Valheim Crafting Recipes – October 2021

Valheim Crafting Recipes

Our Valheim Crafting Recipes is useful for all the gamers who want to play Valheim. Let us look at the Valheim Crafting Recipes so that you can craft different tools and weapons in the game. We will also tell you how you can upgrade your workbench.

Valheim Crafting Recipes – Tools

Below is the list of tools that can be crafted in the workbench.

Stone Axe x5 Wood, also x4 Stone
Flint Axe x4 Wood, also x6 Flint
Bronze Axe x4 Wood, x8 Bronze also x2 Leather Scraps
Iron Axe x4 Wood, also x15 Iron
Cultivator x5 Core wood, also x5 Bronze
Stone Pickaxe x3 Wood, also x10 Stone
Iron Pickaxe x3 Wood, also x15 Iron
Hammer x3 Wood, also x2 Stone
Workbench x10 Wood
Stone Cutter x10 Wood, x6 Iron, also x8 Stone
Cooking Station x2 Wood
Firepit x2 Wood, also x5 Stone
Hearth x15 Stone
Smelter x20 Stone, also x5 Surtling core
Charcoal Kiln x20 Stone, also x2 Surtling core
Forge x4 Stone, x4 Coal, x10 Wood, also x6 Copper
Bed x8 Wood
Portal x10 Greydwarf eye, x20 Fine Wood, also x2 Surtling core
Raft x20 Wood, x6 Hide, also x10 Resin
Longship x20 Wood, x10 Hide, x10 Resin, also x10 Elder Bark

Valheim Crafting Recipes – Weapons

Below is the list of weapons that can be crafted in the workbench.

Wood Torch x1 Wood, also x1 Resin
Flint Knife x2 Wood, also x4 Flint
Copper Knife x2 Wood, also x8 Copper
Bronze Sword x2 Wood, x15 Copper, also x4 Tin
Iron Longsword x12 Wood, also x25 Iron
Throwing Spear x5 Wood, also x4 Flint
Wood shortbow x6 Wood, also x4 Hide
Wood arrow x2
Fire wood arrow 
Flinthead arrow x1 Wood, also x1 Flint
Ironhead arrow x2 Wood, also x1 Iron
Rag x3 Hide
Leather armor x12 Hide
Troll leather armor x20 Troll Hide
Leather cap x6 Hide
Horned bronze helmet x6 Copper, also x4 Tin
Wood shield x5 Wood
Banded shield x5 Wood, also x8 Iron

Valheim Crafting Recipes – Upgrade Workbench

You have to level up a workbench to Level 2 to upgrade your weapons and tools. Let us see how you can upgrade your workbench.

Workbench Level 2 upgrade

  • Build a Workbench inside your house
  • Collect x10 Wood & x10 Flint
  • Equip your hammer
  • Build the Chopping Block recipe
  • Place the Chopping Block next to your bench to upgrade it to level 2.

Workbench Level 3 Upgrade

Build the Tanning Rack recipe next to your workbench and follow the same steps as above to upgrade it to level 3.

Workbench Level 4 Upgrade

Build the Adze recipe next to your workbench and follow the same steps as above to upgrade it to level 3.


Now that you have the Valheim Crafting Recipes, use it to craft weapons and tools in the game. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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