The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition – Don’t Panic! here is how to roll back an update for Skyrim SE

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition - Don't Panic! here is how to roll back an update for Skyrim SE

How to roll back an update for Skyrim Special Edition in case you did not set it to update on launch or made a local backup with copy paste.

The steps to roll back the update

How to downgrade to an earlier game version, if you’ve already updated on accident

If you get caught out by the automatic update on 11 November, or if you simply decide you want to downgrade to Skyrim 1.5.97 (this the latest game version at the current point in time), but you did not make a backup, then you can download the older EXE from a Steam depot using Depot downloader

or a patcher,

To do so:

Use this patcher, or use Steam Depot downloader,

==Method one==

Use this patcher

Following the directions on the description page.

==Method two==

Use the Steam Dopot Downloader

Try this video 

and the read me on github, use Steamdb to find the necessary stuff.

And that’s it, this way you will stay on the current version of the game and ensure compatibility with SKSE dependent mods – at least for the time being and according to what we know at this point.

Backup your game

The method listed in the guide is in case you forgot to backup and

set to update on launch while launching from SKSE64.

To backup your game, copy your Skyrim Special Edition folder here


To somewhere like documents, because it is a large folder I suggest you

archive it with an archiving tool like Peazip[] or 7-zip[]


Lots and lots of kudos for BigBizKit and those over at Nexus Mods for suggesting this as a way

to save your modding.


In the future, as Ilja made clear, the ability to use this method may become way harder,

I.E. only a developer may be able to do it.

Valve is considering making it so you need a Manifest id password in addition

to owning the game and knowing the appid.

this article will show the situation

That is why you should also backup your game by copying a copy of

your game out of its normal folder so you can restore the game from that.

By HazakTheMad


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