Synthetik Prestige Shop And Bonuses

Synthetik Prestige Shop And Bonuses

Our Synthetik Prestige Shop And Bonuses is useful for all the gamers who want to play Synthetik Prestige. Let us look at the Synthetik Prestige Shop And Bonuses so that you can unlock extra bonus and cost, prestige shop and more.

Synthetik Prestige Shop | How to unlock?

Reach level 25 and have 500 data to unlock.

Synthetik Prestige Shop – Prestige Extras

Mystery Boost

Cost 125 Data
Bonus Weapon (FMG-9 Personal, Last Ditch M16, W21 Lever Action or M14 Mini) Item, Android stat boost or module boost at the start of the run


Cost 125 Data
Bonus + Terror Level, but + Android Stat (Random)

Hiper Adrenaline

Cost 125 Data
Bonus You are more vulnerable, but also your enemies

Tactical Mode

Cost 125 Data
Bonus Start with 200 shield & 2000 credits, + headshot damage, humanoid health, damage to bosses, accuraccy, recoil, heat, items power, health vial, heavy steel item, but slower actions & movement

Reroll modules

Cost 75 Data
Bonus Rerolls the Daily Memory Module buffs

Experience token

Cost 100 to 300 (depending on the current level of class) Data
Bonus +25% class level

Class Prestige

Requires Class level >25
Cost 1000 Data
Bonus Prestige the class and reset it back to level 0

Experience token

Cost 0 Data, but only 1 per day
Bonus Random equipment, +30 bonus experience, all the weapons you find +10% damage and also +20% ammo gain

Synthetik Prestige Shop – Bonus

Darkness – Lvl35 overall lighting darker
Dramatic Hits – Lvl65 Freezes the game after weapon hits
Hide Full UI – No Level removes the UI
Old Shake – Lvl40 higher screen shake
Rainbow Road – Lvl70 Replaces the oil splatter effects with bright colors
Red Mist – Lvl70 Changes the oil color to red
Show Healthbars – No Level display of health bars
Slow Motion – Lvl50 Reduces speed of everything
Smoothed Damage Bar – Lvl10 Rendering of enemy health bar Smoother
Standard – Lvl30 Forces all weapons to be Standard
Supporter Dash – No Level flame effect on dash (Requires the Supporter Pack DLC on Steam)
Terminator Sight – Lvl20 Oversaturates colours
Ultra particles – Lvl60 particle effects larger


Now that you have the Synthetik Prestige Shop And Bonuses, use it to unlock all the items and rewards. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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