The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide

The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide

Our The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play The City of Broken Dreamers. Let us look at the The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide so that you can unlock all scenes and levels.


Choices You can save if you want, because each choice has its own scene. But after the scene you get back to the main path, so it is up to you
(Save point) We highly recommend to save, because each choice leads to a different path

The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide – Chapter 1

  1. Mostly true
  2. I don’t think you are crazy
  3. Chase
  4. Follow
  5. Bend over
  6. Knees
  7. C*um
  8. 1st Secret: Lower row, 4th from left
  9. Reason with her
  10. Tech Noir
  11. Ghost operatives?
  12. She is a Milcher
  13. Okay, that is enough
  14. I need to think…
  15. More fun…
  16. 1st Choice: Maybe you can (scene with Ellen) or This is too much (scene with VR Girl
  17. 2nd Choice: I don’t need (Dep point) or I Know (nothing)
  18. Confront her
  19. 3rd Choice: Get more angry (Dep point & Threat) or Ease up (nothing)
  20. Who are you?
  21. Press her for more
  22. What’s with you?
  23. Look Lower
  24. Yes
  25. Ask for more…
  26. Is it true about…
  27. Tell me about the…
  28. 2nd Secret: To the left of the arm
  29. Tell her (meeting Victoria)
  30. It is just drinks
  31. Watch a bit
  32. 3rd Secret: glass of wine
  33. 4th Choice: Ask for a Lot & How could I resist (Money) or Screw Business (VictoriaLust point)
  34. Is Fine
  35. Enjoy the scene, but there is a choice that affects the stats. Use her…hard = -1 VictoriaScore & +1 VictoriaLust

The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide – Chapter 2

  1. Say Nothing
  2. Show off
  3. 4th Secret: window – poster
  4. Apologize
  5. What do you mean it imploded
  6. What could cause
  7. Just get the data
  8. Tell her off
  9. Refuse
  10. 5th Secret: above the closet
  11. Break from her spell
  12. 1st Choice: Ask her (nothing) or Get angry (Dep point)
  13. 2nd Choice: Victoria or Someone else (Katie or Ellen)
  14. (If 2nd Choice = Victoria) No
  15. Sit Down
  16. Watch your mouth
  17. Left door
  18. Center door
  19. 6th Secret: Book above the shelf
  20. What is it
  21. Keep going
  22. (If 2nd Choice = Ellen) Leave her be. And then enjoy the scene
  23. (If 2nd Choice = Katie) Be nice
  24. (If 2nd Choice = Victoria): I’d like that, something s, massage me, i want to feel your… and get those …off
  25. You really know what…
  26. Slap
  27. 3rd Choice: Seriously? or On second thought
  28. Is fine
  29. (If 3rd Choice = Seriously?) Hit again
  30. Enjoy the scene with Shanlon, but after finish choose “Anytime”

The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide – Chapter 3

  1. Confront her about Ellen
  2. Hold up
  3. 1st Choice: Fine Carry on (Find Bug) or No, stay out (Prevent Bug)
  4. 2nd Choice (Sonja): Never (Lie), Yeah (Truth) or Love them (Joke)
  5. Play along
  6. Touch
  7. Love to
  8. 7th Secret: To the right of the foot
  9. 3rd Choice (Venus): Princess or not a princess (different scenes with Venus)
  10. Investigate further
  11. Check the door, the windows and the hatch
  12. Not yet
  13. Leave
  14. (If Ch2 2nd Choice = Katie) Let your hands…
  15. (If Katie score is at least 2) Where is he…(KatieScore point) or Reach ot (KatieLust point)
  16. 8th Secret: Above the door
  17. 4th Choice (Venus): These things take time (nothing) or Piss off (Dep point)
  18. (If Victoria score is at least 3) There is… (Nothing) or I don’t know (VictoriaScore point)
  19. Ditch
  20. What do you want?
  21. Tell me
  22. Help her
  23. 9th Secret: Upper left corner
  24. I still have time
  25. Say nothing
  26. On your stomach
  27. As*s
  28. Back
  29. TV
  30. Enjoy the scene with Chandra
  31. Only for a miute
  32. Augments
  33. Atatsuki
  34. 5th Choice (Venus): Disable Bug or Leave it

The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide – Chapter 4

  1. 10th Secret: Save, because you are just going to find the secret and restart the chapter. Climb to the window, take it slow, check bedroom and find it below the dark window
  2. Take the hatch
  3. Try to take the EMP
  4. Flashbang and shoot
  5. Play possum
  6. Run upstairs
  7. (Save point) 1st Choice Finish him or Try to knock him out
  8. 2nd Choice: Offer help or Sit Down
  9. (If 2nd Choice = Help) She is important to you
  10. Go downstairs
  11. Ask about the device on his neck / limiter
  12. Ask about Gloria
  13. Sleep
  14. Crack a joke
  15. Approach Katie
  16. Look at photo
  17. Check the data pad and then the messages
  18. Get some sleep
  19. Tease Katie
  20. (If KatieScore is at least 3) Focus on her eyes, He cared for you, Focus on her chest, and explore lower
  21. Do what you need
  22. Your powers
  23. Your family
  24. Mention her room
  25. the dreams
  26. Ellen
  27. She hates your dad
  28. Watch Venus ad
  29. 3rd Choice: Understanding (KatieScore point) or Blunt (KatieLust point)
  30. 10th Secret: To the right of the right window
  31. Go ahead
  32. Want a game?
  33. Not anymore
  34. You are right
  35. Ask her if she means victoria
  36. What does she like? Any Friends? And Her past?
  37. Move one
  38. Call his bluff
  39. (Save point) 4th Choice: Sneak or Knock (different paths)

