The Cycle Playtest: Data Drives Guide

The Cycle Playtest: Data Drives Guide

This guide will tell you how to obtain Data Drives, and get them to the Rarity you need.

How to get your first Data Drive

To find Data Drives, go to one of the two uplink stations of the map ( South East Uplink / North Uplink ) located roughly in the center of the map.

What to do with the Data Drives ?

Congrats ! Youd found your first Data Drive.

Now that you have one, it is probably a “Common” Data Drive, not worth much at shops.

To get your Data Drive to a better rarity, you need to find a console somewhere in the uplink stations.

Now that you found the Station..

When you found the station, place your data drive in the red glowing spot.

After this, look at the screen (it should say “DRIVE READY WAITING FOR INPUT) and press F to start the Download.

A loading bar will appear, showing percentages going from 0 to 100. At 100%, your Drive is now 1 quality over the one it was originally in. You can keep “uploading” until your Data Drive reaches the “Lengendary” level of rarity. (the Different levels being “Common” / “Uncommon” / “Rare” / “Epic” / “Legendary” )

You can pull out a Data Drive during an upload, losing the progress towards it’s next level.

A Legendary Data Drive will sell for 2000 K-Marts, with value dropping deppending the Rarity.

Time between each upgrades

The time between each upgrades is as follows :

Common > 30s > Uncommon > 60s > Rare > 1m30s > Epic > 2m > Legendary.


During an upload, the antenna linked to the Station will open and emit loud noises, warning everyone in the vicinity that someone is using the station.

By Alex Derange


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