
Deadbeat Scrounger Horns deadbeatscroungerhornmaskhead
Deadbeat Scrounger Straps deadbeatscroungerstrapschest
Deadbeat Spandex Jacket deadbeatspandexchest
Deadbeat Straps deadbeatstrapschest
Deadbeat Straps Trousers deadbeatstrapslegs
Deadbeat Thug Jacket deadbeatthugspandexchest
Deadbeat Tight Trousers deadbeatspandexlegs
Deadbeat Tough Trousers deadbeatleatherlegs
Death Warning Sign deathwarningmodern
Decayed Chest scorchedcitychest
Deck Chair deckchair
Deck Lounge Chair oasisbed
Decorated Music Box hylotlmusicbox
Decorated Tree decoratedtree
Decorative Alien Mask mask3
Decorative Ancient Pot ancientpot4
Decorative Antlers cabinornament
Decorative Bird featherybird
Decorative Bird Mask mask4
Decorative Chest chestavian1
Decorative Holly holly
Decorative Human Mask mask1
Decorative Priest Mask mask6
Decorative Skull Mask mask2
Decorative Sun sundecor
Decorative Support Beam prisoncorner
Decorative Wiseman Mask mask5
Deep Diver Helmet deepdiverhead
Defector’s Chestguard apextier1chest
Defector’s Mask apextier1head
Defector’s Trousers apextier1pants
Defense Turret standingturret
Delay Gate delay
Demon Horn Wig demonhornshead
Demon Wings demonwingsback
Deprived Bookcase librarybookcaseN2empty
Deputy’s Hat novatier1head
Deputy’s Slacks novatier1pants
Deputy’s Vest novatier1chest
Derrick Statue derrickstatue
Desecrated Tombstone tombstone8
Desert Cloak bedouinchest
Desert Head Scarf bedouinhead
Desert Salsa desertsalsa
Desert Trousers bedouinlegs
Desktop PC outpostpc
Despawn Mech Arm mecharmdespawn
Dewhopper dewhopper
Diamond diamond
Diamond Display diamonddisplay
Diamond Drill diamonddrill
Diamond Pickaxe diamondpickaxe
Diamond Rock diamondrock
Diamond Sample diamondsample
Dinosaur Hat dinosaurhead
Diodia diodia
Diodia Seed diodiaseed
Diodia Seed wilddiodiaseed
Dire Stone direstone
Dirt dirtmaterial
Dirt Trapdoor dirttrapdoor
Dirturchin dirturchin
Dirturchin Seed dirturchinseed
Dirturchin Seed wilddirturchinseed
Dirty Mattress prisonmattress
Dirty Toilet prisontoilet
Disguise Chestpiece bettychest
Disguise Mask bettyhead
Disguise Trousers bettylegs
Disobey Sign apexmocksign
Dispensing Pod volcanopod
Disphotic Breastplate hylotltier6schest
Disphotic Greaves hylotltier6spants
Disphotic Helm hylotltier6shead
Display Armour medievalarmor
Display Light displaylight
Distress Beacon beaconsnow
Diving Mask divingmaskhead
DNA Plant dnaplant1
DNA Plant dnaplant2
DNA Plant dnaplant3
DNA Plant dnaplant4
Do Not Enter Sign apexdonotenter
Docking Field dockingfield
Docking Field (Small) dockingfieldsmall
Dog Hat doghathead
Dominion Mech Body mechbodyapex
Dominion-00 Mech Body mechbodyapexproto
Doom Bed doombed
Doom Chair doomchair
Doom Console doomswitch
Doom Door doomdoor
Doom Light doomlight
Doom Lord’s Breastplate glitchtier6schest
Doom Lord’s Greaves glitchtier6spants
Doom Lord’s Helm glitchtier6shead
Doom Table doomtable
Doomcannon doomcannon
Double Lamp Post lamppost3
Double Wall Cabinet woodenceilingcabinet1
Double Wooden Cabinet woodencabinet1
Dragon Bone dragonbone
Dragonhead Pistol dragonhead
Drain drain
Dreadful Skull dreadfulskullhead
Dreadwing Figurine dreadwingaf
Dreidel dreidel
Driftbell driftbell
Drill Mech Arm mecharmdrill
Dripping Basic Bath basicbathdripping
Dripping Prison Shower prisonshowerdripping
Dripping Slime ceilingslime1
Dripping Slime ceilingslime2
Dripping Slime ceilingslime3
Dripping Slime dripslime1
Drum Kit drumkit
Dry Dirt drydirt
Dry Sand drysand
Drysap Dispenser plantdrysapdispenser
Dual Rifle Mech Arm mecharmdualrifle
Dubloon dubloon
Dumpster dumpster
Durable Fishing Rod durablefishingrod
Durasteel Assault Rifle durasteelassaultrifle
Durasteel Bar durasteelbar
Durasteel Bed tier4bed
Durasteel Broadsword durasteelbroadsword
Durasteel Chair tier4chair
Durasteel Console tier4switch
Durasteel Door tier4door
Durasteel Light tier4light
Durasteel Ore durasteelore
Durasteel Portcullis portcullis
Durasteel Revolver durasteelrevolver
Durasteel Sample durasteelsample
Durasteel Shortsword durasteelshortsword
Durasteel Table tier4table
Dustmoth dustmoth
Dusty Bed dustybed
Dusty Chair dustychair
Dusty Wooden Table dustytable
Dye Remover dyeremover

Starbound Item ID – E

Starbound Item ID starting with E

Eagle License license4
Earth Model earthmodel
EASEL signstore
EASEL Cabinet signdispenser
Egg egg
Egg Chair eggchair
Egg Fossil eggfossil
Eggshoot eggshoot
Eggshoot Ice Cream eggshooticecream
Eggshoot Salad eggshootsalad
Eggshoot Seed eggshootseed
Eggshoot Seed wildeggshootseed
Eggy Toast toast
Eight number8
Electric Bass Guitar electricbass
Electric Bomb Collar electricbombcollar
Electric Fluffalo Egg electricfluffaloegg
Electric Light electriclight
Electric Resist Augment electricblockaugment
Electrical Barrier electricdoor
Electricity Warning Sign electricsign
Electro Baton electrobaton
Electronic Parts electronicgoods
Electronics Station Sign stationtradesignelectronics
Electronium Hat electroniumhat
Elegant Wedding Skirt wedding1legs
Elegant Wedding Top wedding1chest
Ember Coral embercoral1
Ember Coral embercoral2
Ember Coral embercoral3
Ember Coral embercoral4
Ember Coral embercoral5
Ember Coral Fragment coralfragment
Embossed Tombstone tombstone2
Empty Bottle bottle
Empty Cordial Bottle smashabledrink1
Empty Fancy Water Bottle smashabledrink5
Empty Life Support Pod apexpod2
Empty Nectar Bottle smashabledrink3
Empty Petal Nectar Bottle smashabledrink4
Empty Plaque huntingdisplay2
Empty Root Pop Bottle smashabledrink2
Empty Shelf plantshelf
Empty Storage Unit protectoratestorageempty
Empty Weapon Rack huntingweaponrack2
Empty Wooden Aquarium apexaquarium2
Endomorphic Jelly endomorphicjelly
Energy Blade Mech Arm mecharmenergyblade
Energy I Augment energyaugment1
Energy II Augment energyaugment2
Energy III Augment energyaugment3
Energy Javelin energyjavelin
Energy Pickaxe energypickaxe
Energy Rifle Mech Arm mecharmenergyrifle
Engraved Avian Tomb tombthing2
Engraved Tombstone tombstone3
Environmental Data Panel bunkerpanel1
Equip Tech Console techlabconsole2
Erchius Crystal supermatter
Erchius Crystal Sample erchiuscrystalsample
Erchius Eye erchiuseye
Erchius Horror Figurine erchiushorroraf
Escape Radar Dish escaperadar
Euphotic Chestguard hylotltier6achest
Euphotic Helm hylotltier6ahead
Euphotic Trousers hylotltier6apants
Event Memo prisonpaper3
Evil Eye evileye
Evil Mushroom Hat evilmushroomhead
Ex Machina exmachina
Executioner’s Gloves executionerschest
Executioner’s Mask executionershead
Executive Bed executivebed
Executive Chair executivechair
Executive Console executiveswitch
Executive Door executivedoor
Executive Light executivelight
Executive Table executivetable
Executive Teleporter blackteleporter
Exit Sign prisonexitsign
Exit Teleporter exitteleporter
Exodus Mech Body mechbodyexodus
Experimental Mech Blueprint mechblueprint6
Explorer’s Chestpiece explorerchest
Explorer’s Lantern mininglantern
Explorer’s Leg Armour explorerlegs
Eye Bed eyebed
Eye Chair eyechair
Eye Chest eyechest
Eye Door eyedoor
Eye Scanner bunkereyescanner
Eye Shield eyeshield
Eye Table eyetable
Eye Tombstone tombstone10
Eyeball Mask eyeballhead
Eyeball Shirt eyeballchest
Eyeball Skirt eyeballlegs
Eyebowls eyebowls


Starbound Item ID – F

Starbound Item ID starting with F

Fairy Wings fairyback
Fake Condor License fakelicense5
Fake Eagle License fakelicense4
Fake Falcon License fakelicense3
Fake Kestrel License fakelicense2
Fake Sparrow License fakelicense1
Falcon License license3
Falling Rocks Sign fallingrocksmodern
Familiar Jar ashjar3
Famous Poet Portrait paintingshakespeare
Fancy Avian Gong birdgong2
Fancy Hat ladyhathead
Fancy Hat ladyhathead
Fancy Plaque apexnameplate
Fancy Snowman fancysnowman
Fancy Temple Jar birdjar1
Fancy Vase vaseclassicmedium1
Fantasy Board Game fantasyboardgame
Farm Tools farmtools
Faux Fir Tree undecoratedtree
Fawnfly fawnfly
Feather Food featherfood
Feather Headband featherhead
Feathercrown feathercrown
Feathercrown Jam feathercrownjam
Feathercrown Seed feathercrownseed
Feathercrown Seed wildfeathercrownseed
Fedora fedorahead
Fennix Figurine fennixaf
Fern Fossil fernfossil
Ferozium Ore feroziumore
Ferozium Sample feroziumsample
Ferozium Staff feroziumstaff
Ferozium Wand feroziumwand
Festive Candles holidaycandles
Fiery Flower fireflowerpot
Figure Cave Art caveart3
Filing Cabinet filingcabinet
Fill ‘Er Up fillerup
Filled Capture Pod filledcapturepod
Filled Capture Pod npcpetcapturepod
Fingerprint Scanner bunkerhandscanner
Fire Bomb Collar firebombcollar
Fire Extinguisher fireextinguisher
Fire Fluffalo Egg firefluffaloegg
Fire Lord’s Breastplate firelordchest
Fire Lord’s Cloak firelordback
Fire Lord’s Greaves firelordlegs
Fire Lord’s Helm firelordhead
Fire Resist Augment fireblockaugment
Fired Clay firedclay
Firefly Bush fireflybush
Fireplace Tools fireplacetools
Firestorm’s Fury flamingdemonsword
Fireygiant fireygiant
Fish and Chips fishnchips
Fish Dumplings fishdumplings
Fish Fingers fishfingers
Fish Fossil fishfossil
Fish in a Bone fishinabone
Fish Pie fishpie
Fish Stew fishstew
Fishaxe fishaxe
Fishaxe superfishaxe
Fishaxe (Drops) superfishaxedrop
Fishing Rod fishingrod
Fist Launcher fistlauncher
Five number5
Flak Cannon Mech Arm mecharmflakcannon
Flameroach flameroach
Flamethrower flamethrower
Flamethrower Blade flamethrowerblade
Flamingo Chainmail aviantier5mchest
Flamingo Headdress aviantier5mhead
Flamingo Skirt aviantier5mpants
Flare flare
Flashlight flashlight
Flashlight greenflashlight
Flashlight redflashlight
Flashlight yellowflashlight
Flat Locker locker2
Flat White Coffee flatwhite
Flesh Bed fleshbed
Flesh Bush fleshbush1
Flesh Bush fleshbush2
Flesh Bush fleshbush3
Flesh Bush fleshbush4
Flesh Bush fleshbush5
Flesh Bush fleshbush6
Flesh Chair fleshchair
Flesh Chest fleshchest
Flesh Chunk fleshblock
Flesh Door fleshdoor
Flesh Pile hellstonematerial
Flesh Strand fleshstrand
Flesh Table fleshtable
Fleshy Microformer microformerflesh
Flickering Ceiling TV apexceilingtv
Flickering Lightbulb lightbulb
Floodlights floodlights
Floop floop
Floor floor
Floor Gear floorgear1
Floor Ornament hylotlfloorornament
Floor Pipe floorpipe1
Floor Pipe floorpipe2
Floor Pipe floorpipe3
Floppy Fancy Hat floppyhathead
Floral Fountain petalfountain
Floral Microformer microformergiantflowers
Floran Artifact Altar floranartifactaltar
Floran Bone Xylophone bones
Floran Boulder Trap floranbouldertrap
Floran Captain’s Chair florancaptainschair
Floran Champion Statue huntingchampionstatue
Floran Flag flagfloran
Floran Legs floranfossil3
Floran Sandstone Statue sandstonestatuefloran
Floran Shield floranshield
Floran Ship Door floranshipdoor
Floran Ship Door floranshipdoorBroken
Floran Ship Hatch floranshiphatch
Floran Skull floranfossil1
Floran Skull Mask floranskullhead
Floran Spawner spawnerfloran
Floran Statue huntingstatue
Floran Storage Locker floranstoragelocker
Floran Torso floranfossil2
Flower Bed flowerbed1
Flower Bed flowerbed2
Flower Block floweryblock
Flowery Bush springbush1
Flowery Bush springbush2
Flowery Bush springbush3
Flowery Bush springbush4
Flowery Bush springbush5
Flowery Bush springbush6
Flowery Grass Seeds flowerygrassseeds
Flowery Mask floweryhead
Flowery Shirt flowerychest
Flowery Trousers flowerylegs
Flowery Vines floweryback
Fluffalo Egg fluffaloegg
Fluffy Ruffs fluffyruffs
Fluorescent Helmet lighthelmhead
Fluorescent Light fluorescentlight
Flute flute
Foghorn Mech Horn mechhornfoghorn
Folding Chair foldingchair
Food Rations foodgoods
Food Station Sign stationtradesignfood
Football football
Footprint Fossil trackfossil
Force Cell prisonforcecell
Force Field bossdoor
Forge Sign signforge
Formal Pants novakidblackpants
Formal Waistcoat novakidwaistcoat
Fossil dirtyfossil1
Fossil dirtyfossil2
Fossil dirtyfossil3
Fossil dirtyfossil4
Fossil dirtyfossil5
Fossil dirtyfossil6
Fossil dirtyfossil7
Fossil dirtyfossil8
Fossil Extractor fossiltool
Fossil Pod fossilpod
Foundry And Switch foundryand
Foundry Bed foundrybed
Foundry Bellows foundrybellow
Foundry Button foundrybutton
Foundry Chestpiece foundrychest
Foundry Console foundryconsole
Foundry Countdown Timer foundrycountdowntimer
Foundry Delay Gate foundrydelay
Foundry Foreman Pack foundryforemanback
Foundry Gear Pack foundryback
Foundry Goggles foundrygoggleshead
Foundry Guard Gloves foundryguardchest
Foundry Hard Hat foundryhardhathead
Foundry Latch foundrydlatch
Foundry Legs foundrylegs
Foundry Light foundrylight
Foundry Not Switch foundrynot
Foundry Or Switch foundryor
Foundry Sign foundrysign
Foundry Support foundrysupport
Foundry Switch foundryswitch
Foundry Timer (0.5 Sec) foundrytimer
Foundry Timer (1 Sec) foundrytimer1s
Foundry Timer (2 Sec) foundrytimer2s
Foundry Timer (3 Sec) foundrytimer3s
Foundry Timer (4 Sec) foundrytimer4s
Foundry Timer (5 Sec) foundrytimer5s
Foundry XOR Switch foundryxor
Four number4
Free Standing Console outpostconsole
Friendly Hylotl Sign hylotlshopsign
Frog Merchant frogmerchant
Frog Statue frogstatue
Frogg Chest froggchest
Frogg Chest froggmerchantchest
Frögg Furnishing frogfurnishing
Frogg Head frogghead
Frogg Head froggmerchanthead
Frogg Legs froggfossil3
Frogg Legs frogglegs
Frogg Merchant Legs froggmerchantlegs
Frogg Skull froggfossil1
Frogg Torso froggfossil2
Frontier Bed frontierbed
Frontier Chair frontierchair
Frontier Coffin frontiercoffin
Frontier Door frontierdoor
Frontier Furnace frontierfurnace
Frontier Gramophone frontiergramophone
Frontier Grandfather Clock frontierclock
Frontier Hat Rack frontierhatrack
Frontier Iron Symbol frontierironsymbol
Frontier Lamp frontierlamp
Frontier Lamp Post frontierlamppost
Frontier Mooshi Painting frontierpainting3
Frontier Plains Painting frontierpainting1
Frontier Vault frontiervault
Frontier Wagon Painting frontierpainting2
Frontier Water Pump frontierwaterpump
Frontier Windmill frontierwindmill
Frontliner’s Breastplate apextier6schest
Frontliner’s Greaves apextier6spants
Frontliner’s Helm apextier6shead
Frost Crown frostcrownhead
Frost Shield frostshield
Frostfleck frostfleck
Frostfly frostfly
Frozen Boomerang iceboomerang
Frozen Bow frozenbow
Frozen Dirt frozendirt
Frozen Fire Chair frozenfirechair
Fruit Salad fruitsalad
Frying Pan fryingpan
FTL Fuel Hatch apexfuelhatch
FTL Fuel Hatch avianfuelhatch
FTL Fuel Hatch floranfuelhatch
FTL Fuel Hatch glitchfuelhatch
FTL Fuel Hatch humanfuelhatch
FTL Fuel Hatch hylotlfuelhatch
FTL Fuel Hatch novakidfuelhatch
FTL Repair Kit FTLrepairkit
Full-Size Fridge fridge
Fungal Microformer microformermushrooms
Fungal Pod floranpod1
Fungal Pod floranpod2
Fungal Pod floranpod3
Fungus Stim fungusstim
Furnivour Chest floranfurnivourchest
Furnivour Legs floranfurnivourlegs
Futuristic Teleporter futureteleporter

