Stellaris Planet ID List

Stellaris Planet ID List

Stellaris Planet ID List are an easy and free way to gain edge in Stellaris. We are giving the complete list of Planet ID List for Stellaris. Not only I will provide you with the, but you will also learn how to enable these step by step. So let’s begin!!

How To Enable Stellaris Planet ID List

The command that you have to use is planet_class X. Where X is the ID of the planet. You just need to replace x with the ids from our list.

Stellaris Planet ID List

Here you will find an updated and working list of id.

Stellaris Planet ID – Planet Classes

Alpine pc_alpine
Arctic pc_arctic
Arid pc_arid
Continental pc_continental
Desert pc_desert
Ocean pc_ocean
Savannah pc_savannah
Tropical pc_tropical
Tundra pc_tundra
Tomb pc_nuked
Gaia pc_gaia
Relic pc_relic
Ecumenopolis pc_city
Machine pc_machine
Hive pc_hive
Orbital Habitat pc_habitat
AI pc_ai
Asteroid pc_asteroid
Crystalline Asteroid pc_rare_crystal_asteroid
Ice Asteroid pc_ice_asteroid
Barren pc_barren
Barren (Cold)pc_barren_cold 
Broken pc_broken
Cracked pc_egg_cracked
Frozen pc_frozen
Gas Giant pc_gas_giant
Molten pc_molten
Nanite pc_gray_goo
Shattered pc_shattered
Shielded pc_shielded
Shrouded pc_shrouded
Toxic pc_toxic

RingWorld ids

Habitable pc_ringworld_habitable
Habitable Damaged pc_ringworld_habitable_damaged
Seam pc_ringworld_seam
Seam Damaged pc_ringworld_seam_damaged
Tech pc_ringworld_tech
Tech Damaged pc_ringworld_tech_damaged

Star ids

B Class Star pc_b_star
A Class Star pc_a_star
F Class Star pc_f_star
G Class Star pc_g_star
K Class Star pc_k_star
M Class Star pc_m_star
M Red Giant Class Star pc_m_giant_star
T Brown Dwarf Class Star pc_t_star
Black Hole pc_black_hole
Neutron Star pc_neutron_star
Pulsar pc_pulsar

Stellaris Planet ID – Planetary Features

Cheat: The command that you have to use is effect add_deposit = X, where X is the ID of the Deposit.

