Tomodachi Life QR Codes – Mii 2021

Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life QR Codes are an easy and free way to gain rewards. To help you with these codes, we are giving the complete list of working Codes for Tomodachi Life QR. Not only I will provide you with the code list, but you will also learn how to use and redeem these codes step by step. So let’s begin!!

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Tomodachi Life QR Codes 2021

Here you will find an updated and working list of codes for Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter Marvel, and League of Legends.

Tomodachi Life QR Codes Mii – Harry Potter

Most of the characters of Harry Potter Qr codes Mii, find the character you want, follow his / her link to get his /her Qr Code Image

Albus from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Bellatrix from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Cedric from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Draco from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Fred from Harry Potter QR Code Link
George from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Ginny from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Hagrid from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Harry Potter from Harry Potter QR Code link
Hermione from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Luna from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Minerva from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Neville from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Remus from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Ron from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Severus from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Sirius from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Voldemort from Harry Potter QR Code Link
Tomodachi Life QR Codes

Tomodachi Life QR Codes Mii – League of Legends

Most of the characters of League of Legends Qr codes Mii, find the character you want, follow his / her link to get his /her Qr Code Image

Ahri from League of Legends QR Code Link
Amumu from League of Legends QR Code Link
Annie from League of Legends QR Code Link
Ashe from League of Legends QR Code Link
Braum from League of Legends QR Code Link
Darius from League of Legends QR Code Link
Draven from League of Legends QR Code Link
Lucian from League of Legends QR Code Link
Riven from League of Legends QR Code Link
Sejuani from League of Legends QR Code Link
Tryndamere from League of Legends QR Code Link
Yasuo from League of Legends QR Code Link


Tomodachi Life QR Codes Mii – The Walking Dead

Abraham from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Carl from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Carol from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Daryl from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Glenn from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Hershel from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Maggie from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Michonne from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Rick from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Rosita from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Tara from The Walking Dead QR Code Link
Tyreese from The Walking Dead QR Code Link

Tomodachi Life QR Codes Mii – Game of Thrones

Most of the characters of Game Of Thrones Qr codes Mii, find the character you want, follow his / her link to get his /her Qr Code Image

Arya Stark from Game of Thrones Code Link
Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones Code Link
Joffrey from Game of Thrones Code Link
John Snow from Game of Thrones Code Link
Khalessi or Daenerys from Game of Thrones Code Link
Sam Tarley from Game of Thrones Code Link
Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones Code Link
Varis from Game of Thrones Code Link
Ygritte from Game of Thrones Code Link

Tomodachi Life QR Codes Mii – Stranger Things

Most of the characters of Stranger Things Qr codes Mii, find the character you want, follow his / her link to get his /her Qr Code Image

Dustin from Stranger Things Code Link
Eleven from Stranger Things Code Link
Jim Hopper from Stranger Things Code Link
Jonathan from Stranger Things Code Link
Joyce from Stranger Things Code Link
Lucas from Stranger Things Code Link
Mike from Stranger Things Code Link
Nancy from Stranger Things Code Link

Marvel QR Codes Mii

Most of the characters of Marvel Qr codes Mii, find the character you want, follow his / her link to get his /her Qr Code Image

Black Widow from Marvel Universe Code Link
Iron Man from Marvel Universe Code Link
Loki from Marvel Universe Code Link
Spider Man from Marvel Universe Code Link
Star Lord from Marvel Universe Code Link
Thor from Marvel Universe Code Link

Famous Characters QR Codes Mii

More Tomodachi life QR Codes Mii:

Ariel from The Little Mermaid Code Link
Harley Quinn Code Link
Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Code Link
Luigi from Mario Code Link
Mario Code Link
Peach from Mario Code Link


So, now that you have Tomodachi Life QR Codes and the process to redeem them, use the codes to get free and exciting rewards. These codes lists have all the active and expired codes for you to try.

Codes are released by the game developers for every new season. We will add them to the code list as soon as they are available. If you need codes for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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