Starbound Item ID – G

Starbound Item ID starting with G

Gag Nose gagnosehead
Gallant Mech Boosters mechboostergallant
Gambler’s Hat novatier6ahead
Gambler’s Pants novatier6apants
Gambler’s Vest novatier6achest
Garden Salad gardensalad
Gas Dispenser gasdispenser
Gas Mask gasmaskhead
Gasgiant gasgiant
Gatherer’s Chestpiece florantier5schest
Gatherer’s Helm florantier5shead
Gatherer’s Skirt florantier5spants
Gatling Gun Mech Arm mecharmgatling
Gauntlet gauntlet
Gear sewergear
Gem Switch castleswitch
Geode geode
Geode B geodebnote
Geode B (Natural) geodebnatural
Geode Bed geodebed
Geode C geodecnote
Geode C (Natural) geodecnatural
Geode Chair geodechair
Geode Crystals geodeblock
Geode D geodednote
Geode D (Natural) geodednatural
Geode Door geodedoor
Geode E geodeenote
Geode F geodefnote
Geode G geodegnote
Geode High A geodehighanote
Geode High A (Natural) geodehighanatural
Geode Light geodeceilinglight
Geode Low A geodelowanote
Geode Low A (Natural) geodelowanatural
Geode Mask geodehead
Geode Plant Pot geodeplantpot
Geode Shirt geodechest
Geode Stone geodestone
Geode Trousers geodelegs
Geometric Bed geometricbed
Geometric Chair geometricchair
Geometric Console geometricswitch
Geometric Door geometricdoor
Geometric Light geometriclight
Geometric Table geometrictable
George’s Foxy Glasses georgedevhead
GeorgeV Dev Statue devstatuegeorge
Ghostly Collar ghostlycollar
Giant Agaran Mushroom agaranmushroom
Giant Bow giantbowhead
Giant Flower giantflower1
Giant Flower giantflower2
Giant Flower giantflower3
Giant Flower giantflower4
Giant Flower Bed giantflowerbed
Giant Flower Chair giantflowerchair
Giant Flower Chest giantflowerchest
Giant Flower Door giantflowerdoor
Giant Flower Lamp giantflowerlamp
Giant Flower Petal giantflowerpetal
Giant Flower Table giantflowertable
Giant Fungal Pod giantfloranpod
Giant Green Gumdrop greengumdrop2
Giant Holiday Bells giantbells
Giant Lollipop lollipop1
Giant Lollipop lollipop2
Giant Purple Gumdrop purplegumdrop2
Giant Red Gumdrop redgumdrop2
Giant Snowflake giantsnowflake
Giant Worm wormerang
Gigantic Snowball giganticsnowball
Girder girdermaterial
Gladiator Helmet gladiatorhead
Glass glass
Glass Block glassmaterial
Glass Coffee Mug glasscoffeemug
Glass Panel glasspanel
Glass passage left piece background stationbackgroundpassageglassleft
Glass passage piece background stationbackgroundpassageglass
Glass passage right piece background stationbackgroundpassageglassright
Glass shaft bottom piece background stationbackgroundshaftglassbottom
Glass shaft piece background stationbackgroundshaftglass
Glass shaft top piece background stationbackgroundshaftglasstop
Gleap Figurine gleapaf
Glitch Artifact Altar glitchartifactaltar
Glitch Captain’s Chair glitchcaptainschair
Glitch Crown glitchroyalhead
Glitch Flag flagglitch
Glitch Head glitchfossil1
Glitch Legs glitchfossil3
Glitch Sandstone Statue sandstonestatueglitch
Glitch Shield Display wallshield
Glitch Ship Door glitchshipdoor
Glitch Ship Door glitchshipdoorBroken
Glitch Ship Hatch glitchshiphatch
Glitch Skull Mask glitchskullhead
Glitch Spawner spawnerglitch
Glitch Statuette glitchbaronfigure
Glitch Storage Locker glitchstoragelocker
Glitch Torso glitchfossil2
Glitchian Man glitchianman
Glitchspeare Portrait glitchspeare
Globe Statue giantglobe
Glorious Leader Painting apexpainting1
Glow Bed glowbed
Glow Bush Lamp glowbushlamp
Glow Chair glowchair
Glow Chest glowchest
Glow Fibre glowfibre
Glow Flower Bush glowbush1
Glow Flower Bush glowbush2
Glow Flower Bush glowbush3
Glow Flower Bush glowbush4
Glow Flower Bush glowbush5
Glow Flower Lamp glowflowerlamp
Glow Flower Pod glowflower1
Glow Flower Pod glowflower2
Glow Flower Pod glowflower3
Glow Flower Pod glowflower4
Glow Flower Pod glowflower5
Glow Mask bioluminhead
Glow Mushrooms bioshroom1
Glow Mushrooms bioshroom2
Glow Mushrooms bioshroom3
Glow Mushrooms bioshroom4
Glow Mushrooms bioshroom5
Glow Suit bioluminchest
Glow Table bioshroomtable
Glow Tree glowtree1
Glow Tree glowtree2
Glow Tree glowtree3
Glow Tree glowtree4
Glow Tree glowtree5
Glow Trousers bioluminlegs
Glow Vine biovine1
Glow Vine biovine2
Glow Vine biovine3
Glow Vine biovine4
Glow Vine biovine5
Glow Vine glowvine1
Glow Vine glowvine2
Glow Vine glowvine3
Glow Vine Lamp glowvinelamp
Glowbug glowbug
Glowing Alien Plant alienglowplant1
Glowing Microformer microformerbioluminescence
Glowing Orb plantorb
Glowing Oshroom oshroom1
Glowing Oshroom oshroom2
Glowing Oshroom oshroom3
Glowing Oshroom oshroom4
Glowing Oshroom oshroom5
Glowing Vine glowvine4
Glowing Vine glowvine5
Glowshroom Microformer microformerluminouscaves
Glyph Block aztecmaterial
Glyph Screen screen4
Gnome gnome
Gnome Cap gnomecaphead
Gnome Gun gnomegun
Gnome Hat gnomehead
Goat Skull Mask goathead
Gold Ball Holiday Ornament goldball
Gold Bar goldbar
Gold Block goldblock
Gold Chestpiece goldarmorchest
Gold Classic Jug goldvase5
Gold Drill golddrill
Gold Greaves goldarmorlegs
Gold Helmet goldarmorhead
Gold Jug goldvase2
Gold Ore goldore
Gold Pickaxe goldpickaxe
Gold Platform goldenplatform
Gold Rock goldrock
Gold Sample goldsample
Gold Slim Vase goldvase3
Gold Slim Vase goldvase4
Goldbuck goldbuck
Golden Bird Jar goldenjar1
Golden Crystal Door birddoor
Golden Ducky goldenducky
Golden Egg goldenegg
Golden Lamp lamp
Golden Pedestal goldenpedestal
Golden Plaque markerwallplaque3
Golden Spotlight mysteriouslight
Golden Urn goldenurn
Golem Mech Body mechbodyfloran
Golem-00 Mech Body mechbodyfloranproto
Gosmet Figurine gosmetaf
Gothic Ape Painting paintingapegothic
Gothic Arch prisonarch
Gothic Bed gothicbed
Gothic Bookcase gothicbookcase
Gothic Candle gothiclight
Gothic Chair gothicchair
Gothic Couch gothiccouch
Gothic Door gothicdoor
Gothic Painting paintinggothic
Graduation Flyer protectorateflyer
Graffiti prisongraffiti3
Graffiti prisongraffiti4
Graffiti prisongraffiti5
Graffiti prisongraffiti6
Graffiti prisongraffiti7
Grail grail
Grand Avian Sarcophagus sarcoavian2
Grand Big Ape Painting paintingcreationofapepixel
Grand Ornate Bookcase librarybookcaseG2
Grand Painting paintingcreationofpixel
Grand Protector Portrait protectoratebrokenportrait2
Grand Protector Portrait protectoratebrokenportrait4
Grand Protector Portrait protectoratebrokenportrait5
Grand Protector Portrait protectorateportrait1
Grand Protector Portrait protectorateportrait2
Grand Protector Portrait protectorateportrait3
Grand Protector Portrait protectorateportrait4
Grand Protector Portrait protectorateportrait5
Grandfather Clock grandfatherclock
Granite Rock rock14
Grape Juice grapejuice
Grape Seed grapesseed
Grape Seed wildgrapesseed
Grapes grapes
Grappling Hook grapplinghook
Grass Remedy grassremedy
Grass Seeds grassseeds
Grassy Rock grassyrock
Gravel gravelmaterial
Gravity Augment gravityaugment
Gravity Mine Mech Arm mecharmgravitymine
Great Banana Lock Statue apexstatue3
Great Banana Statue apexstatue2
Green Apple greenapple
Green Arcade Machine arcadegreen
Green Basic Tent tent2
Green Boat Controller boatcontrollergreen
Green Candy Cane greencandycane1
Green Club Lights clubceilinglightsgreen
Green Crayon crayongreenback
Green Dome Tent tent1
Green Dye greendye
Green Firework fireworkgreen
Green Flask greenflask
Green Geode Sample geodegreensample
Green Glowstick glowstickgreen
Green Hoverbike Controller hoverbikecontrollergreen
Green Lamp Pod apextablelamp
Green Lily Pad Sign hylotlsign1g
Green Neon Block greenneonsymbol
Green Neon Pod Sign hylotlsign3g
Green Neon Sign hylotlsign2g
Green Neon Symbol hylotlsymbolg
Green Paintgun paintgungreen
Green Present present4
Green Red Light greenredlight
Green Sleeping Bag sleepingbaggreen
Green Stim Pack greenstim
Greenfinger’s Headdress greenfingerhead
Greentip greentip
Grey Dye greydye
Grey Hidden Switch medievalswitchhidden
Grimy Stylish Counter scorchedcitybrokencounter
Grounded’s Tombstone tombstone7
Guard Spawner spawnerguard
Guardian’s Nest birdbed
Guided Missile Mech Arm mecharmguidedmissiles
Guillotine guillotine
Gun Chest gunchest
Gunslinger Jacket novakidfancychest
Gunslinger Pants novakidfancypants

Starbound Item ID – H

Starbound Item ID starting with H

Hall Spotlight protectoratehalllight
Halogen Pack halogenpack
Hamburger hamburger
Hammer Mech Boosters mechboosterhammer
Hammered Dulcimer dulcimer
Handled Wicker Basket wickerbasket4
Handy Space Helmet t2helm1
Hanging Basket flowerbasket1
Hanging Basket flowerbasket2
Hanging Booster hangingbooster
Hanging Flower Lamp flowerlamp
Hanging Toxic Lamp toxiclamp2
Hard Chakram hardchakram
Hard Hat devhead
Hardened Carapace hardenedcarapace
Hardened Monster Plate monsterplating
Harmonica harmonica
Harp harp
Harpoon Gun harpoongun
Hatchling’s Breastplate aviantier1chest
Hatchling’s Circlet aviantier1head
Hatchling’s Loincloth aviantier1pants
Hawaiian Chest hawaiianchest
Hawaiian Flower Crown hawaiianhead
Hawaiian Skirt hawaiianlegs
Hay Pile haypile
Hay Roll hayroll
Hay Stack haystack
Hazard Block hazard
Hazard Microscope hazardmicroscope
Hazmat Airtank hazmatback
Hazmat Mask hazmathead
Hazmat Shirt hazmatchest
Hazmat Trousers hazmatlegs
Headless Big Ape Statue classicapestatuenohead
Healing I Augment healingaugment1
Healing I Collar healingcollar1
Healing II Augment healingaugment2
Healing II Collar healingcollar2
Healing III Augment healingaugment3
Healing III Collar healingcollar3
Healing Water liquidhealing
Health I Augment healthaugment1
Health I Collar healthcollar1
Health II Augment healthaugment2
Health II Collar healthcollar2
Health III Augment healthaugment3
Health III Collar healthcollar3
Heart Forge heartforge
Heart Wreath cupidshead
Heathugger heathugger
Heating EPP Upgrade coldprotectionback
Heatrifle Mech Arm mecharmheatrifle
Heavy Chair foundrychair
Heavy Door foundrydoor
Heavy Iron Bars heavyironbars
Heavy Pipe heavypipe
Heavy Stone Brick castlewalls1
Help Me Sign helpme
Hemogoblin Figurine hemogoblinaf
Hen Egg henegg
Hermes Mech Legs mechlegshermes
Hero Mech Body mechbodyhero
Hero’s Cap herocaphead
Hi-tech Block metallicmaterial
Hi-Tech Chest techchest
Hi-Tech Chest techchest2
Hi-Tech Console hylotlconsole
Hi-tech Security Camera apexsecuritycamera
Hi-tech Turret apexturret
Hidden Brick Door castlehiddendoor
Hidden Brick Trapdoor castlehiddentrapdoor
Hide Shirt aviancommonershirt
Hide Skirt aviancommonerlegs
High Capacity Reel fishingreellong
High Speed Reel fishingreelfast
High Tension Reel fishingreelstrong
High-Pitch Microphone microphonefem
High-Tech Mech Blueprint mechblueprint5
High-Vis Jacket minerchest
Hiker Backpack hikerback
Hiker Jacket hikerchest
Hiker Trousers hikerlegs
Hive Bed hivebed
Hive Block hive
Hive Bush buglike1
Hive Bush buglike10
Hive Bush buglike2
Hive Bush buglike3
Hive Bush buglike4
Hive Bush buglike5
Hive Bush buglike6
Hive Bush buglike7
Hive Bush buglike8
Hive Bush buglike9
Hive Chair hivechair
Hive Chest hivechest
Hive Door hivedoor
Hive Egg Sac hivebush2
Hive Egg Sac hivebush4
Hive Egg Sac hivebush5
Hive Eggs hivebush1
Hive Eggs hivebush3
Hive Lamp hivelamp
Hive Light hivelight1
Hive Table hivetable
Hivehog hivehog
Hokucide hokucide
Holiday Beard Hat mrclaushead
Holiday Coat mrclauschest
Holiday Hat hotholidayhead
Holiday Lights holidaylights
Holiday Pole holidaypole
Holiday Rocket Sleigh scifisleigh
Holiday Sack mrclausback
Holiday Skirt hotholidaypants
Holiday Spirit holidayspirit
Holiday Top hotholidaychest
Holiday Trousers mrclauspants
Hologram Projector hologramprojector
Home Rune alpacahomerune
Homing Missile Mech Arm mecharmhomingmissile
Hood With Ears kathoodhead
Hopper Mech Legs mechlegshopper
Horizonal Metal Grates prisongrateh
Horizontal Danger Sign dangersignh
Horizontal Hazard Tape hazardtapeh
Horizontal Portcullis bardoor2sideways
Horizontal Rusted Girder prisongirderh
Horned Tricorn tricornhat
Horse Head horsehead
Hot Bone hotbone
Hot Hot Hotpot hothothotpot
Hot Top Hat hottophathead
Hourglass hourglass
House Hat househathead
Howler Monkey Painting paintingapescream
Huge Core Diagonal Bottom Piece Background stationbackgroundhugecorediagbot
Huge Core Diagonal Top Piece Background stationbackgroundhugecorediagtop
Huge Glasses glasses4head
Huge Ornate Bookcase librarybookcaseHUGE
Huge Primitive Cabinet florancabinet3
Huge Tentacle Statue largetentacleprop
Hula Girl hulagirl
Hull Panel slopedhullpanel
Human Anatomy Mask anatomyhead
Human Anatomy Trousers anatomylegs
Human Captain’s Chair humancaptainschair
Human Flag flaghuman
Human Legs humanfossil3
Human Sandstone Statue sandstonestatuehuman
Human Sarcophagus sarcohuman
Human Sarcophagus sarcohumanalive
Human Ship Door humanshipdoor
Human Ship Door humanshipdoorBroken
Human Ship Hatch humanshiphatch
Human Skull humanfossil1
Human Skull Mask humanskullhead
Human Spawner spawnerhuman
Human Storage Locker humanstoragelocker
Human Torso humanfossil2
Hunter Cave Art caveart2
Hunter Jacket hunterchest
Hunter’s Chestguard florantier4chest
Hunter’s Hood florantier4head
Hunter’s Knife hunterback
Hunter’s Skirt florantier4pants
Hunter’s Trophy trophysilver
Hunter’s Trousers hunterlegs
Hunting Bow bow
Hunting Pressure Plate huntingpressureplate
Hunting Spear huntingspear
Hunting Weapon Rack huntingweaponrack1
Hylotl “Croak” Calligraphy hylotlcalligraphy2
Hylotl “Leap” Calligraphy hylotlcalligraphy4
Hylotl “Lily” Calligraphy hylotlcalligraphy3
Hylotl “Pond” Calligraphy hylotlcalligraphy5
Hylotl “Ribbit” Calligraphy hylotlcalligraphy1
Hylotl Anatomy Mask anatomyhylotlhead
Hylotl Armour Stand hylotluniformstand
Hylotl Artifact Altar hylotlartifactaltar
Hylotl Captain’s Chair hylotlcaptainschair
Hylotl City Poster hylotlcityposter
Hylotl Counter hylotlcounter
Hylotl Emblem hylotlemblem
Hylotl Fashion Hologram hylotlfashionhologram
Hylotl Flag flaghylotl
Hylotl Legs hylotlfossil3
Hylotl Library Model librarymodel
Hylotl Sandstone Statue sandstonestatuehylotl
Hylotl Ship Door hylotlshipdoor
Hylotl Ship Door hylotlshipdoorBroken
Hylotl Ship Hatch hylotlshiphatch
Hylotl Skull hylotlfossil1
Hylotl Skull Mask hylotlskullhead
Hylotl Spawner spawnerhylotl
Hylotl Storage Locker hylotlstoragelocker
Hylotl Store Shelf hylotlstoreshelf
Hylotl Table hylotltable
Hylotl Torso hylotlfossil2
Hylotl Warrior Painting hylotlclassicpainting1
Hypnare Figurine hypnareaf

