Staxel Cheat Codes

Staxel Cheat Codes

Staxel Cheats Codes are an easy and free way to gain edge in Staxel. To help you with these cheats, we are giving the complete list of working cheats for Staxel. Not only I will provide you with the code list, but you will also learn how to enable these cheats step by step. So let’s begin!!

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Staxel Cheats Codes

Here you will find an updated and working list of cheats.

Walk  /walk: If you want to disable the fly mode
Unmute  /unmute username
Unban someone  /unban <usernickname>
Todas las recetas a un jugador  /Give all recipes [nombredeusuario]
Teleport  /teleport: You will be teleported to where you are looking at
Teleport to a player  /tp <usernickname>
Steal Money or Petals to someoune  /stealpetals <usernickname> <quantity>
Spawn Tile  /spawnmaterial [username] [tilecode]: The username is who receives the tile (*)
Spawn Money or Petals  /spawncoins [username] <petal_amount>: The username is who receives the money
Spawn Material  /spawnmaterial [yournickname][materialname] (*)
Spawn Item  /spawnitem [yournickname] + staxel.item.X, where X could be Import, Export, MassFiller or also MassReplacer (*)
Show all cheats  /help
Position of a player  /position [usernickname]
Players List  /players
Noclip  /noclip: You can walk through walls or also objects
Mute  /mute username [minutes]: by default 60 minutes
Make someone Admin  /op <usernickname>
Kick someone  /kick <usernickname>
Grow plant  /plantgrowth
Give Money or Petals to someoune  /givepetals <usernickname> <quantity>
Get the World Seed  /seed
Get Money or Petals  /givepetals:
Freeze time  /stoptime
Fly Mode  /fly
Enable Cheats  /enableCheats
Describe Item  /describeitem [usernickname]
Creative Mode  /creative
Change Weather  /weather <typeofweather>: sun, rain, snow, storm or also weather code
Ban someone  /ban <usernickname> <reason>
Advance Time  /advanceTime <quantity>: the quantity must be a number between 0.0 and 0.1
(to a location) Teleport  /teleport [usernickname] [location XYZ]

New cheats will be added to the list as soon as developers release them. So keep visiting this post.

How To enable Staxel Cheats Codes

Enter the game and open the Chat by pressing ENTER. Now type “/enableCheats”

Now you only need to enter the cheat in the chat option.


So, now that you have Staxel Cheats Chat Codes and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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