Valheim Resources Locations And Guide

Valheim Resources Locations And Guide

Our Valheim Resources Locations And Guide is useful for all the gamers who want to play Valheim. Let us look at the Valheim Resources Locations And Guide so that you can find available resource (ores, food & ingredients) in the game.

Valheim Resources Locations And How to Get Guide

Below we are listing all the Valheim resource locations. Using these resources you can craft many things.

  1. Ancient Seed: Drop: Greydwarf brute & Shaman | Locations: Random chests
  2. Blueberries: Locations: Bushes (Deep forest)
  3. Coal: Drop: Surtlings | Craft: Charcoal klin (wood) & Cooking station (raw meat) | Locations: Random Chest & Altars (reward)
  4. Cooked Meat: Craft: Cooking Station (raw meat)
  5. Copper Ore: Locations: Copper Veins (Deep forest) & random chests
  6. Copper: Craft: Smelter (Copper Ore)
  7. Dandelion: Locations: The Shore (Green forest)
  8. Feather: Drop: Birds (Meadows & Black Forest) | Locations: Random chests
  9. Fine Wood: Drop: Birch | Locations: Meadows & Black Forest
  10. Flint: Locations: Shores (Green forest)
  11. Greydwarf Eye: Drop: Greydwarf
  12. Hard Antler: Drop: Eikthyr Boss (Meadows)
  13. Iron Ore: Locations: Iron Veins (Swamp & Mountains)
  14. Iron: Craft: Smelter (Iron Ore)
  15. Mushroom: Locations: Ground (Green Forest & Deep Forest)
  16. Raw Meat: Drop: Deer & Boar
  17. Resin: Drop: Greydwarf
  18. Stone: Drop: Greydwarf | Locations: Ground (everywhere)
  19. Tin Ore: Locations: Tin Deposits (Black forest coast) & Random chests
  20. Tin: Locations: The Shore (Deep forest)
  21. Troll Hide: Drop: Trolls (Black forest)
  22. Wood: Drop: Greydwarf | Locations: Ground & Trees (Everywhere)


Now that you have the Locations And Guide, use it to unlock all the scenes and levels. If you need guide for any other game, do let us know in the comment section.


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