Starbound Item ID – I

Starbound Item ID starting with I

Ice ice
Ice Armor Mask icearmorhead
Ice Armor Shirt icearmorchest
Ice Armor Trousers icearmorlegs
Ice Bed icebed
Ice Block iceblock
Ice Bomb Collar icebombcollar
Ice Chair icechair
Ice Chest icechest
Ice Crystal icecrystal
Ice Cube Mask icecubehead
Ice Door icedoor
Ice Fluffalo Egg icefluffaloegg
Ice Machine icemachine
Ice Resist Augment iceblockaugment
Ice Sphere icesphere1
Ice Sphere icesphere2
Ice Sphere icesphere3
Ice Sphere icesphere4
Ice Sphere Chest icespherechest
Ice Spike icespike
Ice Table icetable
Icetip icetip
Icy Terraformer terraformertundra
Ignome Figurine ignomeaf
Iguarmor Figurine iguarmoraf
Illuminated Lure fishinglurelight
Imagination Memorial memorialstatue
Impassable Rubble protectoraterubble
Industrial Bed industrialbed
Industrial Canister industrialcanister
Industrial Chair industrialchair
Industrial Computer industrialcomputer
Industrial Crate industrialcrate
Industrial Crew Helmet industrialcrewhead
Industrial Display industrialdisplay
Industrial Door industrialdoor
Industrial Light industriallight
Industrial Storage Locker industrialstoragelocker
Industrial Table industrialtable
Inferior Brain inferiorbrain
Infiltrator’s Breastplate apextier6achest
Infiltrator’s Greaves apextier6apants
Infiltrator’s Helm apextier6ahead
Infinity Express infinityexpress
Info Booth protectorateinfobooth
Inn Sign signinn
Inset Panel slopedinsetpanel
Insidious Mask insidioushead
Inspection Mode inspectionmode
Insurgent’s Jacket apextier3chest
Insurgent’s Mask apextier3head
Insurgent’s Trousers apextier3pants
Interrogation Rack plantrack
Interrogation Table apextorturebed
Intestine Whip intestinewhip
Intrepid Mech Legs mechlegsintrepid
Invisible AND Switch invisibleand
Invisible Countdown Timer invisiblecountdowntimer
Invisible Delay Gate invisibledelay
Invisible Latch invisibledlatch
Invisible Monster Spawner invisiblemonsterspawner
Invisible NOT Switch invisiblenot
Invisible OR Switch invisibleor
Invisible Persistent Switch invisiblepersistentswitch
Invisible Proximity Sensor invisibleproximitysensor
Invisible Sound Source invisiblesound
Invisible Sparker invisiblesparker
Invisible Timer (1 Sec) invisibletimer
Invisible Wall Switch invisiblewallswitch
Invisible XOR Switch invisiblexor
Iron Assault Rifle ironassaultrifle
Iron Bar ironbar
Iron Bar Door bardoor
Iron Bed tier1bed
Iron Block ironblock
Iron Broadsword ironbroadsword
Iron Chair tier1chair
Iron Chest ironchest
Iron Door tier1door
Iron Hinge hinge
Iron Hunting Spear throwingspear
Iron Lantern tier1light
Iron Lever tier1switch
Iron Ore ironore
Iron Plaque markerwallplaque1
Iron Revolver ironrevolver
Iron Sample ironsample
Iron Scalpion scalpionhead
Iron Shortsword ironshortsword
Iron Spotlight tier1spotlight
Iron Table tier1table
Island Cabinet islandcabinet
Island Chair islandchair
Island Hammock islandhammock
Island Lamp islandlamp
Island Table islandtable
Ixodoom Claw ixodoomclaw
Ixodoom Figurine ixodoomaf
Ixodoom Hips ixodoomfossil4
Ixodoom Skull ixodoomfossil1
Ixodoom Spine ixodoomfossil3
Ixodoom Stinger ixodoomfossil5
Ixodoom Torso ixodoomfossil2
Ixodoom Web bossweb
Ixoling Figurine ixolingaf
Ixoling Pike ixolingpike

Starbound Item ID – J

Starbound Item ID starting with J

Javelin javelin
Jeff jeffback
Jelly Blob jellyblock
Jester’s Hat jesterhead
Jetpack Santa Statue giantsanta
Juice Keg juicekeg
Jukebox jukebox
Jump Augment jumpaugment
Jump Booster jumpbooster
Jump Pad jumppad
Jump Suit Jacket jumpsuitchest
Jump Suit Trousers jumpsuitlegs
Jungle Terraformer terraformerjungle
Junk Pile junk
Junk Tech junktech
Jupiter Model jupitermodel

Starbound Item ID – K

Starbound Item ID starting with K

Kabuto Mech Body mechbodyhylotl
Kabuto-00 Mech Body mechbodyhylotlproto
Kelp kelp
Kennel kennel
Kestrel License license2
Khaki Hoverbike Controller hoverbikecontrollerkhaki
Kimono Shirt kimonochest
Kimono Skirt kimonolegs
Kitchen Cabinet kitchencabinet1
Kitchen Shelf kitchenshelf
Kitchen Stove Top kitchenstovetop
Kitchen Table kitchentable
Kitchen Tools kitchentools
Kitchen Wall Cabinet kitchenceilingcabinet1
Kitty Hat kittyhead
Kiwi kiwi
Kiwi Jam kiwijam
Kiwi Juice kiwijuice
Kiwi Seed kiwiseed
Kiwi Seed wildkiwiseed
Kluex Avatar Figurine kluexavataraf
Kluex Gift Mural kluexmural2
Kluex Sentry Figurine kluexsentryaf
Kluex Serpentine Statue kluexstatue2
Kluex Staff kluexstaff
Kluex Treasure Map kluexmap1
Kluex Winged Statue kluexstatue1
Kluex World Mural kluexmural1
Knave’s Breastplate glitchtier1chest
Knave’s Helm glitchtier1head
Knave’s Trousers glitchtier1pants
Knight Helmet knighthead
Knight’s Breastplate glitchtier3chest
Knight’s Helm glitchtier3head
Knight’s Tassets glitchtier3pants
Knowledge Rune alpacaknowledgerune
Koto koto

Starbound Item ID – L

Starbound Item ID starting with L

Laboratory Hatch laboratoryverticaldoor
Laboratory Light laboratorylight
Laboratory Locker apexlocker
Lagoon Chestpiece lagoonchest
Lagoon Mask lagoonhead
Lagoon Trousers lagoonpants
Lake Breastplate hylotltier4chest
Lake Greaves hylotltier4pants
Lake Helm hylotltier4head
Lancer’s Breastplate glitchtier5mchest
Lancer’s Greaves glitchtier5mpants
Lancer’s Helm glitchtier5mhead
Landing Beacon mechbeacon
Lantern Stick lanternstickback
Large Airlock Door outpostairlocklarge
Large Airlock Hatch outposthatchlarge
Large Barrel barrellarge
Large Bell largebell
Large Bone Chimes floranceilingbones1
Large Bongo florandrum2
Large Broken Drawers scorchedcitybrokenchestdrawerlarge
Large Broken Mirror prisonmirror1
Large Brown Pelt floranpelt1
Large Cabinet plantcabinet2
Large Capsule capsulebig
Large Carved Bookcase tribalbookcase1
Large Carved Console consoletribal4
Large Console bunkerconsole2
Large Cooler largecooler1
Large Dark Glitch Banner darkbannermedievallarge
Large Decorative Chest chestmedavian1
Large Empty Market Stall marketstall5
Large Fancy Vase vaseclassiclarge2
Large Floor Spike largefloorspike
Large Floran Statue huntingbigstatue
Large Fossil Display fossildisplay5
Large Glitch Banner bannermedievallarge
Large Gong birdgong1
Large Ladle ladlelarge
Large Lava tank lavatanklarge
Large Mechanical Crane outpostcrane
Large Medieval Door largecastledoor
Large Metal Table bunkertable3
Large Metal Tank outposttank
Large Monitor bunkerbigpanel
Large Obsidian Bookcase obsidianbookcase
Large Old Chest chestmedavian2
Large Ornate Bookcase librarybookcaseL2
Large Overgrown Geyser plantgeyser1
Large Portcullis bardoor3
Large Primitive Cabinet florancabinet1
Large Primitive Chest chestfloran2
Large Primitive Table floranbonetable1
Large Radar Dish outpostradardish
Large Shadow Urn shadowurnlarge1
Large Shadow Urn shadowurnlarge2
Large Sharp Sticks huntingpunjisticks1
Large Shield commonlargeshield
Large Shipping Container outpostshippingcontainer
Large Snowball largesnowball
Large Snowy Pelt floranpelt4
Large Steam Boiler steamboiler3
Large Striped Vase vaseclassiclarge1
Large Stylish Drawers scorchedcitychestdrawerlarge
Large Tentacle tentaclepipe
Large Tentacle Capsule tentaclepopbig
Large Vine Lights huntinglight1
Large Volcanic Geyser plantvolcano2
Large Wicker Basket wickerbasket5
Large Wooden Cage plantcage1
Large Wooden Crate largewoodencrate
Large Wooden Crate woodencrate2
Large Wooden Scaffolding plantplatform1
Large Wooden Staging plantplatform2
Larva Chest larvanpcchest
Larva Legs larvanpclegs
Larva Mask larvanpchead
Laser Diode laserdiode
Laser Mining Tool laserminer
Laser Tripwire lasertripwire
Latch dlatch
Lava liquidlava
Lava Balloon lavaballoon
Lava Lamp lavalamp1
Lavahopper lavahopper
Lavish Avian Tomb tombthing4
Lead lead
Lead Guitar leadguitar
Leaf Bundle huntingplatformleaves
Leaf Chest floranleafchest
Leaf Legs floranleaflegs
Leafy Plant junglebush13
Leafy Plant junglebush14
Leafy Plant junglebush15
Leafy Plant junglebush16
Leather leather
Leather Breastplate avianadventurershirt
Leather Dressing Screen floranscreen2
Leather Loincloth avianadventurerpants
Leather Support florancorner
LED Recruitment Panel bunkerpanel3
LED Wall Light outpostlamp
Ledge Brick ledgebrick
Left Translation Wheel translator1
Legend Sword legendblade
Legionnaire’s Breastplate glitchtier6achest
Legionnaire’s Greaves glitchtier6apants
Legionnaire’s Helm glitchtier6ahead
Letheia Corp Sign letheiasign
Library Sign signlibrary
Life Rune alpacaliferune
Life Support Pod apexpod
Liftoff Seat liftoffseat
Light Bow lightbow
Light Collar lightcollar
Light I Augment lightaugment1
Light II Augment lightaugment2
Light III Augment lightaugment3
Light Metal lightmetal
Light Sensor lightsensor
Light Sliding Door apexslidingdoor1
Light Streaks lightstreaks
Lightbulb lightbulb2
Lightbulb lightbulb3
Lilodon Figurine lilodonaf
Lilotron Mech Body mechbodyshark
Lily Pad Clock hylotllilyclock
Limestone limestone
Liquid Erchius Fuel liquidfuel
Liquid Sensor hylotlliquidsensor
Liquid Sensor liquidsensor
Lit Organs litorgans
Little Lily Pad hylotllilydeco1
Little Red Ball petball
Little Red Bow smallbow
Living Root livingroot
Lobby TV protectoratelobbytv
Locked Protectorate Lockers protectoratelobbylockers
Long Black Pelt floranpelt3
Long Durasteel Elevator durasteelelevatorlong
Long Industrial Elevator foundryelevatorlong
Long Mechanical Elevator mechanicalelevatorlong
Long Roots root10
Long Roots root6
Long Roots root7
Long Roots root8
Long Roots root9
Long Wooden Elevator woodenelevatorlong
Loose Silt sand
Loudspeakers loudspeaker
Low-Pitch Microphone microphone
Lucaine’s Energy Whip energywhip
Luchador Mask luchadorhead
Lucky Dip luckydip
Lumoth Figurine lumothaf
Lunar Base Blastdoor lunarbasedoor
Lunar Base Block lunarbaseblock
Lunar Base Bunk lunarbasebunk
Lunar Base Chair lunarbasechair
Lunar Base Console lunarbaseconsole
Lunar Base Crate lunarbasecrate
Lunar Base Lantern lunarbaselantern
Lunar Base Lockers lunarbaselocker
Lunar Base Platform lunarbaseplatform
Lunar Lander lunarlander
Lunarang lunarang
Lush Terraformer terraformergarden

