TeamFight Tactics Tier List

TeamFight Tactics Tier List

Are you looking for TeamFight Tactics Tier List? If yes, then let me help you. We are giving the latest and updated TeamFight Tactics Tier List. This list will help you to get the best of characters ranking from Tier S to E .

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TeamFight Tactics Tier List

This is the list of in game characters from best to worst.

TeamFight Tactics Tier List Tier S

Sejuani (4$) Glacial and also Knight
Pyke (2$) Pirate and also Assassin
Gnar (4$) Wild, Shapeshiffter and also Yordle
Garen (1$) Noble and also Knight
Draven (4$) Imperial and also Blademaster
Aurelion Sol (4$) Dragon and also Sorcerer

Tier A

Swain (5$) Imperial, Shapeshifter and also Demon
Nidalee (1$) Wild and also Shapeshifter
Lulu (2$) Yordle and also Sorcerer
Kindred (4$) Phantom and also Ranger
Kayle (5$) Noble and also Knight
Brand (4$) Demon and also Elementalist
Ashe (3$) Glacial and also Ranger

Tier B

Volibear (3$) Glacial and also Brawler
Varus (2$) Demon and also Ranger
Tristana (1$) Yordle and also Gunslinger
Lucian (2$) Noble and also Gunslinger
Katarina (3$) Imperial and also Assassin
Darius (1$) Imperial and also Knight
Blitzcrank (2$) Robot and also Brawler
Anivia (5$) Glacial and also Elementalist
Akali (4$) Ninja and also Assassin
Ahri (2$) Wild and also Sorcerer

Tier C

Rengar (3$) Wild and also Assassin
Kha’zix (1$) Void and also Assassin
Yasuo (5$) Exile and also Blademaster
Lissandra (2$) Glacial and also Elementalist
Warwick (1$) Wild and also Brawler
Kennen (3$) Ninja, Yordle and also Elementalist
Miss Fortune (5$) Pirate and also Gunslinger
Mordekaiser (1$) Phantom and also Knight
Vayne (1$) Noble and also Ranger
Shyvana (3$) Dragon and also Shapeshifter
Morgana (3$) Demon and also Sorcerer
Kassadin (1$) Void and also Sorcerer
Veigarr (3$) Yordle and also Sorcerer

Tier D

Zed (2$) Ninja and also Assassin
Shen (2$) Ninja and also Blademaster
Leona (4$) Noble and also Guardian
Karthus (5$) Phantom and also Sorcerer
Fiora (1$) Noble and also Blademaster
Evelynn (3$) Demon and also Assassin
Braum (2$) Glacial and also Guardian

Tier E

Rek’sai (2$) Void and also Brawler
Poppy (3$) Yordle and also Knight
Graves (1$) Pirate and also Gunslinger
Gangplank (3$) Pirate, Blademaster and also Gunslinger
Elise (2$) Demon and also Shapeshifter
Aatrox (3$) Demon and also Blademaster


Now that you have the TeamFight Tactics Tier List, use it to select the best characters in the game. If you need Tier list for any other game do let us know in the comment section.


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