6 Best Voice Recorder App For Android 2021

voice recorder app
voice recorder app

Voice Recorder App: Today we are giving you the 6 best voice recorder apps for Android in 2021. This post came back with a popular request. Many of our users have asked us to recommend Google’s most popular and best voice recorder apps for Android.

Global sound quality is one, if not the largest, factor in sound quality and accuracy. If the sound quality is low, as is the accuracy of the copy, transcription of the text and quality analyzer can only do this, if the speaker’s voice is barely audible.

Since everyone nowadays owns a smartphone, we have compiled a list of the best audio recorder apps for android. You can now record standard interviews on the go using these free audio recorder apps.

We’ve provided a list of digital recorders in previous articles. But with smartphones and voice recorder apps everywhere today, you won’t need them anymore.

Any good smartphone or medium tablet pre-loaded with audio recording apps and built-in microphones ideal for recording interviews, meetings, conferences, or chatting randomly around your day on your phone.

Top 6 Best Audio Recorder Apps for Android 2021

Below are the details of our recommendations for the best audio recorder apps for Android.

1. ASR Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder App

ASR Voice Recorder is one of the most powerful voice recorder apps for android. Recordings in various formats, including common formats such as FLAC, MP3 WAV, OGG, and M4A.

There is also cloud integration for uploads easily to Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. You get a lot of small features like playback speed controls, the ability to automatically drop silent parts from the registry. Also, there is a gain switch, and support for Bluetooth devices.

Download ASR Voice Recorder

2.  Easy Voice Recorder

The free version provides a high-quality format and background recording and home screen tools. While the professional version (at 3.99) can also record phone calls.

It brings all these features together in one easy-to-use interface. Therefore all these features make this app a great voice recorder app for android.

It records audio in a 16-bit high-quality PCM format. Also, this voice recorder app allows you to record and export in various popular formats.

This recorder app supports Bluetooth microphone, software input gain, stereo recording, recording from anywhere, and much more.

Download Easy Voice Recorder

3. Evernote

Not many people know, but Evernote has the ability to record audio. It is not that amazing, like the other voice recording apps mentioned above. But it is possible to record using Evernote.

Voice Recorder App

Evernote Voice Recorder App

Evernote has an added bonus of keeping the audio recorded in your Evernote account. You can access the audio recorded from any device that has Evernote on it.

This voice recorder app is handy, fast, and easy to use. The app is perfect for people who need more than just an audio recording.

Download Evernote

4. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

voice recorder app

Recording on the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder app takes place in MP3 format instead of PCM. You can record from the tools, choose between front and back microphone, set bit rate, adjust the input level, and more.

To change the input gain level, you have to go through some menus as on the recording screen. There is a trial version that limits the recording to 10 minutes. to use this app you will have to pay $4.99.

Download Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

5. RecForge Pro

Rack Forge Pro is the favorite for many people. It is a versatile voice recorder app that includes cloud integration, multiple formats, editing, quality level playback speed settings. Also, it has automatic and manual control, multiple languages, etc.

This app produces great recordings on a regular basis. Especially if you are connected to an external microphone. You will have to shed $4 to enjoy this app.

Download RecForge Pro

6. Jam Maker Music

Jam Music Maker is an amazing audio recording app for musicians. This is a great app for recording song lyrics, music, or any other work you want to do.

voice recorder app

The app records multiple paths, including an editor to improve your productivity and additional tools to recreate and move your business.

It allows you to purchase items such as rings and other similar items. Facebook, SoundCloud and most other social networks have direct integration with this app.

If you need to record a school meeting or conference, this app comes handy. This voice recorder app is free to use. This app is great if you are a musician.

Download Jam Maker Music

Bottom Line

I hope you find the best voice recorder app on android. Stay tuned for our blog for many other similar articles.


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