Starbound Item ID – M

Starbound Item ID starting with M

M1 Medic Helmet m1helmetmedichead
Macaw Headdress aviantier6ahead
Macaw Leggings aviantier6apants
Macaw Shirt aviantier6achest
Magic Scroll wizardback
Magma Lamp magmalamp
Magmarock magmarock
Magnorbs magnorbs
Mandraflora Figurine mandrafloraaf
Manhole Cover manholedoor
Manipulator Module manipulatormodule
Mannequin mannequin
Map Display bunkerdisplay3
Market Clothes Stall marketstall2
Market Fruit Stall marketstall1
Market Weapon Stall marketstall3
Mars Model marsmodel
Marshal Mech Body mechbodynovakid
Marshal-00 Mech Body mechbodynovakidproto
Mashed Potato mashedpotato
Mass Tombstone tombstone11
Master Fossil Brush fossilbrushmaster
Matter Block matterblock
Matter Block matteritem
Matter Manipulator beamaxe
Matter Manipulator beamaxeX
Matter Manipulator protectoratebeamaxe
Mazebound64 arcadegame
Meat Dumplings meatdumplings
Meat Stew meatstew
Mech Assembly Station mechassemblystation
Mech bay piece background stationbackgroundmechbay
Mech Pilot Helmet mechpilothead
Mech Sign mechsign
Medic Backpack medicback
Medic Station Sign stationtradesignmedic
Medical Bay Sign apexmedsign
Medical Data Panel bunkerpanel2
Medical Kit medkit
Medical Supplies medicalgoods
Medical Syringe syringe
Medieval Bed medievalbed
Medieval Bookcase medievalbookcase
Medieval Bookcase Switch medievalbookcaseswitch
Medieval Bowl medievalbowl
Medieval Bucket medievalbucket
Medieval Cabinet medievalcabinet
Medieval Cell Door castledungeondoor
Medieval Chair medievalchair
Medieval Chandelier medievalchandelier
Medieval Chest medievalchest
Medieval Codex medievalcodex
Medieval Cooking Pot medievallargecookingpot
Medieval Counter medievalcounter
Medieval Cup medievalcup
Medieval Desk medievaldesk
Medieval Door castledoor
Medieval Dresser medievaldresser
Medieval Fireplace medievalfireplace
Medieval Flagpole medievalflagpole
Medieval Furnace medievalfurnace
Medieval Globe medievalglobe
Medieval Hay Bed medievalcellbed
Medieval Lamp medievallamp
Medieval Map medievalmap
Medieval Pedestal medievalpedestal
Medieval Plate medievalplate
Medieval Shelf medievalshelf
Medieval Stocks medievalstock
Medieval Street Lamp medievalstreetlamp
Medieval Table medievaltable
Medieval Toilet medievaltoilet
Medieval Torch medievaltorch
Medieval Wall Clock medievalclock
Medieval Wall Shelf medievalwallshelf
Medieval Weapon Rack medievalweaponrack
Medium Bongo florandrum1
Medium Capsule capsulemed
Medium Fossil Display fossildisplay3
Medium Shadow Urn shadowurnmedium1
Medium Shadow Urn shadowurnmedium2
Medium Snowball mediumsnowball
Medium Steam Boiler steamboiler2
Medium Tentacle Capsule tentaclepopmed
Medium Tentacle Capsule tentaclepopsmall
Melody Mech Horn mechhornlacucha
Menorah menorah
Mercenary’s Breastplate mercenarychest
Mercenary’s Greaves mercenarylegs
Mercenary’s Helm mercenaryhead
Merchant Shirt merchantchest
Merchant Trousers merchantlegs
Mercury Model mercurymodel
Mess Hall Sign prisonsign2
Metal Barrel metalbarrel1
Metal Bars bars
Metal Bench prisonbench
Metal Bookcase bunkerbookcase
Metal Cabinet bunkercabinet1
Metal Cabinet outpostcabinet
Metal Cargo Crate outpostcargocrate
Metal Ceiling Lamp bunkerceilinglight1
Metal Ceiling Lamp bunkerceilinglight2
Metal Coated Wood metallic
Metal Crate bunkercrate
Metal Folding Chair tungstenchair
Metal Light Fixture outpostceilinglight
Metal Lily Pad hylotllilypad
Metal Office Desk bunkerdesk
Metal Railing apexshipdetails
Metal Store Shelf scorchedcitystoreshelf
Metal Support Beam bunkercorner
Metal Table bunkertable1
Metal Trap Door metallictrapdoor
Meteorite Rock meteoriterock
Miasmop Figurine miasmopaf
Microscope microscope
Microwave microwave
Microwave Oven outpostmicrowave
Military Land Mine landmine
Military Tent apextent
Milk milk
Mindwurm Plushie mindwurmplush
Miner’s Door miningdoor
Miner’s Helmet minerhead
Mini Fridge minifridge
Minidrone Intel Rack minidronerack
Miniknog Chest miniknogchest
Miniknog Greaves miniknogpants
Miniknog Helmet miniknoghead
Miniknog Intel Display miniknogintel1
Miniknog Launcher miniknoglauncher
Miniknog Mech Body mechbodyminiknog
Miniknog Newspaper miniknognewspaper
Mining Chest miningchest
Mining Conveyer Belt miningbelt
Mining Drill drillmachine
Mining Drill Console drillconsole
Mining Hatch miningverticaldoor
Mining Hazard Sign mininghazardsign
Mining Helmet mininghathead
Mining Impact Crusher miningcrusher
Mining Laser lunarbaselaser
Mining Railing miningfence
Mining Skip miningskip
Mining Supplies Crate miningsupplies
Ministry of Knowledge Sign miniknogoldsign
Mirror Block mirror
Missile Rack Mech Arm mecharmmissilerack
Mission Checkpoint checkpoint
Mobility Augment mobilityaugment
Mochaccino mocha
Modern Chair modernchair
Modern Painting apexwallpainting1
Modern Platform modernplatform
Modern Sliding Door bunkerslidingdoor
Modern Table moderntable
Moleman Poster molemanposter
Molotov molotov
Molten Boomerang fireboomerang
Molten Core moltencore
Moneybags Hat moneybagshead
Moneybags Sack moneybagsback
Moneybags Trousers moneybagspants
Moneybags Tux moneybagschest
Monitor Helm monitorhead
Monk Shirt monkchest
Monk Skirt monklegs
Monocle glasses2head
Monolith Gate monolithgate
Monolith Statue monolithstatue1
Monolith Statue monolithstatue2
Monopus Figurine monopusaf
Monster Claw monsterclaw
Monster Spawner monsterspawner
Moondust moondust
Moonrock moonrock
Moonstone moonstone
Moonstone Ore moonstoneore
Mooshi Egg mooshiegg
Mossy Packed Dirt mossypackeddirt
Mossy Platform plantplatform
Moth Trap mothtrap
Motion Detector bunkermotiondetector
Motivational Poster bunkerposter1
Motorized Lure fishinglurecontrol
Mountainous Microformer microformeralpine
Mounted Horn Banner glitchhorndisplay
Moving Sunflower movingsunflower
Mud mud
Muddancer muddancer
Mudstag mudstag
Mug Hat mughathead
Mulled Fruit Drink cider
Multicam Operator Cap multicamhat
Mushroom shroom
Mushroom Block shroomblock
Mushroom Bread mushroombread
Mushroom Hat mushroomhead
Mushroom Quiche mushroomquiche
Mushroom Rice mushroomrice
Mushroom Seed mushroomseed
Mushroom Shield mushroomshield
Mushroom Statue shroomstatue
Mushroom Wardrobe shroomwardrobe
Music Box musicbox
Mutagen Back Pipe mutantback
Mutant Chest mutantchest
Mutant Head mutanthead
Mutant High-Vis Jacket mutantminerchest
Mutant Legs mutantpants
Mutant Miner’s Helmet mutantminerhead
Mutant Terraformer terraformeralien
My Locker protectoratelobbylockers2
Mysterious Alien Skull mysteriousalienfossil
Mysterious Ashes mysteriousashes
Mysterious Cave Art caveart5
Mysterious Chestpiece bonusarmorchest
Mysterious Greaves bonusarmorlegs
Mysterious Helmet bonusarmorhead
Mysterious Trash Bag mysterioustrashbag

Starbound Item ID – N

Starbound Item ID starting with N

Nameplate tenstudiesplaque
Nanostove nanostove
Nanowrap Bandage nanowrap
Narfin Figurine narfinaf
Natural Volcanic Geyser volcanictrap
Navy Jacket apexnavyjacket
Navy Trousers apexnavypants
Neat Welder’s Helmet t2helm2
Neck Ruffle Jacket neckruffle
Neglected Rusty Sign scorchedcitybrokenroundsign1
Neo Bottoms neolegs
Neo Chainsaw Mech Arm mecharmchainsaw
Neo Chakram neochakram
Neo Chestpiece neochest
Neo Disc neoback
Neo Helmet neohead
Neon Block neonblock
Neon Hylotl Sign neonhylotlhead
Neon Open Sign opensign
Neonmelon neonmelon
Neonmelon Jam neonmelonjam
Neonmelon Seed neonmelonseed
Neonmelon Seed wildneonmelonseed
Neptune Model neptunemodel
Nerdy Meercat meercaphead
Nightwinder Mech Body mechbodyskull
Nine number9
Noble Shirt noblechest
Noble Trousers noblelegs
Nomad’s Chestguard florantier3chest
Nomad’s Crown florantier3head
Nomad’s Trousers florantier3pants
NOT Switch not
Notice prisonpaper1
Novakid Captain’s Chair novakidcaptainschair
Novakid Flag flagnovakid
Novakid Ship Door novakidshipdoor
Novakid Ship Hatch novakidshiphatch
Novakid Storage Locker novakidstoragelocker
Novelty Banana noveltybanana
nowayout nowayout
NPC Assault Rifle npcassaultrifle
NPC Axe npcaxe
NPC Bow npcbow
NPC Broadsword npcbroadsword
NPC Bruiser’s Broadsword npcbruisersword
NPC Cultist Broadsword npccultistbroadsword
NPC Cultist Shortsword npccultistshortsword
NPC Dagger npcdagger
NPC Deadbeat Assault Rifle npcdeadbeatassaultrifle
NPC Deadbeat Axe npcdeadbeataxe
NPC Fenerox Spear npcfeneroxspear
NPC Fire Bow npcfirebow
NPC Floran Assault Rifle npcfloranassaultrifle
NPC Hammer npchammer
NPC Machine Pistol npcmachinepistol
NPC Macuahuitl npcavianbroadsword
NPC Oculus Reaver npceyesword
NPC Pistol npcpistol
NPC Rocket Launcher npcrocketlauncher
NPC Shortsword npcshortsword
NPC Shotgun npcshotgun
NPC Sniper Rifle npcsniperrifle
NPC Spear npcspear
NPC Tungsten Bow npctungstenbow
NPC Wrench npcwrench
Numi Plushie numiplush
Numi Poster numiposter
Numi Sign numisign
Nuru’s Spear nurusspear
Nuru’s Spear nurusspearmelee
Nutmidge Figurine nutmidgeaf
Nuts’n’Bolts nutsandbolts
Nylon Guitar nylonguitar

Starbound Item ID – O

Starbound Item ID starting with O

Obey Sign apexobeysign
Oblivious Collar obliviouscollar
Oboe oboe
Obsidian obsidian
Ocarina ocarina
Occasus Mech Body mechbodycultist
Occasus-2 Mech Body mechbodycultist2
Ocean Chestguard hylotltier5schest
Ocean Greaves hylotltier5spants
Ocean Helm hylotltier5shead
Ocean Risotto oceanrisotto
Ocean Salsa oceansalsa
Ocean Surprise oceansurprise
Ocular Microformer microformereyepatch
Oculemon oculemon
Oculemon Meringue oculemonmeringue
Oculemon Seed oculemonseed
Oculemon Seed wildoculemonseed
Oculemon Stew oculemonstew
Oculemonade oculemonade
Oculob Figurine oculobaf
Oculus Reaver eyesword
Odd Gold Jug goldvase1
Office Chair apexofficechair
Officer Jacket apexofficerjacket
Officer Trousers apexofficerpants
Oil liquidoil
Oil Lantern oillantern1
Old Chest chestavian2
Old Falling Rocks Sign fallingrocks
Old Pot midjar1
Old Radiator prisonradiator
Old Television basictv
Old Warning Sign deathwarning
Omelette omelette
One number1
Oogler Figurine oogleraf
Open Cardboard Box cardboard3
Open Fungal Pod floranopenpod1
Open Fungal Pod floranopenpod2
Open Stone Tomb tombthing3
Ophidaunt Lower Tail ophidauntfossil5
Ophidaunt Mid Tail ophidauntfossil4
Ophidaunt Skull; ophidauntfossil1
Ophidaunt Torso ophidauntfossil2
Ophidaunt Upper Tail ophidauntfossil3
Optic Nerve eyeballback
Opulent Bed opulentbed
Opulent Chair opulentchair
Opulent Console opulentswitch
Opulent Door opulentdoor
Opulent Light opulentlight
Opulent Table opulenttable
OR Switch or
Orange orange
Orange Apex Sign hylotlsign1o
Orange Arcade Machine arcadeorange
Orange Crayon crayonorangeback
Orange Dye orangedye
Orange Geode Sample geodeorangesample
Orange Glowstick glowstickorange
Orange Neon Collector Sign hylotlsign3o
Orange Neon Sign hylotlsign2o
Orange Paintgun paintgunorange
Orange Stim Pack orangestim
Orbide Figurine orbideaf
Ore Detector oredetector
Organic Biolight plantbiolight
Organic Desk Lamp plantdesklamp
Organic Torch organictorch
Ornamental Ancient Pot ancientpot1
Ornate Bookcase librarybookcaseN2
Ornate Flooring ornateflooring
Ornate Lantern ornatetorch
Ornate Loincloth avianfancyskirt
Ornate Platform woodenplatform
Ornate Roofing ornateroofing
Ornate Royal Bed royalbed
Ornate Shirt avianfancyshirt
Ornate Tiles ornatetiles
Ornate Wall ornatewall
Ornate Wood ornatewood
Orphanfly orphanfly
Outdoor Bench outdoorbench
Outdoor Chair outdoorchair
Outdoor Fountain outdoorfountain
Outdoor Stool outdoorstool
Outhouse outhouse
Outlaw Chest novatier3chest
Outlaw Hat novatier3head
Outlaw Pants novatier3pants
Outpost Concrete outpostwall1
Outpost Platform outpostplatform
Outpost Support Beam outpostsupport
Outpost Teleporter remoteteleporter
Outpost Teleporter returnoutpostteleporter
Outpost Thick Wall outpostwall2
Outpost Wall outpost
Outrider’s Chestpiece humantier4chest
Outrider’s Helm humantier4head
Outrider’s Trousers humantier4pants
Overdrive Guitar overdriveguitar
Overgrown Chair plantchair
Overgrown Table plantvinetable
Owl Breastplate aviantier4chest
Owl Helm aviantier4head
Owl Skirt aviantier4pants
Owl Wall Clock owlclock
Oxygen Tank oxygentank