Knock Path

  1. Say nothing
  2. 4th Choice: Yes or Show me you mean (Victoria Dep point & better choice)

Sneak Path

  1. 11th Secret: Above the left pillow
  2. Say Nothing
  3. (If Victoria score is at least 4) Scene
  4. (If Victoria score is at least 6 or VictoriaLust is at least 2) more scenes
  5. To finish the better choice is Face

The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide – Chapter 5

  1. Play it
  2. Visit Meredith’s home
  3. Truth (ab score +1) or Lie (ab lust+1)
  4. Lie
  5. Of course
  6. 12th Secret: To the left of Chandra’s shoulder
  7. Scene: Of course go fot it
  8. Offer a ride
  9. Do nothing (Ch5ChandraDrug) > Watch (Ch5ChandraWatch) or Rap on the window > No
  10. Meet Kay
  11. Tell her
  12. Yes
  13. Check on Doc
  14. Ignore it
  15. Ignore
  16. Answer
  17. You are worthless
  18. Answer it
  19. 13th Secret: Pink stuff to the right of Katie
  20. Choose: Banchan (Ch5KatieBanchan) or Medical Supplies (Ch5KatieMeds)
  21. Choose: Hug her (+score) or Kiss her (+lust)
  22. Back to Ellen’s
  23. (Only if e score > 1 & in ch 4 you didn’t choose the Knock path) Ah, fuck it, pass it over > Continue > You’re drunk > Continue on > Enjoy the scene (but choose kiss, not never know)
  24. I wouldn’t miss this
  25. Of course.
  26. 14th Secret: 1st blue flower (left one)
  27. Choose: Stare at the poster (g score+1) or turn around (glust+1)
  28. Choose: You’re beautiful (g score+1) or Kiss her (glust+1)
  29. This isn’t right
  30. No idea
  31. Grab
  32. Hipsters love brunch
  33. Say nothing
  34. No talking
  35. Tell him of Victoria
  36. That won’t work
  37. Put her on the bed

City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 6

  1. Probably
  2. Center
  3. Right
  4. Check on Gloria
  5. May want to easy back
  6. Search lockers
  7. 15th Secret: Above the light above the 9
  8. Talk to Katie and Henry.
  9. Choose: Need help? (Ch6 Katie Help) or Talk to Henry (Ch6 Katie Tease)
  10. (Only if Ch6 Katie Tease and also K score > 3) Check on Katie  > Enter
  11. Talk to Betty
  12. Check on Gloria again
  13. Question her powers. (Your Choice)
  14. Choose: Tell her, everything but, Tell her everything or Lie to her
  15. Check your room
  16. Save point (2 scenes depending on your choices:
  17. Sure, come in
  18.  Stop
    1. Keep watching
    1. Alright fire
    1. Alright
    1. Enjoy the scene
  19. or…Yes
    1. Enjoy the scene
  20. Go to sleep
  21. Whatever
  22. Agree
  23. Cell door
  24. 16th Secret: The blue bed inside the cage
  25. Far door
  26. Do it
  27. Look at her silently
  28. Talk
  29. Embrace
  30. Enjoy the scene
  31. 18th Secret: Above her hips

City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough & Guide – Chapter 7

  1. Tell her
  2. Tell a partial
  3. Your choices
  4. Enact Victoria’s plan or Just take a small walk
  5. Pry or let it go
  6. head of operations
  7. We are counting on you
  8. If you’re scared
  9. 19th Secret: Above the light above the door
  10. Head to research
  11. 20th Secret: Red planet
  12. I have another idea
  13. You’re cute
  14. Head to medical ward
  15. You should dress that way more often
  16. DON’T confront her and enjoy the scene
  17. Help her up
  18. On my way.
  19. 21th Secret: Right cup of coffee
  20. A girl like you.
  21. Check on Ellen.
  22. I don’t want you to know
  23. Couldn’t resist her
  24. High class
  25. Flirt with her about Victoria
  26. Pinch
  27. Your choices
  28. Flirt with Ellen
  29. Pinch
  30. Your choices

Chapter 8 Walkthrough

  1. I even tired to tell Kay
  2. Push her
  3. Knock it away
  4. Meet Shanlon
  5. Yes
  6. Get her back here
  7. F**k no
  8. That we could
  9. Your choice
  10. Punish you
  11. Your choices
  12. …
  13. If I can
  14. Your choices. (Until “Actually”)
  15. Actually
  16. Confront her
  17. Put Judy away
  18. We knock and say hello OR Can you sneak in and scout?
  19. Ask about the car
  20. We need to find them
  21. Sasha is in danger
  22. Not this time
  23. Stop this and sit down.
  24. Check on Ellen
  25. I was hurt and out of it
  26. Check on Katie
  27. Your Choices
  28. Get cleaned up
  29. Yea come in
  30. Alright
  31. Your Choices
  32. You did what you thought you had to
  33. We all make mistakes
  34. (Save if you want) Firepower (+Sonja), Friendly Face (+Ellen), Opcion C (+Abby)


Now that you have the The City of Broken Dreamers Walkthrough And Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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