6 Best Voice To Text Apps For Android (2021)

Voice to Text Apps
Voice to Text Apps

Voice to Text Apps: Isn’t the idea interesting? These days, Android smartphones are fully supported, and users also prove they are smart with smart apps.

Voice to text is one of the most difficult solutions that make our job very easy. This is done by transmitting our messages at supersonic speed and improving our productivity. Therefore, you must know the best voice to text apps for android and Iphone.

Many thanks to Nevans, who are behind this great innovation. Life is never easy, and when you are assigned multiple tasks, you always want to find a way.

One of the most impressive features of this experience is that your messages are easily explained and sent to the other side. Developers make sure that this feature is installed on as many devices as possible, which makes many people aware of downloading.

Let me share some smart voice to text apps for android and iphone with everyone. These will help everyone to send text messages easily! It does not matter if you can write or not. Is this a good thing? So let’s dig.

6 Best Voice to Text Apps

Here are 7 best voice to text apps for Android in 2020.

1. Speechnotes

The best feature of Speechnotes app is its scoreboard. For most people, punctuation is impractical. The endowment keyboard often has periodic buttons on the screen that allow you to type a sentence faster and more efficiently.

Voice to Text Apps

The keyboard also includes a row of custom keys. You can use the term used, such as your signature or name, or thank you for adding it quickly.

It also supports Bluetooth, takes notes offline, etc. while viewing the permanent recording. Unlike other spelling apps, you can take longer breaks between sentences to understand words, and the app will listen.

Download Speechnotes

2. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is one of the best voice to text apps from Newson. It was a new adventure in text transformation in the world of sound.

Voice To Text Apps

Dragon dictation is controlled using free natural speaking technology and is estimated to be an interesting part of this app. It has a compact design that works five times faster than your keyboard.

The application writes your letters and messages instantly. The best way to keep your homework busy and smooth flow in reminder and memo settings while busy.

In addition, it supports many languages. Try the app to get to know yourself. You can talk instantly and view converted text and emails. The app reaches out to give you full support on social media where you can create reminders with him. Needless to say, it also supports a long list of languages.

Download Dragon Dictation

3. ListNote Voice to Text App

Once the app installation is complete, the first thing to consider after launching the ListNote app is the context menu that asks you to easily activate the light or dark UI. ۔

Voice to Text Apps

Once you’ve chosen your title, start with the words included in the text converter in the menu notes. To do this, find the Voice Recognition button and start talking.

It also comes with an amazing function that allows you to suspend and reset the driver. The application must recognize the words while identifying, the words will appear in the text box.

The content of the text field is not lost but is saved as a note. You can edit these notes at any time, and you can share them with your phone contacts and friends on social media.

Download ListNote

4. Evernote Voice to Text Extension

Evernote is another major Android app designed to help you remember all the important information and notes on the go. It plays an important role in improving your productivity.

It also helps you record all your thoughts, takes pictures, takes notes, record voice memos, creates to-do lists, and organize yourself.

Voice to Text Apps

There is a text-to-speech update for this app. Based on this feature, you have the freedom to scream loudly and the app will take care of the rest of the work as it will take the same notes.

It has proven to be an application that is widely used as a valuable educational tool for teachers and students and enables them to perform important tasks related to their work by voice. Also, this app only works on Android 4.0 and above.

Download Evernote

5. TalkBox Voice Messenger

A faster way to transfer, share, and publish voice and text messages with another voice. Talkbox Voice Messenger provides you with an inspiring platform to connect with your children, friends, and partners.

All you have to do to start this feature is talk to your microphone, and the app can change the words you speak at any time with great accuracy.

Voice to Text Apps

Add-ons include a short bubble that appears in the chat. It also provides multiple functions, including photo sharing and location sharing. Textbox also allows you to maintain group chats with up to 9 people. It works for free on Android, making it one of the best voice to text apps for android and iphone.

Download Talkbox Voice Messenger

6. Google Assistant

It is important for us to mention the Google Assistant when it comes to text apps. Unlike others, audio apps don’t have to be in the first place, but they cater to the user’s needs.

Voice to Text Apps

Google Assistant offers a number of great features, including a podcast, the ability to control your smart home devices, location-based reminders, and more.

You can use Google Assistant to allow oral reminders, create audio lists, and manage patrols. It also uses the text-to-speech feature to add events to your calendar.

Bottom Line

We hope you find our article on voice to text apps for android and iphone useful. Let us know in the comments section!


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