Starbound Item ID – P

Starbound Item ID starting with P

Packed Bones bonematerial
Packed Dirt packeddirt
Padded Metal Chair outpostchair
Pagoda Aquarium pagodaaquarium
Paint Mode painttool
Painted Brick homewalls1
Paladin’s Breastplate glitchtier5schest
Paladin’s Greaves glitchtier5spants
Paladin’s Helm glitchtier5shead
Paneled Door wooddoor
Paper paper
Paper Lantern apexlamp3
Paper Plane paperplane
Paper Wings paperwingsback
Parachute parachutepackback
Parasol parasol
Parasprite Figurine paraspriteaf
Paratail Figurine paratailaf
Parcel parcel
Passage piece background stationbackgroundpassage
Pastel Bed pastelbed
Pastel Bunny Plushie pastelbunnyplush
Pastel Cabinet pastelcabinet
Pastel Chair pastelchair
Pastel Light pastellight
Pastel Stool pastelstool
Pastel Table pasteltable
Pastel Wall Clock pastelwallclock
Pastel Wardrobe pastelwardrobe
Pasty pasty
Pathfinder’s Chestpiece pathfinderchest
Pathfinder’s Trousers pathfinderlegs
Pathfinders’s Helm pathfinderhead
Peacock Chestplate aviantier5achest
Peacock Headdress aviantier5ahead
Peacock Skirt aviantier5apants
Pearlpea Broth pearlpeabroth
Pearlpea Jam pearlpeajam
Pearlpea Pancakes pearlpeapancakes
Pearlpea Parcels pearlpeaparcels
Pearlpea Risotto pearlpearisotto
Pearlpea Seed pearlpeaseed
Pearlpea Seed wildpearlpeaseed
Pearlpeas pearlpea
Peasant Shirt peasantchest
Peasant Trousers peasantlegs
Peblit Figurine peblitaf
Pelt basic
Pelt Chest floranpeltchest
Pelt Legs floranpeltlegs
Penguin Bandana penguinbandana
Penguin Bar penguinbarbottom
Penguin Bar Lamp penguinbarlamp
Penguin Bar Sign penguinbarsign
Penguin Bar Top penguinbartop
Penguin Bar Top penguinbartop2
Penguin Bay penguinbay
Penguin Beret penguinberet
Penguin Bones Pike huntingpike3
Penguin Costume penguincostume
Penguin Cowboy Hat penguincowboy
Penguin Fossil penguinfossil
Penguin Glasses penguinglasses
Penguin Helmet penguinhelmet
Penguin Scanner penguinscanner
Penguin Snowglobe snowglobe2
Penguin Suit Chest penguinchest
Penguin Suit Legs penguinlegs
Penguin Suit Mask penguinhead
Penguin Viking Hat penguinvikinghat
Penguins Only Sign penguinposter1
Perfect Breastplate perfectchest
Perfect Helm perfecthead
Perfect Trousers perfectpants
Perfectly Generic Item perfectlygenericitem
Persistence of Pixels persistenceofpixels
Persistent Switch persistentswitch
Pet House pethouse
Pet Painting paintingapexwithermine
Pet Tether pettether
Petal Block petalblock
Petricub Figurine petricubaf
Phase Matter phasematter
Phoenix Breastplate aviantier5schest
Phoenix Circlet phoenixhat
Phoenix Greaves aviantier5spants
Phoenix Helm aviantier5shead
Phoenixfly phoenixfly
Phrygian Cap phrygiancaphead
Piano piano
Pickaxe pickaxe
Picture Stand picturestand
Pile of Books bookpiles
Pile of Eyes eyepiles
Pile of Mossy Stones mistprimer
Pillar Block pillarblock
Pilot Goggles pilothead
Pilot’s Backpack pilotback
Pilot’s Jacket pilotchest
Pilot’s Trousers pilotlegs
Pineapple pineapple
Pineapple Jam pineapplejam
Pineapple Juice pineapplejuice
Pineapple Pizza Slice pineapplepizzaslice
Pineapple Seed pineappleseed
Pineapple Seed wildpineappleseed
Pink Dye pinkdye
Pink-Eye Parasite pinkeyeparasitehead
Piodia Slice piodia
Pioneer’s Chestguard humantier3chest
Pioneer’s Helm humantier3head
Pioneer’s Trousers humantier3pants
Pipe Fence prisonpipefence
Pipe Hat pipehat
Pipkin Figurine pipkinaf
Pirate Bandana piratehead
Pirate Barrel pirateback
Pirate Jacket piratechest
Pirate Pantaloons piratelegs
Pixel Hero Pants pixelherodemolegs
Pixel Hero Shirt pixelherodemochest
Pixels money
Pizza pizza
Pizza Slice pizzaslice
Pizzap Slice 8gbpizzap
Plague Doctor Mask plaguedoctorhead
Plague Master Mask plaguemasterhead
Plain Hood plainhoodhead
Plain T-Shirt tshirtchest
Planet Monitor screenplanet
Plant Bedroll plantbed1
Plant Block plantblock
Plant Fibre plantfibre
Plant Matter plantmatter
Plant Torch planttorch
Plant Wall Bunk plantbed2
Plasma Assault Rifle spaceplasmarifle
Plasma Disc plasmadisc
Plasma Drone Mech Arm mecharmplasmadrone
Plastic Fake Plant hylotlplant1
Plastic Plant plasticplant
Platinum Bar platinumbar
Platinum Block platinumblock
Platinum Drill platinumdrill
Platinum Ore platinumore
Platinum Pickaxe platinumpickaxe
Platinum Rock platinumrock
Platinum Sample platinumsample
Please Get Sign pleaseget
Pleated Skirt dress1legs
Plume Knight Helm plumeknighthead
Pluto Model plutomodel
Plutonium Ore plutoniumore
Plutonium Rod plutoniumrod
Plutonium Sample plutoniumsample
Pod Chest podchest
Pod Chest Storage Unit protectoratestorage3
Poison liquidpoison
Poison Bomb Collar poisonbombcollar
Poison Bow poisonbow
Poison Fluffalo Egg poisonfluffaloegg
Poison Resist Augment poisonblockaugment
Polarmoth polarmoth
Polished Stone Plaque markerwallplaque2
Pollen Pump pollenpump
Pond Breastplate hylotltier2chest
Pond Greaves hylotltier2pants
Pond Helm hylotltier2head
Poop poop
Popcorn popcorn
Poptop Figurine poptopaf
Poptop Plushie poptopplush
Porridge porridge
Portcullis bardoor2
Porthole porthole
Poster protectorateposter1
Poster protectorateposter2
Potato potato
Potato Grids potatogrids
Potato Seed potatoseed
Potato Seed wildpotatoseed
Power Booster powerbooster
Power Generator outpostgenerator
Power Sign miningpowersign
Pozest pozest
Prairie Terraformer terraformersavannah
Predatory Back predatoryback
Predatory Chest predatorychest
Predatory Head predatoryhead
Predatory Trousers predatorypants
Prehistoric Fur Tail woollyback
Prehistoric Woolly Coat woollychest
Prehistoric Woolly Pants woollylegs
Premier Greaves premierpants
Premier Helmet premierhead
Pressure Plate medievalpressureplate
Pressure Plate proximitysensor
Pressurised Airlock Door airlockdoor
Pressurised Airlock Hatch airlockhatch
Pressurised Beam pressurisedbeam
Pressurised Door pressuredoor
Pressurised Durasteel pressuriseddurasteel
Pressurised Girder pressurisedgirder
Pressurised Platform pressurisedplatform
Pressurised Support hylotlsupportbeam
Priest’s Tombstone tombstone6
Primitive Abstract Art floranpainting5
Primitive Armchair floranarmchair
Primitive Bed floranbed
Primitive Bench floranbench
Primitive Bookcase floranbookcase
Primitive Chair floranchair
Primitive Chandelier floranchandelier
Primitive Chart Art floranpainting3
Primitive Couch florancouch
Primitive Countertop florantable2
Primitive Crate florancrate
Primitive Curtain florancurtain
Primitive Desk florandesk
Primitive Door florandoor
Primitive Fire Art floranpainting1
Primitive Glyph Art floranpainting2
Primitive Hunter Art floranhunterpainting
Primitive Leaf Painting floranpainting4
Primitive Shelf floranshelf
Primitive Stool floranbonestool
Primitive Stove floranstove
Primitive Table florantable1
Primitive Tanning Rack florantanningrack
Primitive Toilet florantoilet
Prisilite Sample prisilitesample
Prisilite Star prisilitestar
Prism Bed prismbed
Prism Chair prismchair
Prism Crystal prismrock1
Prism Crystal prismrock2
Prism Crystal prismrock3
Prism Crystal prismrock4
Prism Crystal prismrock5
Prism Crystal prismrock6
Prism Crystal prismrock7
Prism Crystal prismrock8
Prism Crystal prismrockhumanoid
Prism Crystal prismrockpenguin
Prism Crystal prismrockrunes
Prism Cyan Lamp prismlamp3
Prism Door prismdoor
Prism Emerald Lamp prismlamp2
Prism Helmet prismhead
Prism Magenta Lamp prismlamp1
Prism Shard prisiliteore
Prism Shirt prismchest
Prism Table prismtable
Prism Trousers prismlegs
Prison Bars prisonbars
Processor processor
Produce Shop Sign signproduce
Propeller propeller
Protector’s Broadsword protectoratebroadsword
Protector’s Mech Body mechbodyprotector
Protectorate Academy Door protectoratedoor
Protectorate Amp protectorateamp
Protectorate Background 00back
Protectorate Background 00bback
Protectorate Background 01back
Protectorate Background 01bback
Protectorate Background 02back
Protectorate Background 02bback
Protectorate Background 03back
Protectorate Background 03bback
Protectorate Background 04back
Protectorate Background 04bback
Protectorate Background 05back
Protectorate Background 05bback
Protectorate Background 06back
Protectorate Background 06bback
Protectorate Background 07bback
Protectorate Background 08back
Protectorate Background 08bback
Protectorate Background 09back
Protectorate Background 09bback
Protectorate Background 10back
Protectorate Background 10bback
Protectorate Background 11back
Protectorate Background 11bback
Protectorate Background 12back
Protectorate Background 12bback
Protectorate Background 13back
Protectorate Background 13bback
Protectorate Background 14back
Protectorate Background 14bback
Protectorate Background 15back
Protectorate Background 15bback
Protectorate Banner Rag protectoratecape
Protectorate Bathroom Mirror protectoratedormmirror
Protectorate Bench protectoratebench
Protectorate Bin protectoratelobbybin
Protectorate Body protectorateincap1
Protectorate Body protectorateincap2
Protectorate Body protectorateincap3
Protectorate Body protectorateincap4
Protectorate Body protectorateincap5
Protectorate Body protectorateincap6
Protectorate Book Cabinet protectoratebookcabinet
Protectorate Books protectoratebooks
Protectorate Books protectoratebooks2
Protectorate Broken Display protectoratebrokendisplay1
Protectorate Broken Display protectoratebrokendisplay2
Protectorate Bunk Bed. protectoratedormbed
Protectorate Cactus Pot protectoratecactiflowerpot
Protectorate Clock protectorateclock
Protectorate Dorm Toilet protectoratedormtoilet
Protectorate Fire Extinguisher protectorateextinguisher
Protectorate Flower protectorateflower
Protectorate Flower protectorateflowerhead
Protectorate Games Console protectorategamesconsole
Protectorate Garden Bench protectorategardenbench
Protectorate Garden Bushes protectorategardentree
Protectorate Garden Wind Chimes protectorategardenwindchimes
Protectorate Hologlobe protectoratehologlobe
Protectorate Hula Girl protectoratehulagirl
Protectorate Lava Lamp protectoratelavalamp
Protectorate Lobby Chair protectoratelobbychair
Protectorate Lobby Plant. protectoratelobbyplant
Protectorate Lobby Table protectoratelobbytable
Protectorate Matter Manipulator protectoratemanipulator
Protectorate Old Book protectorateguidelines
Protectorate Platform protectorateplatform
Protectorate Poptop Toy protectoratefigures
Protectorate Race Banners protectoratelobbyracebanners
Protectorate Radio protectorateradio
Protectorate Red Guitar protectorateguitar
Protectorate Ribbon protectoraterope
Protectorate Robe Prop protectoraterobe
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectorateroofdetail01
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectorateroofdetail02
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectorateroofdetail03
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectorateroofdetail04
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectorateroofdetail05
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectoraterooftopprop1
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectoraterooftopprop2
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectoraterooftopprop3
Protectorate Roof Top Vent protectoraterooftopprop4
Protectorate Ruined Ribbon protectoratefallenrope
Protectorate Security Station protectoratesecuritystation
Protectorate Ship protectorateship
Protectorate Shirt protectoratechest
Protectorate Stage Background 07back
Protectorate Stage Curtain protectoratehallcurtain
Protectorate Stage Curtain protectoratehallcurtain2
Protectorate T-Shirt protectorateshirtchest
Protectorate Tentacle protectoratetentacle
Protectorate Tentacle protectoratetentacle2
Protectorate Toilet Roll Holder. protectoratedormtoiletroll
Protectorate Trousers protectoratepants
Protectorate Vending Machine protectoratelobbyvending
Protectorate Vest protectoratevestchest
Protectorate Wall Banner protectoratewallbanner
Protectorate Wall Banner protectoratewindbanner
Protectorate Wall Banner protectoratewindbanner2
Protectorate Wall Banner protectoratewindbanner3
Protectorate Waste Bin protectoratewastebin
Protectorate Water Dispenser protectoratewaterdispenser
Protectorate Water Tank protectoratewatertank
protractorate light rays protectoratelightrays
Proximity Scanner scanner
Proximity Wall Sensor proximitywallsensor
Pteropod Figurine pteropodaf
Public Chair outpostpublicchair
Puddle Chestguard hylotltier1chest
Puddle Hat hylotltier1head
Puddle Trousers hylotltier1pants
Pulpin Figurine pulpinaf
Pump Sign pumpsign
Purple Arcade Machine arcadepurple
Purple Crayon crayonpurpleback
Purple Crystal Block purplecrystalmaterial
Purple Dye purpledye
Purple Geode Sample geodepurplesample
Purple Paintgun paintgunpurple
Pussplum pussplum
Pussplum Jam pussplumjam
Pussplum Pudding pussplumpudding
Pussplum Seed pussplumseed
Pussplum Seed wildpussplumseed
Pussplum Tart pussplumtart
Putrid Flower junglebush17
Putrid Flower junglebush18
Pyramid Head pyramidhead
Pyromantle Figurine pyromantleaf

Starbound Item ID – Q

Starbound Item ID starting with Q

Quagmutt Figurine quagmuttaf
Quail Breastplate aviantier3chest
Quail Crest aviantier3head
Quail Trousers aviantier3pants
Quiche Lorraine quichelorraine
Quill and Ink quillandink
Quiver quiverback

Starbound Item ID – R

Starbound Item ID starting with R

Radiation EPP Upgrade radiationprotectionback
Radioactive Barrel metalbarrel2
Radioactive Barrel metalbarrel2b
Ragged Cape raggedcapeback
Rail Bumper railbumper
Rail Hook railhook
Rail Sensor railsensor
Rail Stop railstop
Rail Switch railswitch
Rail Tram stationtram
Rainbow Bed rainbowbed
Rainbow Chair rainbowchair
Rainbow Chest rainbowchest
Rainbow Door rainbowdoor
Rainbow Hood rainbowhoodhead
Rainbow Painting rainbowpainting
Rainbow Table rainbowtable
Rainbow Unicorn Statue rainbowunicornstatue
Rainbow Wood rainbowwood
Rainbow Wood Bed rainbowwoodbed
Rainbow Wood Chair rainbowwoodchair
Rainbow Wood Chest rainbowwoodsafe
Rainbow Wood Door rainbowwooddoor
Rainbow Wood Helmet rainbowwoodhead
Rainbow Wood Planks rainbowwoodblock
Rainbow Wood Shirt rainbowwoodchest
Rainbow Wood Table rainbowwoodtable
Rainbow Wood Trousers rainbowwoodlegs
Raised Platform huntingplatform1
Ramped Platform huntingplatform2
Random Fountain randomfountain
Rare Assault Rifle rareassaultrifle
Rare Axe rareaxe
Rare Broadsword rarebroadsword
Rare Dagger raredagger
Rare Grenade Launcher raregrenadelauncher
Rare Hammer rarehammer
Rare Machine Pistol raremachinepistol
Rare Pistol rarepistol
Rare Rocket Launcher rarerocketlauncher
Rare Shortsword rareshortsword
Rare Shotgun rareshotgun
Rare Sniper Rifle raresniperrifle
Rare Spear rarespear
Rare Staff rarestaff
Rare Wand rarewand
Raven’s Beak aviantier6mhead
Raven’s Breast aviantier6mchest
Raven’s Claws aviantier6mpants
Raw Bacon rawbacon
Raw Fish rawfish
Raw Ham rawham
Raw Poultry rawpoultry
Raw Ribs rawribmeat
Raw Sewage sewage
Raw Steak alienmeat
Raw Tentacle rawtentacle
Ray Gun raygun
Reactor Mech Body mechbodyreactor
Reassignment Sign apexthoughtreassign
Rebel’s Chestguard apextier2chest
Rebel’s Hood apextier2head
Rebel’s Trousers apextier2pants
Recreational Vehicle recreationalvehicle
Red Apple redapple
Red Arcade Machine arcadered
Red Ball Holiday Ornament redball
Red Candy Cane redcandycane1
Red Club Lights clubceilinglightsred
Red Crayon crayonredback
Red Danger Sign reddangersign
Red Dome Tent tent1red
Red Dye reddye
Red Firework firework
Red Flask redflask
Red Flower flowerred
Red Geode Sample geoderedsample
Red Hoverbike Controller hoverbikecontrollerred
Red Light redlight
Red Paintgun paintgunred
Red Petal petalred
Red Present present2
Red Sleeping Bag sleepingbagred
Red Stim Pack redstim
Red Stocking stocking1
Red Toolbox protectoratetoolbox
Red Toy Block redtoyblock
Redwing redwing
Reed reed
Reed Bed reedbed
Reed Block reedblock
Reed Chair reedchair
Reed Chest reedchest
Reed Desk reeddesk
Reed Door reeddoor
Reed Hat reedhead
Reed Lamp reedlamp
Reed Organ reedorgan
Reed Seed reedseed1
Reed Seed reedseed2
Reed Seed reedseed3
Reed Seed reedseed4
Reed Seed reedseed5
Reed Shelf reedshelf
Reed Wall Clock reedclock
Reef Helm hylotltier5mhead
Reef Jacket hylotltier5mchest
Reef Juice reefjuice
Reef Trousers hylotltier5mpants
Reef-Cola reefcola
Reefpod reefpod
Reefpod Seed reefpodseed
Reefpod Seed wildreefpodseed
Reefpod Surprise reefpodsurprise
Reefshake reefshake
Refined Aegisalt refinedaegisalt
Refined Ferozium refinedferozium
Refined Violium refinedviolium
Reinforced Tech Block techhull1
Relish relish
Relocator relocator
Remote Grenade Launcher remotegrenadelauncher
Research Terminal apexconsole1
Retractable Wooden Gate plantdoor2
Retro Cabinet retroscificabinet
Retro Chair retroscifichair
Retro Dresser retroscifidresser
Retro Pod retroscifibed
Retro Spotlight retroscifilight
Retro Table retroscifitable
Retro Television retroscifitv
Revolutionary’s Bandana apextier4head
Revolutionary’s Jacket apextier4chest
Revolutionary’s Trousers apextier4pants
Reward Bag rewardbag
Rice rice
Rice Cake ricecake
Rice Pudding ricepudding
Rice Seed riceseed
Rice Seed wildriceseed
Ridged Block ridgebrick
Right Organs rightorgans
Right Translation Wheel translator2
Ringram Figurine ringramaf
Riot Shield riotshield
Ripped Jeans jeans2legs
River Breastplate hylotltier3chest
River Helm hylotltier3head
River Leggings hylotltier3pants
Roast Dinner roastdinner
Roasted Carrot roastedcarrot
Roasted Mushrooms roastedmushrooms
Rob Repairo repairo
Robot Arms robotarms
Robot Chest robotchest
Robot Head robothead
Robot Hen Egg robothenegg
Robot Legs robotlegs
Robot Voice Mech Horn mechhornrobotvoice
Rock Bed cavebed
Rock Bow cavebow
Rock Bricks rockbrickmaterial
Rock Chair cavechair
Rock Chest cavechest
Rock Chest rockchest
Rock Hat rockhat
Rock Head rockhead
Rock Organ rockorgan
Rock Stalactite ceilingstalactite1
Rock Stalactite ceilingstalactite2
Rock Stalactite ceilingstalactite3
Rock Stalactite ceilingstalactite4
Rock Stalactite ceilingstalactite5
Rock Trousers rocklegs
Rogue’s Chestguard apextier5achest
Rogue’s Hood apextier5ahead
Rogue’s Trousers apextier5apants
Romantic Movie Poster hylotlmovieposter3
Ronin Mech Legs mechlegsronin
Roof Tiles rooftiles
Roof Vent roofvent
Root gasprimer
Root rootbush1
Root rootbush2
Root rootbush3
Root rootbush4
Root rootbush5
Root swamproot1
Root swamproot2
Root swamproot3
Root swamproot4
Root swamproot5
Root toxicgasprimer
Roots glowroot1
Roots glowroot2
Roots glowroot3
Roots glowroot4
Roots glowroot5
Roots root1
Roots root2
Roots root3
Roots root4
Roots root5
Rope climbingrope
Rope Whip ropewhip
Rotten Food rottenfood
Rough Stone rock01
Rough Stone rock02
Rough Stone rock03
Rough Stone rock04
Rough Stone rock12
Rough Stone rock15
Rough Stone rock17
Rough Stone rock19
Rough Stone rock20
Round Ancient Wall Light ancientlightround
Round Mounted Skull huntingtrophy1
Round Table scorchedcitytable
Rounded Ancient Pot ancientpot2
Royal Bookcase royalbookcase
Royal Cabinet royalcabinet
Royal Candles royalcandles
Royal Chalice royalchalice
Royal Chest royalchest
Royal Decree glitchdecree
Royal Desk royaldesk
Royal Dining Table medievaldiningtable
Royal Throne royalthrone
Royal Toilet royaltoilet
Rubber Duck Mech Horn mechhornrubberduck
Rubbish Bin bathroomtrash
Ruin Dermis dermisblock
Ruin Rune alpacaruinrune
Ruins Platform ruinsplatform
Rustic Bench avianbench1
Rustic Oven rusticoven
Rustler Cut-offs novakidjacketpants
Rustler Jacket novakidjacket
Rusty Bed rustbed
Rusty Block rustyblock
Rusty Bush rustbush1
Rusty Bush rustbush2
Rusty Bush rustbush3
Rusty Bush rustbush4
Rusty Chair rustchair
Rusty Chest rustchest
Rusty Crate scorchedcitycrate
Rusty Door rustdoor
Rusty Filing Cabinet prisonfile1
Rusty Hatch penguinbasedoor
Rusty Holding Tank scorchedcitybrokentank
Rusty Land Mine scorchedlandmine
Rusty Metal rustymetal
Rusty Metal Skul rustyskul
Rusty Metal Store Shelf scorchedcitybrokenstoreshelf
Rusty Microformer microformerrust
Rusty Panel slopedrustypanel
Rusty Pasty 16gbpasty
Rusty Rail rustyrail
Rusty Rail Platform rustyrailplatform
Rusty Shower prisonshower
Rusty Stylish Fridge scorchedcitybrokenfridge
Rusty Table rusttable

