State Of Survival HQ Requirements

State Of Survival HQ Requirements

Our State Of Survival HQ Requirements is useful for all the gamers who want to play State Of Survival. Let us look at the State Of Survival Headquarters Requirements.

Here you will get the info to upgrade your buildings and other stuff from level 1 to 30. We will also tell you how you can upgrade your headquarters beyond level 30 using plasma cores.

State of Survival HQ Requirements – Level 1 to 30

Below is a table that will tell you everything about HQ upgrades. You will get info level wise to upgrade different buildings. In the table, the time required for each upgrade is also mentioned.

20d 00:04:30
30d 00:05:40
431.1k31.1k0d 00:07:40
541.5k41.5kRange 40d 00:11:40
656.1k56.1kBarracks 50d 00:20:00
780k80kGarage 60d 01:00:00
8124k124kRange 70d 01:30:00
9238k238kBarracks 80d 02:30:00
10418k418kGarage 90d 04:20:00
11895k895k15kRange 100d 05:50:00
121.3m1.3m44.9kBarracks 110d 08:20:00
131.8m1.8m94.9kGarage 120d 11:40:00
142.5m2.5m187kRange 130d 13:50:00
154.0m4.0m397kBarracks 140d 17:00:00
165.7m5.7m751k31.3kGarage 151d 01:00:00
178.3m8.3m1.5m103kRange 161d 07:30:00
1811.7m11.7m2.2m233kBarracks 171d 19:30:00
1915.4m15.4m3.1m439kGarage 182d 12:30:00
2020m20m4.4m768kRange 193d 12:00:00
2125.9m25.9m6.1m1.3mBarracks 204d 21:00:00
2233m33m8.4m2.1mGarage 216d 18:00:00
2342.7m42.7m12m3.5mRange 229d 10:00:00
2458.2m58.2m16.3m4.78mBarracks 2313d 12:00:00
2578.8m78.8m22.1m6.3mGarage 2418d 12:00:00
26105m105m29.4m8.4mRange 2521d 12:00:00
27139m139m38.8m11.1mBarracks 2625d 00:00:00
28183m183m51m14.6mGarage 2729d 00:00:00
29233m233m65.2m18.7mRange 2834d 00:00:00
30290m290m81.1m23.2mBarracks 2939d 12:00:00

State of Survival HQ Requirements – Level 30+

Once you reach level 30, not only you will need food, metal, wood, and gas, but you also need Plasma Cores. Plasma Cores are must to upgrade headquarters and other buildings.

See the requirements in the below table.

LevelFoodWoodMetalGasPlasma CoresTime
★ (x5)58m58.6m16.4m4.7m1328d 15:00:00
★★ (x5)58.6m59.2m16.5m4.7m15811d 4:00:00
★★★ (x5)59.1m59.8m16.7m4.8m23812d 4:00:00
★★★★ (x5)60.3m61m17.1m4.8m2509d 19:00:00
★★★★★ (x5)61.6m62.2m17.4m4.9m28411d 6:00:00

But you will not only need plasma cores for the Headquarters, other buildings also require plasma cores to upgrade:

Plasma Cores Per Building Level 30+

To upgrade your HP, garage, range, and barracks in the building, you need plasma cores. Let us check the plasma requirements.

1st Plasma Level Requires 1,650 Plasma Cores
2nd Plasma Level Requires 1,980 Plasma Cores (3,630 Plasma Cores)
3rd Plasma Level Requires 2,970 Plasma Cores (6,600 Plasma Cores)
4th Plasma Level Requires 3495 Plasma Cores (10,095 Plasma Cores)
5th Plasma Level Requires 4190 Plasma Cores (14,285 Plasma Cores)


Now that you have the State Of Survival HQ Requirements, use it to upgrade buildings. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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