The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide

The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide

Our The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play The Headmaster. Let us look at the The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide so that you can unlock all scenes and levels.


The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide – Stats

The first task on your hand is farm Discipline, Grades, Popularity And Money.


Punish Punish in class (+2 discipline) or also Punish after class > Public Punishment (+1 discipline)
Walks You can also discipline girls during your walks, you will get +1 discipline, but usally you will lose -1 popularity
Miss Potts Train her as soon as you can (in her apartment every evening) because she will make you loose -2 discipline every day


Punish Punish after class (+1 grades) doesn’t matter if you do it private or public
Walks If you help them to study you can also get +1 Grades
Discipline If discipline is between 31 and 40, you will get +1 grades every day


Salary Every week you will get some money as salary
Punish Punish after class > Private Punishment (+200 money)


Walks You can get +1 popularity during your walks.

The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game GuideRecommended

  1. Focus on discipline: Punish in class twice every day until discipline > 32
  2. Train Miss Potts as soon as you can (every evening)
  3. Weekends choices: Focus on Popularity, even if you loose discipline
  4. Money & Grades: You dont need to farm them if you farm discipline & popularity

The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide

  1. Focus on farming discipline until you have discipline > 32
  2. Train Miss Potts every evening (her apartment) until she doesn’t loose discipline
  3. Upgrade the science facilities for Miss Chang > Visit her at her class (evenings) > Upgrade the facilities in your computer
  4. Visit Mr Wilson and agree with him
  5. Implement all the new rules available (friday meeting)
  6. You will unlock the first 2 scenes

If a Headmaster Falls in the Woods

  1. Open the recycle bin (your computer) and read the April 15 text
  2. Talk to Mr Wilson and ask him about the old headmaster (visit him 2 consecutive days)
  3. Unlock the lake (friday weekly meeting), go there in the morning and talk to the groundskeeper (old teacher’s body)
  4. Go to the lake again and ask the groundskeeper (jimmy) about the headmaster’s body
  5. Progress through A Troublesome Inspector quest until when you go to the lake Jimmy shows you the spot, and find the wallet and the number
  6. Go to your office, click on the bookcase and unlock the safe
  7. Ask Miss Chang about British defense (not available yet)

Teaching Miss Potts

  1. Start training miss potts at her apartment every evening (at least 6 times)
  2. Check her progress and visit her class
  3. Keep training her at her home, at least 3 more times. But for the last training class you have to complete Sally learns the ropes quest

Experiments Gone

  1. Requires: upgrade the science facilities ($500) and talk about it with Miss Chang
  2. Check Miss Chang class (class time)
  3. Visit Miss Chand (Evening) and ask her for help with the board
  4. Your office > Phone > Samantha > Hire a lab technician and wait 3 days
  5. Accept Trixie’s offer
  6. Visit miss chang and ask her about her new assistant
  7. Summon Trixie (phone) and hire Anna
  8. Visit Miss Chang 2 different evenings

Priti As a Picture (Mr Wilson)

  1. Visit Mr Wilson in his apartment (evenings) and agree to steal Priti’s password > ask miss chang (her class – evenings) how to steal passwords, then about the keylogger programm
  2. Summon Priti (your office – Phone > Give the password to Mr Wilson > next day visit Mr Wilson and ask him if he needs anything else and agree (if you want you can Save – Disagree and see what happens.
  3. Buy the camera (your computer) > Summon Priti to your office (Phone) > Trick her
  4. Buy the swimwear (your computer) > Summon Priti to your office (Phone) > Complete the photoshoot > give the photos to Mr Wilson
  5. If you don’t give him the photos: Ask Trixie about local… > check your mail next day ($2,500) > buy viag*ra (your computer – health) > give the pills to Mr Wilson

Sally Learns the Ropes – Debbie Punishment

  1. Requires: Several private punishments with Debbie (your student) & approve the rule about corporal punishment (skirts) – friday meeting
  2. Once you can decide how to punish: Buy the paddle (your computer)
  3. Level 2 to level 3 Punishment Step By Step:
    1. Remove clothing
    1. Hands above her head > Body Search
    1. Over the desk > Ruler > Paddle
    1. Knee > Massage > new action unlocked
  4. Now buy the digital camera (your computer)
  5. Level 3 to level 4 Punishment Step By Step:
    1. Remove clothing
    1. Hands above her head > Body Search > Camera
    1. Over the desk > Ruler > Paddle
    1. Knee > last massage unlocked > new action
  6. Reassure Sally when she asks you
  7. Touch everything
  8. Admit you enjoy…
  9. Convince school board > Confiscate clothing
  10. Level 4 to level 5: Same as before

A Troublesome Inspector

  1. Requires: vote on the new rule with “?”
  2. Visit Ruth in the teachers lounge
  3. Ask Miss Chang (her class-evening) about the old headmaster’s pass
  4. Sports > Men’s changing room (Monday afternoon) > click on Sally’s bag. Requires a previous conversation, if you can’t click on the bag, come back next monday afternoon.
  5. Skip time until evening and Miss Chang will give you the password (cut scene)
  6. Your computer > recycle bin > April 16 entry
  7. Talk to Ruth (teachers lounge) > dream scene in the evening
  8. (Now you can find with Jimmy the spot where the headmaster died)
  9. Your office > bookcase > don’t worry about being a villain > humiliate
  10. Talk to Ruth (teachers lounge) > Any choice

The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide – A Man’s work Quest

  1. Implement all the new rules available, also the one with “?”
  2. Complete the Sally Learns the Ropes quest
  3. Complete the A troublesome Inspector quest
  4. Hold another vote in the friday meeting (not available yet)

The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide Taming a Prefect

  1. Requires: Do paperwork (your office 3 times)
  2. Patrol (weekday) > Intervene and stop the… or Watch Debbie give…
  3. Sunday afternoon Maxine holds a protest > any choice
  4. Raise Debbie to level 5 (see Sally Learn the ropes quest)
  5. Debbie will stop the protest

The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide – More Scenes

  1. Lucy: Do paperwork until she asks you for work > Buy all the outfits (maid & other) > Saturday morning she will clean your house
  2. Sally: Right now the best scene is with Sally (Men’s changing room – Shower)
  3. Other Punishments: You can only progress with Debbie’s punisments right now
  4. Trixie: Don’t forget to visit her (evenings – her apartment), she is waiting for you. But the dinner is not available yet


Now that you have the The Headmaster Walkthrough And Game Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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