Starbound Item ID – S

Starbound Item ID starting with S

S.A.I.L aviantechstation
S.A.I.L aviantechstationTier0
S.A.I.L florantechstation
S.A.I.L florantechstationTier0
S.A.I.L glitchtechstation
S.A.I.L glitchtechstationTier0
S.A.I.L humantechstation
S.A.I.L humantechstationTier0
S.A.I.L hylotltechstation
S.A.I.L hylotltechstationTier0
S.A.I.L novakidtechstation
S.A.I.L novakidtechstationTier0
S.A.I.L techstation
S.A.I.L techstationTier0
Sabertooth Helm sabertoothhelm
Sabertooth Skull sabertoothfossil
Sacrificial Altar sacrificialaltar
Safe safe
Safety Helmet safetyhelmethead
Sale Sign salesign
Saloon Bar saloonbar
Saloon Cabinet salooncabinet
Saloon Chair saloonseat
Saloon Door saloondoor
Saloon Light saloonlight
Saloon Piano saloonpiano
Saloon Sign saloonsign
Saloon Spittoon saloonspittoon
Saloon Table saloontable
Saloon Tumbler saloontumbler
Salt Salad saltsalad
Salvaged Actuator salvagelegs
Salvaged Armor Plate salvagebody
Salvaged Interface Chip salvagetier4
Salvaged Nano Receptacle salvagetier6
Salvaged Power Coupling salvagearm
Salvaged Proton Limiter salvagetier5
Salvaged Thruster Nozzle salvagebooster
Salve salve
Sand sand2
Sand Bags sandbags
Sandclown sandclown
Sandstone sandstonematerial
Sandstone Bed sandstonebed
Sandstone Bricks sandstoneblock
Sandstone Chair sandstonechair
Sandstone Chest sandstonechest
Sandstone Door sandstonedoor
Sandstone Table sandstonetable
Sandstone Torch sandstonetorch
Sandy Terraformer terraformerdesert
Sapling sapling
Sassy Beret berethead
Satellite Model satellite
Saturn Model saturnmodel
Savage Chest floranhunterchest
Savage Legs floranhunterlegs
Saw Chakram sawchakram
Sawblade Trap sawblade
Saxophone saxophone
Scandroid Figurine scandroidaf
Scanning Mode scanmode
Scarecrow scarecrow
Scavenger’s Breastplate humantier2chest
Scavenger’s Helmet humantier2head
Scavenger’s Trousers humantier2pants
Scaveran Figurine scaveranaf
Scientific Teleporter scienceteleporter
Scientist Coat scientistchest
Scientist Glasses scientisthead
Scientist Pants scientistlegs
Scorched Bench scorchedbench
Scorched Core scorchedcore
Scorched Terraformer terraformerscorched
Scouter’s Chestguard humantier1chest
Scouter’s Greaves humantier1pants
Scouter’s Visor humantier1head
Scrap Panel slopedscrappanel
Screaming Painting paintingscream
Screws screws
Scribe’s Desk glitchscribe
Scuttleploom scuttleploom
Sea Chestguard hylotltier5achest
Sea Hat hylotltier5ahead
Sea Lamp sealamp
Sea Leggings hylotltier5apants
Seafood Gratin seafoodgratin
Seahornet seahornet
Seashell seashell1
Seashell seashell2
Seashell seashell3
Seashell seashell4
Seashell seashell5
Seashell seashell6
Seashell seashell7
Seashell seashell8
Seashell Armchair seachair
Seashell Bed seabed
Seashell Shield seashellshield
Seaweed Pot seaweedpot
Secret Door secretdoor
Secret Note secretnote
Secret Symbol 1 secretsign1
Secret Symbol 2 secretsign2
Secret Symbol 3 secretsign3
Secret Trapdoor secrettrapdoor
Secure Wooden Crate box2
Security Camera prisonsecuritycamera
Security Camera Station prisoncamerastation
Security Control Panel prisoncontrolpanel
Security Door apexcooldoor
Seeker’s Chestguard humantier6achest
Seeker’s Helmet humantier6ahead
Seeker’s Trousers humantier6apants
Seismograph seismograph
Self-Portrait of Hylotl-Shu selfportraitofhylotlshu
Sensory Squid Hat sensorysquidhathead
Sentinel’s Breastplate florantier6achest
Sentinel’s Helm florantier6ahead
Sentinel’s Shorts florantier6apants
Serene Bed serenebed
Serene Chair serenechair
Serene Console sereneswitch
Serene Door serenedoor
Serene Light serenelight
Serene Table serenetable
Server Cabinet bunkerserver
Service Panel outpostservicepanel
Seven number7
Sewage Barrel sewagebarrel
Sewer Flood Door sewerflooddoor
Sewer Gauge sewergauge
Sewer Pipe sewerpipe
Sewer Tank sewertank
Sewer Valve sewervalve
Sewer Wall Grate sewerwallgrate
Shadow Bricks shadowwallblock
Shadow Chest shadowchest
Shadow Marker shadowmarker
Shadow Rock shadowblock
Shadow Shrine shadowshrine
Shadow Shrine shadowshrine2
Shadow Shrine shadowshrine3
Shadow Spike Block shadowspikeblock
Shadowmoth shadowmoth
Shaft piece background stationbackgroundshaft
Shaman’s Chestguard florantier6mchest
Shaman’s Mask florantier6mhead
Shaman’s Skirt florantier6mpants
Shardwing shardwing
Shark Hat sharkhead
Sharp Bed ironbed
Sharp Console ironswitch
Sharp Door irondoor
Sharp Light ironlight
Sharp Spikes desertceilingspike1
Sharp Spikes desertceilingspike2
Sharp Spikes desertceilingspike3
Sharp Spikes desertceilingspike4
Sharp Spikes desertgroundspike1
Sharp Spikes desertgroundspike2
Sharp Spikes desertgroundspike3
Sharp Spikes desertgroundspike4
Sharp Spikes greenceilingspike1
Sharp Spikes greenceilingspike2
Sharp Spikes greenceilingspike3
Sharp Spikes greenceilingspike4
Sharp Spikes greengroundspike1
Sharp Spikes greengroundspike2
Sharp Spikes greengroundspike3
Sharp Spikes greengroundspike4
Sharp Spikes groundspike1
Sharp Spikes groundspike2
Sharp Spikes groundspike3
Sharp Spikes groundspike4
Sharp Spikes icestalactite1
Sharp Spikes icestalactite2
Sharp Spikes icestalactite3
Sharp Spikes icestalactite4
Sharp Spikes icestalagmite1
Sharp Spikes icestalagmite2
Sharp Spikes icestalagmite3
Sharp Spikes icestalagmite4
Sharp Spikes magmaceilingspike1
Sharp Spikes magmaceilingspike2
Sharp Spikes magmaceilingspike3
Sharp Spikes magmagroundspike1
Sharp Spikes magmagroundspike2
Sharp Spikes magmagroundspike3
Sharp Spikes savannahceilingspike1
Sharp Spikes savannahceilingspike2
Sharp Spikes savannahceilingspike3
Sharp Spikes savannahceilingspike4
Sharp Spikes savannahgroundspike1
Sharp Spikes savannahgroundspike2
Sharp Spikes savannahgroundspike3
Sharp Spikes savannahgroundspike4
Sharp Table irontable
Sharp Toilet irontoilet
Sharpened Claw sharpenedclaw
Shawl of Elation rainbowcapeback
Sheet Music sheetmusic
Shellcreep shellcreep
Shelter Shelf bombsheltershelf1
Shepherd’s Pie meatpie
Sheriff’s Hat novatier4head
Sheriff’s Slacks novatier4pants
Sheriff’s Vest novatier4chest
Shield Drone Mech Arm mecharmshielddrone
Shield Generator humangenerator
Shield Generator shieldgenerator
Shield Mounted Skull huntingtrophy2
Shiny Red Bow giantbow2
Ship Greeble 1 shipgreeble1
Ship Greeble 2 shipgreeble2
Ship Greeble 3 shipgreeble3
Ship Greeble 4 shipgreeble4
Ship Light apexshiplight
Ship Light invisiblelight
Ship Light shiplight
Ship Locker humanshiplocker
Ship Locker humanshiplockerTier0
Ship Locker novakidshiplocker
Ship Locker novakidshiplockerTier0
Ship Platform apexshipplatform
Ship Repair Kit shiprepairkit
Ship Support apexshipsupport
Shiplocker apexshiplocker
Shiplocker apexshiplockerTier0
Shiplocker avianshiplocker
Shiplocker avianshiplockerTier0
Shiplocker floranshiplocker
Shiplocker floranshiplockerTier0
Shiplocker glitchshiplocker
Shiplocker glitchshiplockerTier0
Shiplocker hylotlshiplocker
Shiplocker hylotlshiplockerTier0
Shipping Container shippingcontainer
Shipyard Captain shipyardcaptain
Shipyard Junk shipyardjunk
Shockhopper Mech Body mechbodypenguin
Shockhopper MK I Figurine shockhoppermkiaf
Shoji Screen Panel shojiscreenpanel
Shooting Target shootingtarget
Short Cape shortcapeback
Short Chain-link Fence prisonfence2
Short Durasteel Elevator durasteelelevatorshort
Short Industrial Elevator foundryelevatorshort
Short Mechanical Elevator mechanicalelevatorshort
Short Metal Cargo Crate outpostcargocrateshort
Short Primitive Table floranbonetable2
Short Volcanic Geyser plantvolcano5
Short Wooden Elevator woodenelevatorshort
Shorts sweatervestlegs
Shroom Bed shroombed
Shroom Chair shroomchair
Shroom Chest shroomchest
Shroom Disguise Mask shroomdisguisehead
Shroom Door shroomdoor
Shroom Lamp shroomlamp
Shroom Remedy shroomremedy
Shroom Table shroomtable
Sign customsign
Sign wiredcustomsign
Silicon Board siliconboard
Silk silk
Silk Fibre silkfibre
Silver Bar silverbar
Silver Block silverblock
Silver Chestpiece silverarmorchest
Silver Drill silverdrill
Silver Greaves silverarmorlegs
Silver Helmet silverarmorhead
Silver Ore silverore
Silver Pickaxe silverpickaxe
Silver Platform silverplatform
Silver Rock silverrock
Silver Sample silversample
Silver Screw silverscrew
Simple Cape simplecapeback
Simple Glasses glasses5head
Simple Mech Blueprint mechblueprint3
Simple Temple Blocks temple4
Simple Wall Light outpostlight
Simple Wooden Stool woodenstool
Single Wall Cabinet woodenceilingcabinet2
Sinking Lure fishingluresinking
Sitting Log plantlog
Six number6
Skeletal Microformer microformerbones
Skeletal Wings bonewingsback
Skimbus Figurine skimbusaf
Skinny Jeans jeans1legs
Skulduggery Mech Body mechbodypirate
Skull Mask skullmaskhead
Skull on a Pike huntingpike2
Skull Torch Stand skulltorch
Skull Wall Torch skullwalltorch
Sleek Mech Boosters mechboostersleek
Sleek Mech Legs mechlegssleek
Sleek Sliding Door outpostslidingdoor
Sleeveless Hoodie hoodiechest2
Sleeveless Top workoutchest
Sliding Door slidingdoor
Slime liquidslime
Slime Bed slimebed
Slime Blob greenslime
Slime Blob slimeblob1
Slime Blob slimeblob2
Slime Blob slimeblob3
Slime Blob slimeblob4
Slime Blob slimeblob5
Slime Chair slimechair
Slime Chest slimehide
Slime Glob slime
Slime Mask slimehead
Slime Shirt slimechest
Slime Torch slimetorch
Slime Trousers slimelegs
Slimy Microformer microformerslimecaves
Slush slush
Small Airlock Door outpostairlock
Small Ancient Pot ancientpot6
Small Avian Bookcase tribalbookcase2
Small Barrel barrel
Small Black Pelt floranpelt2
Small Bone Chimes floranceilingbones2
Small Bongo florandrum3
Small Booster Flame smallboosterflame
Small Broken Drawers scorchedcitybrokenchestdrawersmall
Small Broken Floodlight prisonfloodlightBroken
Small Broken Mirror prisonmirror2
Small Cabinet plantcabinet1
Small Capsule capsulesmall
Small Carved Cabinet tribalcabinet1
Small Clay Pot claypot1
Small Colourful Tapestry decorativewallrug2
Small Computer bunkercomputer
Small Console bunkerconsole3
Small Copper Rock copperrocksmall
Small Dark Glitch Banner darkbannermedievalsmall
Small Dark Vase shadowurnsmall2
Small Deprived Bookcase librarybookcaseS1empty
Small Diamond Rock diamondrocksmall
Small Empty Market Stall marketstall4
Small Fancy Vase vaseclassicsmall1
Small Faux Fir Tree smallholidaytree
Small Flickering Flood Light floodlightsmallflickering
Small Flood Light floodlightsmall
Small Floodlight prisonfloodlight
Small Floor Button smallfloorbutton
Small Floor Spike smallfloorspike
Small Fossil Display fossildisplay1
Small Glitch Banner bannermedievalsmall
Small Gold Rock goldrocksmall
Small Hive Light hivelight2
Small Kitchen Wall Cabinet kitchenceilingcabinet2
Small Ladle ladlesmall
Small Lava Tank lavatanksmall
Small Mounted Monitor outpostsmallmonitor
Small Ornate Bookcase librarybookcaseS1
Small Overgrown Chest chestplant1
Small Overgrown Geyser plantgeyser2
Small Pillar classicpillarsmall
Small Platinum Rock platinumrocksmall
Small Pot smalljar1
Small Primitive Cabinet florancabinet2
Small Primitive Chest chestfloran1
Small Primitive Table floransmalltable
Small Prison Locker prisonlocker1
Small Rusty Crate scorchedcitysmallcrate
Small Shadow Urn shadowurnsmall1
Small Sharp Sticks huntingpunjisticks2
Small Shield commonsmallshield
Small Silver Rock silverrocksmall
Small Snowflake smallsnowflake
Small Snowy Pelt floranpelt5
Small Spotlight eventlight
Small Steam Boiler steamboiler1
Small Stone Brick castlewalls2
Small Striped Vase vaseclassicsmall2
Small Stylish Drawers scorchedcitychestdrawersmall
Small Temple Bricks temple3
Small Tomb Brick tombbrick3
Small Traditional Table hylotlclassictable2
Small Turbine prisonturbine
Small Unusual Gift Box giftmonstersmallbox
Small Urn planturn3
Small Vine Lights huntinglight2
Small Volcanic Geyser plantvolcano1
Small Wall Button smallwallbutton
Small Wall Button wallbuttontrigger
Small Wall Monitor bunkertv
Small Wall Switch smallwallswitch
Small Wall Switch (Light) smallwallswitchlit
Small Waterproof Light underwaterlightsmall
Small Wicker Basket wickerbasket1
Small Wooden Cage plantcage2
Small Wooden Console plantpanel
Small Wooden Crate smallwoodencrate
Small Wrecked Panel wreckpanel2
Small Wrecked Table wrecksmalltable
Smart Skirt smartpants
Smart Top smartchest
Smashable Crystal smashcrystal
Smashed Tombstone tombstone4
Smoglin Figurine smoglinaf
Smoke protectoratesmokegen
Smoke protectoratesmokeprimer
Smoke smokegen
Smoke smokeprimer
Smoke Machine smokemachine
Smooth Ice frozenwater
Smooth Metal smoothmetal
Smooth Plated Block platematerial
Smooth Tomb Brick tombbrick5
Snaggler Figurine snaggleraf
Snaunt Figurine snauntaf
Snorkel snorkelhead
Snow snow
Snow Infantry Chest snowinfantrychest
Snow Infantry Helmet snowinfantryhead
Snow Infantry Trousers snowinfantrypants
Snowball snowball
Snowball Shooter snowgun
Snowcone snowcone
Snowdrift snowdrift1
Snowdrift snowdrift2
Snowdrift snowdrift3
Snowdrift snowdrift4
Snowflake snowflake
Snowflake Shuriken snowflakeshuriken
Snowman snowman
Snowman Snowglobe snowglobe1
Snowskater snowskater
Snowy Terraformer terraformersnow
Snuffish Figurine snuffishaf
Sod Block grassy
Soda soda
Soft Armchair woodenarmchair2
Soft Brick fadedblocks
Soft Couch woodencouch2
Soft Drink Sign softdrinksign
Soggy Paper soggypaper
Soggy Sack soggysack
Sol Model sunmodel
Solar Panel solarpanel
Solarium Ore solariumore
Solarium Sample solariumsample
Solarium Star solariumstar
Soldier’s Breastplate glitchtier2chest
Soldier’s Chestpiece soldierchest
Soldier’s Helm glitchtier2head
Soldier’s Helmet soldierhead
Soldier’s Leg Armour soldierpants
Soldier’s Trousers glitchtier2pants
Solid Metal Table bunkertable2
Solus Katana soluskatana
Sombrero sombrerohead
Soul Guise Helmet soulguise
Soulseeker soulseeker
Space Age Polymer polymer
Space Bar spacebarbottom
Space Heater bunkerheater1
Space Helmet spacesuithead
Space Shuttle Bed spaceshuttlebed
Space Slideshow spaceslideshow
Space Station Console playerstationconsole
Space Synth spaceorgan
Space Uniform Top startrackchest
Space Uniform Trousers startracklegs
Spacebird Helmet spacebirdhead
Spaceship screen screen2
Spacesuit Backpack spacesuitback
Spacesuit Chest spacesuitchest
Spacesuit Trousers spacesuitlegs
Sparrow Breastplate aviantier2chest
Sparrow Helm aviantier2head
Sparrow License license1
Sparrow Loincloth aviantier2pants
Spear on a Plaque huntingdisplay1
Special Fried Rice specialrice
Special Reward superrewardbag
Specialist Jacket apexspecialistjacket
Specialist Trousers apexspecialistpants
Speed Augment speedaugment
Speed Booster speedbooster
Spicy Feathercrown spicyfeathercrown
Spicy Ribs spicyribs
Spider Silk spidersilkblock
Spikefist Mech Arm mecharmspikefist
Spiky Cookies spikycookies
Spinneret Trophy floranspinneret
Splendid Flower splendidplant
Split Shot Mech Arm mecharmsplitshot
Spookit Figurine spookitaf
Spooky Bed spookybed
Spooky Candles spookycandles
Spooky Cauldron spookycauldron
Spooky Clock spookyclock
Spooky Donut spookydonut
Spooky Pie spookypie
Spooky Pumpkin Head spookypumpkinhead
Spooky Tomb Chair spookytombchair
Sporgus Figurine sporgusaf
Sports Mech Horn mechhornsportshorn
Sporty Cap fancaphead
Spring Chest springchest
Spring Flower flowerspring
Sprinkler sprinkler
Sprout’s Anklets florantier1pants
Sprout’s Chestguard florantier1chest
Sprout’s Circlet florantier1head
Spy’s Hood apextier5mhead
Spy’s Jacket apextier5mchest
Spy’s Trousers apextier5mpants
Square Wave squarewave
Squeem Figurine squeemaf
Squirt Gun watergun
Stalactite ceilingspike1
Stalactite ceilingspike2
Stalactite ceilingspike3
Stalactite ceilingspike4
Stalactite Lamp cavelamp
Stalwart Mech Boosters mechboosterstalwart
Standard Issue Armchair apexarmchair
Standard Issue Bed apexbed
Standard Issue Cabinet apexcounter1
Standard Issue Chair apexwoodenchair
Standard Issue Couch apexcouch
Standard Issue Counter apexcounter2
Standard Issue Curtain apexcurtain
Standard Issue Desk apexdesk
Standard Issue Fridge apexfridge
Standard Issue Lamp apexlamp1
Standard Issue Oven apexoven
Standard Issue Painting apexpainting4
Standard Issue Piano apexpiano
Standard Issue Radio apexradio
Standard Issue Seat apexcomfychair
Standard Issue Shelves apexwoodenshelves
Standard Issue Table apextable
Standard Issue Tall Lamp apexlamp2
Standard Issue Turntable apexrecordplayer
Standard Issue Wall Panel apexwoodpanel
Standard Issue Wardrobe apexwardrobe
Standard Lever hylotlswitch
Standing Desk outpoststandingdesk
Standing Oil Lamp oillanterntall
Standing Security Console outpostsecurityconsole
Star Map Screen screen3
Starbound Arcade Machine arcadestarbound
Stargazer Acolyte Wings tribalwingsback
Stargazer Hood stargazer
Stargazer Priest Wings guardwingsback
Stargazer Prophet Wings falconwingsback
Start piece background stationbackgroundstart
Static Cell staticcell
Station Bench stationbench
Station Ceiling Vent stationceilingvent
Station Chair stationchair
Station Console stationconsole
Station Crate stationcrate
Station Display stationdisplay
Station Door stationdoor
Station Hatch stationhatch
Station Hologram stationhologram
Station Large Door stationdoorlarge
Station Medical Scanner stationmedscanner
Station Pylon stationpylon
Station Table stationtable
Station Transponder stationtransponder
Station Wall Panel stationwallpanel
Statistical Display bunkerdisplay2
Status Light statuslight
Status Pod statuspod
Status Pod Storage Unit protectoratestorage1
Status Pod Storage Unit protectoratestorage2
Steam Clock Face steamclock
Steam Whistle Mech Horn mechhornsteamwhistle
Steampunk Armchair steampunkarmchair
Steampunk Bed steampunkbed
Steampunk Desk steampunkdesk
Steampunk Globe steampunkglobe
Steampunk Helmet steampunkhead
Steampunk Lamp steampunklamp
Steampunk Shelf steampunkshelf
Steamspring Bed steamspringbed
Steamspring Chair steamspringchair
Steamspring Door steamspringdoor
Steamspring Lamp steamspringlamp
Steamspring Table steamspringtable
Steamy Microformer microformersteamspring
Steel Drum steeldrum
Stepladder stepladder
Stick of RAM stickofram
Sticky Ribs stickyribs
Stinkjack stinkjack
Stomach Lining stomachblock
Stone Altar altar1
Stone Bed stonebed
Stone Chair stonechair
Stone Chest stonechest
Stone Door stonedoor
Stone Fountain fountain2
Stone Pillar pillar1
Stone Platform stoneplatform
Stone Rubble stonerubble
Stone Sword stoneblade
Stone Table stonetable
Stone Teleporter stoneteleporter
Stone Tiles stonetiles
Stone Worm Statue wormstatue
Store Cash Register hylotlcashregister
Store Register scorchedcityregister
Store Sign apexstoresign
Strange Flower Box flowerbox
Strange Web strangeweb1
Strange Web strangeweb2
Strange Web strangeweb3
Strange Web strangeweb4
Strange Web strangeweb5
Strange Web strangeweb6
Strap Chest strapchest
Strap Legs straplegs
Strawberry Mask strawberryhead
String string
Striped Wood alienstripedwood
Studies in Female Hylotlgy tenstudiesinfemalehylotlgy
Study Lamp studylamp
Stuffed Automato stuffedautomato
Stuffed Dirturchin stuffeddirturchin
Stuffed Tomato stuffedtomato
Stun Glove stunglove
Sturdy Torch Stand huntinggroundtorch
Stylish Bed scorchedcitybed
Stylish Bottoms coollegs
Stylish Chair scorchedcitychair
Stylish Counter scorchedcitycounter
Stylish Fridge scorchedcityfridge
Stylish Jacket coolchest
Stylish TV scorchedcitytv
Subtle Ape Painting paintingapexpearlearring
Subtle Painting paintingpearlearring
Sugar sugar
Sugarcane Seed sugarcaneseed
Sugarcane Seed wildsugarcaneseed
Sulphur sulphur
Summer Dress summerpants
Summer Top summerchest
Sunglasses sunglasses1head
Sunskipper sunskipper
Superior Brain brain
Supernova Gauntlet supernovaglove
Surface-Mounted Capsule capsulespace
Survival Gear Backpack survivalgearback
Survivalist Chest floransurvivalistchest
Survivalist Legs floransurvivalistlegs
Sushi sushi
Suspended Wooden Cage plantcage3
Suspender Pants novakidsuspenderspants
Suspender Shirt novakidsuspenders
Suspicious Display Armour medievalarmorswitch
Swamp Bed swampbed
Swamp Chair swampchair
Swamp Chest swampchest
Swamp Cot swampybed
Swamp Hat swamphat
Swamp Table swamptable
Swamp Water swampwater
Swarm Drone Mech Arm mecharmmultidrone
Sweater Vest sweatervestchest
Sweatpants workoutlegs
Sweet Meat sweetmeat
Sweet Popcorn sweetpopcorn
Sweet Punch sweetpunch
Swimming Augment swimaugment
Switch Lever medievalswitchlever
Sword Display medievalsworddisplay
Symbiote symbiotehead
Symbiote in a Jar symbiotesample
Synapse brainsynapse1
Synthesis Stim synthesisstim
Synthesizer’s Chestguard florantier6schest
Synthesizer’s Helm florantier6shead
Synthesizer’s Trousers florantier6spants
Synthetic Material syntheticmaterial