Example: effect add_deposit = d_betharian_deposit

Arid Highlands d_arid_highlands
Betharian Fields d_betharian_deposit
Black Soil d_black_soil
Boggy Fens d_boggy_fens
Bountiful Plains d_bountiful_plains
Bubbling Swamp d_bubbling_swamp
Crystal Forest d_crystal_forest
Crystal Reef d_crystal_reef
Crystalline Caverns d_crystalline_caverns
Dust Caverns d_dust_caverns
Dust Desert d_dust_desert
Fair Tundra d_forgiving_tundra
Fertile Lands d_fertile_lands
Frozen Gas Lake d_frozen_gas_lake
Fuming Bog d_fuming_bog
Fungal Caves d_fungal_caves
Fungal Forest d_fungal_forest
Geothermal Vents d_geothermal_vent
Great River d_great_river
Green Hills d_green_hills
Hot Springs d_hot_springs
Isolated Valley d_alien_pets_deposit
Junk Canals d_junk_canals
JunkHollows d_junk_hollows
Junk Wastes d_junk_wastes
Lichen Fields d_lichen_fields
Lush Jungle d_lush_jungle
Marvelous Oasis d_marvelous_oasis
Metal Boneyards d_metal_boneyard
Mineral Fields d_mineral_fields
Nutritious Mudlands d_nutritious_mudland
Ore-Rich Caverns d_ore_rich_caverns
Ore-Veined Cliffs d_ore_rich_caverns
Organic Landfills d_organic_landfill
Prosperous Mesa d_prosperous_mesa
Rich Mountain d_rich_mountain
Rugged Woods d_rugged_woods
Rushing Waterfall d_rushing_waterfalls
Searing Desert d_searing_desert
Submerged Ore Veins d_submerged_ore_veins
Teeming Reef d_teeming_reef
Tempestuous Mountain d_tempestous_mountain
Tropical Island d_tropical_island
Underwater Vents d_underwater_vent
Abandoned Primitive Homesteads d_abandoned_primitive_homesteads
Ancient Battlefield d_ancient_battlefield
Ancient Bombardment Craters d_ancient_bombardment_craters
AncientMining Site d_ancient_mining_site
Ancient One d_ancient_one
Ancient Particle Accelerator d_ancient_particle_accelerator
Central Spire d_central_spire
Cryonic Clones Monument d_cryonic_clones
Dense Ruins d_relic_dense_ruins
Dragonslayer Monument d_dragon_monument
Flooded Mounds d_flooded_mounds
Former Relic World d_former_relic_world
Harvester Fields d_harvester_fields
Hyperfertile Valley d_hyperfertile_valley
Impact Crater d_impact_crater
Industrial Sector d_industrial_sector
Irradiated Ruins d_irradiated_ruins
Loop-Plowed Farm d_worm_farm
Migrating Forests Reserve d_migrating_forest_reserve
Mutant Landfill d_mutant_landfill
Numa’s Breath d_numas_breath
Odd Factory d_odd_factory
Portal Research Area d_portal_research_zone
Processing Pens d_processing_pens
Savage Wildlands d_savage_wildlands
Spiral-Hewn Mine d_worm_mine
Stellar Devourer Trophy d_stellarite_trophy
Subterranean Contact Zone d_underground_contact_zone
Subterranean Farming Caverns d_underground_farm
SubterraneanGenerator Areas d_underground_generator
Subterranean Mining Sites d_underground_mine
Toy Factory Complex d_toy_factory_complex
Underground Vault d_underground_vault
Wetware Computer d_wetware_computer
Zone A d_the_zone
BosWash Metropolitan Axis d_boswash_metropolitan_axis
Delhi Sprawl d_delhi_sprawl
Great Albertan Crater d_great_albertan_crater
Mauritanian Security Zone d_mauritanian_security_zone
Mesopotamian Urban Corridor d_mesopotamian_urban_corridor
Pacific Algae Tracts d_pacific_algae_tracts
Pearl River Agglomerate d_pearl_river_agglomerate
Saharan Irrigation Project d_saharan_irrigation_project
Scandinavian Reclamation Sector d_scandinavian_reclamation_sector
Valley of Zanaam d_valley_of_zanaam

Stellaris Planet ID – Planet modifiers

Cheat: The command that you have to use is effect add_modifier = { modifier XWhere X is the ID of the modifier

Example: effect add_modifier = { modifier asteroid_belt

Atmospheric Aphrodisiac atmospheric_aphrodisiac
Asteroid Belt asteroid_belt
Carbon World carbon_world
Extensive Moon System extensive_moon_system
Exceptional Quality Minerals ultra_rich
High Quality Minerals mineral_rich
Lush lush_planet
Natural Beauty natural_beauty
Strong Magnetic Field strong_magnetic_field
Titanic Life titanic_life
Paridayda paradise_planet
Atmospheric Hallucinogen atmospheric_hallucinogen
Asteroid Impacts asteroid_impacts
Hazardous Weather hazardous_weather
Hostile Fauna dangerous_wildlife
High Gravity high_gravity
Low Gravity low_gravity
Wild Storms wild_storms
Dead god dead_god_planet
Bleak bleak_planet
Irradiated irradiated_planet
Poor Quality Minerals mineral_poor
Tidal Locked tidal_locked
Unstable Tectonics unstable_tectonics
Weak Magnetic Field weak_magnetic_field
Holy World holy_planet


So, now that you have Stellaris Planet ID List and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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