Synthetik Curses Guide

Synthetik Curses Guide

Our Synthetik Curses Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Synthetik Curses. Let us look at the Synthetik Curses Guide so that you can learn about different curses and their effects. We will also learn how you can get these curses.

Synthetik Curses Guide – Shrine Curses

These are the 8 curses you can get with the sacrifice shrine, their costs & benefits:


Cost N/A
Benefit Chance to lift a curse, grant a single long lasting buff, also grant Data

Curse of the Flesh

Cost -50% Max Health
Benefit – Avarice + Currency Gain

Curse of the Lethargic

Cost – dodge, movement, reload and also ejection speed
Benefit + Luck

Curse of the Wicked

Cost – Vulnerable – damage absorb
Benefit – Empowered + Damage output

Curse of the Ignorant

Cost – Dulled – 50 Currency
Benefit – Resilient + Damage absorb

Curse of the Partisan

Cost – Ransom +50% Damage taken
Benefit + 250 Max Shield, also removes curse

Tribute of the Flesh

Cost – A Second Chance -150 to 250 Max Health
Benefit x2 weapon upgrade kits, x2 vial charges, and also refills health & ammo

Tribute of the Copper

Cost – Offer accepted -X to 666 Credits
Benefit refills health and also ammo

Synthetik Curses Guide – Other Courses

Cursed Chest

  1. How to get? Open cursed items or also weapon chests
  2. Cost: – Shield, – HP, + damage receive, negative status duration and also + Terror level
  3. Benefit: High level weapon (weapon chest) or item (cursed item)

Cursed Flesh

  1. How to get? Die in co op
  2. Cost: – Shield, + damage receive, negative buffs duration and also + Terror level
  3. Benefit: + positive buffs duration


  1. How to get? Looping
  2. Cost: – Healing, Scavenging, Movement speed, + damage receive, and also + Terror level
  3. Benefit: N/A


Now that you have the Synthetik Curses Guide, use it to learn about curses. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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