Starbound Item ID starting with T

T Junction Horizontal Bottom Piece Background stationbackgroundtjunchorizontalbottom
T Junction Horizontal Top Piece Background stationbackgroundtjunchorizontaltop
T Junction Vertical Piece Background stationbackgroundtjuncvertical
T-Rex Legs trexfossil3
T-Rex Lower Tail trexfossil5
T-Rex Skull trexfossil1
T-Rex Torso trexfossil2
T-Rex Upper Tail; trexfossil4
T.V. Helmet tvhelmethead
Tacky Wallpaper cheapwallpaper
Tall Ancient Pot ancientpot5
Tall Chain-link Fence prisonfence1
Tall Chair tallchair
Tall Fluorescent Lamp 
Tall Grass tallgrass1
Tall Grass tallgrass2
Tall Grass tallgrass3
Tall Grass tallgrass4
Tall Kitchen Cabinet kitchencabinet2
Tall Locker locker1
Tall Pot talljar1
Tall Prison Locker prisonlocker2
Tall Station Light stationlightv
Tall Volcanic Geyser plantvolcano4
Tall Wicker Basket wickerbasket3
Tall Wooden Cabinet woodencabinet2
Tall Wooden Torch woodentalllantern
Tally Marks chalktally
Tank Trap tanktrap
Tar tar
Tar Bed tarbed
Tar Chair tarchair
Tar Console tarconsole
Tar Door tardoor
Tar Lantern tarlight
Tar Mask tarhead
Tar Shard tarcrystal1
Tar Shard tarcrystal2
Tar Shard tarcrystal3
Tar Shard tarcrystal4
Tar Shard tarcrystal5
Tar Shirt tarchest
Tar Trousers tarlegs
Tarball tarball
Target target
Target Dummy targetdummy
Tarman tarman
Taroni Figurine taroniaf
Tarpit Chest tarpitchest
Tarry Microformer microformertar
Tattered Classic Banner classicbannertattered
Teacup teacup1
Teal Present present1
Teapot teapot1
Tech Card techcard
Tech Console techconsole
Tech Console Dispenser techlabconsole1
Tech Console Dispenser techlabconsole1offline
Tech Lab techlab
Tech Lab Interface techlabhologram
Tech Lab Scientist techlabscientist
Tech Lab Shop techlabscientistshop
Teddy Bear teddybearplush
Teddy Hat teddyhead
Teleporter avianteleporter
Teleporter avianteleporterTier0
Teleporter floranteleporter
Teleporter floranteleporterTier0
Teleporter glitchteleporterTier0
Teleporter humanteleporter
Teleporter humanteleporterTier0
Teleporter hylotlteleporter
Teleporter hylotlteleporterTier0
Teleporter novakidteleporter
Teleporter novakidteleporterTier0
Teleporter teleporter
Teleporter teleporterTier0
Teleporter Core teleportercore
Templar’s Breastplate glitchtier6mchest
Templar’s Greaves 
Templar’s Helm glitchtier6mhead
Temple Block temple1
Temple Boulder Trap bouldertrap
Temple Bricks temple2
Temple Platform tribalplatform
Temple Pressure Platform templepressureplatform
Temple Table birdtable
Tentacle Cluster tentacleblock
Tentacle Egg tentaclespawner1
Tentacle Monster Egg tentacleegg
Tentacle part tentaclepart1
Tentacle part tentaclepart2
Tentacle part tentaclepart3
Tentacle Spike tentaclespike
Terraforge terraforge
Terramart terramart
Terramart Shipments cropshipper
Terrifying Eye Hat eyehead2
Terrifying Wings batwingsback
Tesla Spike teslaspike
Tesla Stream Mech Arm mecharmteslastream
Tesla’s Staff teslastaff
Tesla’s Wrath electricrailgun
Thatch thatch
The Aerohelm ironavianhelmethead
The Boxman’s Bodacity boxmanhathead
The Captain’s Fro afrowighead
The Hrodgard thehrodgardhead
The Model M keyboard
The Motivator carrothathead
The Night Light glowbomb
The Un-Cat Hat uncathat
Themed Chess Table glitchchess
thewayisblocked thewayisblocked
Thick Tar Mask tarblob
Thin Urn planturn2
Thin Wooden Stand woodenstand1
Thing shipT1
Thing shipT2
Thing shipT3
Thing shipT4
Thing shipT5
Thing shipT6
Thing shipT7
Thing shipT8
Thinking Cap thinkingcaphead
Thorn Fruit thornfruit
Thorn Grenade thorngrenade
Thorn Juice thornjuice
Thornbee thornbee
Thorns thorns1
Thorns thorns2
Thorns thorns3
Thorns Augment thornsaugment
Thorny Plant thornplant
Thread thread
Three number3
Three-Eyed Glasses glasses3eyes
Throwing Axe throwingaxe
Throwing Block throwingblock
Throwing Bones throwingbones
Throwing Boulder throwingboulder
Throwing Dagger throwingdagger
Throwing Dart throwingdart
Throwing Knife throwingknife
Throwing Kunai throwingkunai
Throwing Star throwingstar
Tidefly tidefly
Tiered Stone Fountain fountain1
Tiger Hat tigerhead
Tiger Tail tigertailback
Timber darkwoodmaterial
Time Pierce timepierce
Timer (0.5 Sec) timer
Timer (1 Sec) timer1s
Timer (2 Sec) timer2s
Timer (3 Sec) timer3s
Timer (4 Sec) timer4s
Timer (5 Sec) timer5s
Tintic Figurine tinticaf
Tiny Bongo florandrum4
Tiny Building smallchurch
Tiny Clock Tower smallclocktower
Tiny Flats smallhouse10
Tiny Flats smallhouse4
Tiny Flats smallhouse5
Tiny Flats smallhouse9
Tiny House smallhouse1
Tiny House smallhouse11
Tiny House smallhouse2
Tiny House smallhouse3
Tiny House smallhouse6
Tiny House smallhouse7
Tiny House smallhouse8
Tiny House smallinn
Tiny House smallwindmill
Tiny Lamppost smalllamppost
Tiny Lily Pads hylotllilydeco2
Tiny Wall Button tinywallbutton
Tiny Wall Switch tinywallswitch
Tire Arrow Sign scorchedcityarrowsign
Titanium Bar titaniumbar
Titanium Bed tier3bed
Titanium Chair tier3chair
Titanium Console tier3switch
Titanium Dagger titaniumdagger
Titanium Door 
Titanium Light tier3light
Titanium Machine Pistol 
Titanium Ore titaniumore
Titanium Panel composite01material
Titanium Sample titaniumsample
Titanium Sniper Rifle titaniumsniperrifle
Titanium Spear titaniumspear
Titanium Table tier3table
TODO Ancient Prop ancientprop
Tomato tomato
Tomato Juice tomatojuice
Tomato Seed tomatoseed
Tomato Seed wildtomatoseed
Tomato Soup tomatosoup
Tomb Brick tombbrick
Tomb Teleporter tombteleporter
Tommy Gun Mech Arm mecharmtommygun
Top Hat tophathead
Top Top Hat toptophathead
Torch torch
Torch Stand birdgroundlantern
Torn Protectorate Cape raggedprotectoratecape
Torn Protectorate Picture Frame protectoratebrokenportrait3
Torn Protectorate Wall Banner protectoratefbannertorn1
Torn Protectorate Wall Banner protectoratefbannertorn2
Torture Bed prisontorturebed2
Torture Device planttorturedevice
Toucan Breastplate aviantier6schest
Toucan Helm aviantier6shead
Toucan Loincloth aviantier6spants
Tough Chest toughchest
Tough Headband headbandhead
Tough Trousers toughlegs
Toumingo Figurine toumingoaf
Toxic Chair toxicchair
Toxic Chest toxicchest
Toxic Flower Backpack toxicflowerback
Toxic Glowing Oshroom 
Toxic Glowing Oshroom 
Toxic Glowing Oshroom toxicoshroom3
Toxic Glowing Oshroom toxicoshroom4
Toxic Glowing Oshroom toxicoshroom5
Toxic Jam Donut toxicjamdonut
Toxic Juice toxicjuice
Toxic Lamp toxiclamp1
Toxic Table toxictable
Toxic Tart toxictart
Toxic Waste toxicwaste
Toxic Waste toxicwasteback
Toxic Waste Barrel toxicwastebarrel
Toxictop Jam toxictopjam
Toxictop Seed toxictopseed
Toxictop Seed wildtoxictopseed
Toy Mech Horn mechhorntoy
Toymaker’s Table holidaycraftingtable
Tracker’s Chestguard trackerchest
Tracker’s Helm trackerhead
Tracker’s Trousers trackerlegs
Trading Card #01 card01
Traditional Bookcase hylotlclassicbookcase
Traditional Bowl hylotlbowl
Traditional Bridge Painting hylotlpainting3
Traditional Fancy Chair hylotlclassicchair
Traditional Gong 
Traditional Low Table hylotlshorttable
Traditional Mount Painting hylotlpainting2
Traditional Paper Lantern hylotllantern1
Traditional Radio hylotlradio
Traditional Shirt traditionalchest
Traditional Shoji Door hylotlshojidoor
Traditional Shoji Screen hylotlshojiscreen
Traditional Square Cabinet hylotlclassiccabinet1
Traditional Sword Rack hylotlkatanarack
Traditional Table hylotlclassictable
Traditional Trousers traditionallegs
Traditional Wardrobe hylotlclassicwardrobe1
Traditional Water Feature 
Traditional Wave Painting hylotlpainting1
Traditional Wooden Post hylotlpost
Trailblazer’s Chestpiece humantier5mchest
Trailblazer’s Greaves humantier5mpants
Trailblazer’s Helm humantier5mhead
Train Whistle Mech Horn mechhorntrain
Trainee Shirt traineechest
Trainee Trousers traineelegs
Translocator translocator
Trap Chest trapchest
Trapped Apex Pod floranpodapex
Trash Bag trashbag
Trash Can trashcan
Traveller’s Meter travellersbeacon
Treasure Barrel barrelgoldfilled
Treasure Chest treasurechest
Treasure Filled Crate woodencrategoldfilled
Treasure Hoard treasurehoard
Treasure Map treasuremap
Treasured Trophies treasuredtrophies
Treated Wood fullwood1
Tree Prop treeprop1
Tree Prop treeprop2
Tree Prop treeprop3
Trianglium Ore triangliumore
Tribal Feathers tribalfeathersback
Tribal Mask ethnichead
Tricorne Hat buccaneerhead
Trictus Figurine trictusaf
Trilobite trilobitefossil
Triple Lamp Post lamppost2
Triplod Figurine triplodaf
Tropical Punch tropicalpunch
Trough trough
Truck Mech Horn mechhorntruck
Trumpet trumpet
Tungsten Axe tungstenaxe
Tungsten Bar 
Tungsten Bed tier2bed
Tungsten Block mediummetal
Tungsten Chain chain
Tungsten Chair tier2chair
Tungsten Door tier2door
Tungsten Hammer 
Tungsten Hunting Bow tungstenbow
Tungsten Lever tier2switch
Tungsten Light tier2light
Tungsten Magnum tungstenmagnum
Tungsten Ore tungstenore
Tungsten Platform tungstenplatform
Tungsten Sample tungstensample
Tungsten Shotgun tungstenshotgun
Tungsten Table tier2table
turnback turnback
Turtle Plushie turtleplush
Turtle Shell turtleshellback
Tutu fairylegs
TV Station tvstation
Twinjet Mech Legs mechlegstwinjet
Two number2


Starbound Item ID starting with U

UFO Prop UFOprop
Ugly Temple Jar birdjar2
Ultimate Juice ultimatejuice
Uncommon Assault Rifle uncommonassaultrifle
Uncommon Axe uncommonaxe
Uncommon Broadsword uncommonbroadsword
Uncommon Dagger uncommondagger
Uncommon Grenade Launcher uncommongrenadelauncher
Uncommon Hammer uncommonhammer
Uncommon Machine Pistol uncommonmachinepistol
Uncommon Pistol uncommonpistol
Uncommon Rocket Launcher uncommonrocketlauncher
Uncommon Shortsword uncommonshortsword
Uncommon Shotgun uncommonshotgun
Uncommon Sniper Rifle uncommonsniperrifle
Uncommon Spear uncommonspear
Undecorated Stone Tomb tombthing1
Unicorn Head unicornhead
Unicorn Plushie unicornplush
Unidentified Fossil fossilore
Unidentified Legs mysteriousfossil3
Unidentified Skull mysteriousfossil1
Unidentified Torso mysteriousfossil2
Universalist’s Helm humantier6shead
Universalist’s Techjacket humantier6schest
Universalist’s Trousers humantier6spants
Unmarked Tomb Brick tombbrick2
Unrefined Wood fullwood2
Unstable Barrel dangerbarrelback
Unstable Tombstone tombstone9
Unusual Clay Pot claypot2
Upgrade Module upgrademodule
Upright Cardboard Box cardboard1
Upright Torture Bed prisontorturebed1
Uranium Ore uraniumore
Uranium Rod uraniumrod
Uranium Sample uraniumsample
Uranus Model uranusmodel
Urban Bar Stool outpostbarstool
Urban Mailbox hylotlmailbox
Urban Trash Can hylotltrashcan
Ursa Miner ursaminer
Ursa Miner ursaminerclosed
USCM Mech Body mechbodymilitary
USCM Penal Colony Panel prisonpanel
USCM Penal Colony Sign prisonstonesign
USCM Sign marinesign
USCM Television Monitors bunkertv2
USCM Torn Memo prisonpaper2
Ushanka ushankahead
Usurper’s Coat apextier6mchest
Usurper’s Hood apextier6mhead
Usurper’s Trousers apextier6mpants


Starbound Item ID starting with V

Valkyrie Helm valkyriehelm
Valorous Chestpiece valorouschest
Valorous Greaves valorouspants
Valorous Helmet valoroushead
Vanguard’s Flak Jacket humantier5achest
Vanguard’s Helm humantier5ahead
Vanguard’s Trousers humantier5apants
Varmint’s Hat novatier5shead
Varmint’s Pants novatier5spants
Varmint’s Plate novatier5schest
Vault Key vaultkey
Vending Machine vendingmachine
Venetian Mask venetianmaskhead
Venom Sample venomsample
Venturer Mech Body mechbodyhuman
Venturer-00 Mech Body mechbodyhumanproto
Venus de Pixel venusdepixel
Venus Model venusmodel
Vertical Danger Sign dangersignv
Vertical Hazard Tape hazardtapev
Vertical Metal Grates prisongratev
Vertical Modern Painting apexwallpainting2
Vertical Rusted Girder prisongirderv
Very Subtle Wig wighead
Vibrant Feather Bundle feathers1
Vibrant Plant vibrantplant
Vicious Mask vicioushead
Viking Helm vikinghead
Village Bench avianbench2
Village Door villagedoor
Vine vine
Vine Chest junglechest
Vine Door plantdoor1
Vine Fist vinefist
Vine Pod Lamp floranlamp1
Vine Pod Light huntinglight3
Vine Wall Light floranlight
Vine Whip vinewhip
Vineclimber vineclimber
Vintage Library Poster hylotllibraryposter1
Vintage Scoped Rifle hunterrifle
Violin violin
Violium Broadsword violiumbroadsword
Violium Ore violiumore
Violium Sample violiumsample
Violium Shortsword violiumshortsword
Virorb Plushie plainorbplush
Visor visorhead
Volatile Powder volatilepowder
Volcanic Chest volcanicchest
Volcanic Salsa volcanicsalsa
Volcanic Terraformer terraformervolcanic
Voltip Figurine voltipaf
Voyager’s Chestguard voyagerchest
Voyager’s Helm voyagerhead
Voyager’s Trousers voyagerlegs
VR Headset vrheadset


Starbound Item ID starting with W

Wagon Wheel wagonwheel
Wall Bookshelf woodenceilingbookcase1
Wall Mounted Button outpostbutton
Wall Mounted Keypad outpostkeypad
Wall Mounted Monitor outpostmonitor
Wall Panel apexshipwall
Wall Pipe wallpipe
Wall Shackles medievalswitchshackle
Wall Shackles wallshackles
WALL-B wallb
Wanderer’s Chestguard humantier6mchest
Wanderer’s Helmet humantier6mhead
Wanderer’s Trousers humantier6mpants
Wanted Poster wantedposter
Warm Grey Trousers steamgreylegs
Warning Light redalert
Warning Poster hylotlwarningposter
Warning Sign scorchedcitysign1
Warrior Movie Poster hylotlmovieposter2
Warrior’s Tombstone tombstone5
Warrior’s Trophy trophybronze
Wartweed wartweed
Wartweed Jam wartweedjam
Wartweed Jam Donut wartweedjamdonut
Wartweed Seed wartweedseed
Wartweed Seed wildwartweedseed
Wartweed Stew wartweedstew
Waste waste
Water liquidwater
Water Balloon waterballoon
Water Cooler watercooler
Water Cooler watermachine
Water Drop Source drip1
Water Fountain classicfountain
Watering Can wateringcan
Waterproof Light underwaterlight
Wattage Potage 2kbpotage
Wave Bed wavebed
Wave Chair wavechair
Wave Console waveswitch
Wave Door wavedoor
Wave Lamp wavelight
Wave Table wavetable
Wavebird wavebird
Waz Lights wazlights
Weapon Chest weaponchest
Weapon Parts militarygoods
Weapon Shop Sign signweaponshop
Weapon Upgrade Anvil weaponupgradeanvil
Weapons Station Sign stationtradesignweapons
Weathervane windchicken
Web Rack floranwebbing
Wedding Dress wedding2chest
Wedding Skirt wedding2legs
Wedding Veil wedding2head
Welder’s Helmet weldershelmethead
Welding Penguin shipyardwelding
Well Cover wellcover
Wet Dirt wetdirt
Wheat wheat
Wheat Seed wheatseed
Wheat Seed wildwheatseed
Wheelbarrow wheelbarrow
Wheeled Bed plantbed3
White Dye whitedye
White Flower wflowerpot
White Stone Bishop chessbishop
White Stone King chessking
White Stone Knight chessknight
White Stone Pawn chesspawn
White Stone Queen chessqueen
White Stone Rook chessrook
Wicker wicker
Wicker Support Block wickersupport
Wide Ancient Pot ancientpot3
Wide Clay Pot claypot3
Wide Console bunkerconsole4
Wide Fluorescent Lamp bunkerlighth
Wide Rusty Filing Cabinet prisonfile2
Wide Station Light stationlighth
Wide Urn planturn1
Wide Volcanic Geyser plantvolcano3
Wide Wicker Basket wickerbasket2
Wide Wooden Cabinet woodencabinet3
Wide Wooden Stand woodenstand2
Wild Fungus Cap wildfungushead
Wild Fungus Rags wildfunguschest
Wild Fungus Skirt wildfunguspants
Wild Microformer microformerwilderness
Wild Vines wildvines
Wind Chimes shadowchimes
Window Lattice crosshatch
Winged Urn wingedurn
Winning Ticket winningticket
Winter Scarf winterscarfhead
Wire Mode wiretool
Wired Target wiredtarget
Wireless Generator tesla
Wires bunkerwires
Wiseman’s Chestguard florantier5achest
Wiseman’s Loincloth florantier5apants
Wiseman’s Thinking Hat florantier5ahead
Wisper Figurine wisperaf
Wizard Hat wizardhead
Wizard Robe Bottoms wizardlegs
Wizard Robe Top wizardchest
Wizard Spawner spawnerwizard
Wobbleshot Mech Arm mecharmwobbleshot
Wood Panelling woodpanelling
Wood Platform platform
Wood Platform platform2
Wooded Terraformer terraformerforest
Wooden Aquarium apexaquarium1
Wooden Armchair woodenarmchair1
Wooden Bed woodenbed
Wooden Bed woodenbed2
Wooden Blinds woodenwindow2
Wooden Bookcase woodenbookcase
Wooden Bridge Block woodbridge
Wooden Ceiling Lamp woodenlamp3
Wooden Chair woodenchair
Wooden Chest woodenchest
Wooden Couch woodencouch1
Wooden Crate box1
Wooden Crate woodencrate1
Wooden Desk woodendesk
Wooden Door woodendoor
Wooden Dressing Screen floranscreen1
Wooden End Table woodenendtable
Wooden Fence fence
Wooden Gate woodengate
Wooden Hatch woodenverticaldoor
Wooden Ladder medievalladder
Wooden Log logblock
Wooden Padded Chair woodchair
Wooden Scaffolding medievalscaffolding
Wooden Ship Wheel shipwheel
Wooden Sink woodensink
Wooden Spikes medievalspikes
Wooden Standing Lamp woodenlamp2
Wooden Stool woodstool
Wooden Store Shelf apexstoreshelf
Wooden Support woodsupport
Wooden Table woodtable
Wooden Table Lamp woodenlamp1
Wooden Telephone Pole woodenutilitypole2
Wooden Teleporter woodenteleporter
Wooden Toilet woodtoilet
Wooden Utility Pole woodenutilitypole1
Wooden Warning Sign poisonsign
Wooden Watering Can woodenwateringcan
Wooden Window woodenwindow1
Worker Shirt avianworkershirt
Worker Skirt avianworkerpants
Workshop Tools garagetools
Woven Fabric fabric
Wrangler’s Hat novatier6shead
Wrangler’s Pants novatier6spants
Wrangler’s Plate novatier6schest
Wrecked Bed wreckbed
Wrecked Boiler wreckboiler
Wrecked Chair wreckchair
Wrecked Computer wreckconsole2
Wrecked Console wreckconsole1
Wrecked Crate wreckcrate1
Wrecked Door wreckdoor
Wrecked Fan wreckfan
Wrecked Generator wreckgenerator
Wrecked Hanging Wires wreckwiresceiling
Wrecked Locker wrecklocker
Wrecked Monitor wreckscreen
Wrecked Panel wreckpanel1
Wrecked Platform wreckplatform
Wrecked Screen wrecktv
Wrecked Support wrecksupport
Wrecked Table wrecktable
Wrecked Terminal wreckconsole3
Wrecked Turbine wreckturbine2
Wrecked Turbines wreckturbines
Wrecked Vat wreckvat1
Wrecked Vending Machine wreckvendingmachine
Wrecked Vent wreckvent


Starbound Item ID starting with X

Xenofly xenofly
Xenon Pack xenonpack
xOliver137 Statue oliverstatue
XOR Switch xor


Starbound Item ID starting with Y

Yellow Arcade Machine arcadeyellow
Yellow Basic Tent tent2yellow
Yellow Club Lights clubceilinglightsyellow
Yellow Crayon crayonyellowback
Yellow Dye yellowdye
Yellow Fairy Lights fairylights
Yellow Flower floweryellow
Yellow Geode Sample geodeyellowsample
Yellow Glow Rock biorock
Yellow Glowstick glowstickyellow
Yellow Hidden Switch avianswitchhidden1
Yellow Paintgun paintgunyellow
Yellow Petal petalyellow
Yellow Stim Pack yellowstim
Yokat Figurine yokataf


Starbound Item ID starting with Z

Zed Mech Boosters mechboosterzed
Zen Rock zenrock1
Zen Rock zenrock2
Zen Rock zenrock3
Zen Rock zenrock4
Zen Rock zenrock5
Zephyr Spark Launcher fireworkgun
Zero number0
Zero Mech Boosters mechboosterzero
Zmash smash


Explosive Barrel explosivebarrel
‘Waz’ Graffiti prisongraffiti1
“No Escape” Graffiti prisongraffiti2
^orange;Accelerator Addon^white; acceleratoraddon
^orange;Anvil^white; craftinganvil
^orange;Apothecary^white; craftingmedical
^orange;Campfire^white; campfire
^orange;Employer’s Station^white; spawnerstation
^orange;Foraging Table^white; craftingfarm
^orange;Fossil Station^white; fossilstation
^orange;Hoe^white; hoe
^orange;Inventor’s Table^white; inventorstable
^orange;Iron Anvil^white; ironanvil
^orange;Iron Crafting Table^white; ironcraftingtable
^orange;Kitchen Counter^white; woodencookingtable
^orange;Manipulator Addon^white; manipulatoraddon
^orange;Pet Healing Station^white; pethealingstation
^orange;Pet Station^white; capturestation
^orange;Pixel Compressor^white; pixelcompressor
^orange;Pixel Printer^white; 3dprinter
^orange;Portable Pixel Printer^white; portable3dprinter
^orange;Primitive Furnace^white; craftingfurnace
^orange;Rail Crafting Table^white; railcraftingtable
^orange;Refinery^white; refinery
^orange;Research Station^white; researchstation
^orange;Separator Addon^white; separatoraddon
^orange;Spinning Wheel^white; craftingwheel
^orange;Wiring Station^white; wiringstation
^orange;Wooden Workbench^white; craftingfurniture
^yellow;Colony Deed colonydeed
10k Voxel voxel10k
1k Voxel voxel1k
2 bend piece background stationbackground2bend
2 Stop Teleshop 2stopshop
2 Stop Teleshop Teleporter 2stoptele
2k Voxel voxel2k
5k Voxel voxel5k


So, now that you have ID List and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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