XCOM 2 Cheats And Console Commands

XCOM 2 Cheats Console Commands

XCOM 2 Cheats And Console Commands are an easy and free way to gain edge in XCOM 2. To help you with these cheats and console commands, we are giving the complete list of working cheats and console commands for XCOM 2. Not only I will provide you with the cheats list, but you will also learn how to enable these cheats step by step. So let’s begin!!

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XCOM 2 Cheats And Console Commands

Here you will find an updated and working list of cheats & console Commands.

New cheats and console commands will be added to the list as soon as developers release them. So keep visiting this post.

How To enable XCOM 2 Cheats And Console Commands

In the game go to launch option and type -allowconsole -log -autodebug. when in game press “~” to open console. now type the cheats from our list.

XCOM 2 Cheats (General Commands)

Teleport to cursor  TTC: But just the selected unit
Teleport all to cursor  TATC: But all the units
Skip AI  Skip AI
Reveal the map  Togglefow: But enemies remain hidden
Restart level  RestartLevel:
No Damage  TakeNoDamage: Only No Damage
Level Up Barrack  LevelUpBarracks X: Instead of X type the number of levels you want to level up
Infinite AP  ToggleUnlimitedActions: But for enemy AI also
Hide Squad ToggleSquadConcealment: But enemy still alerted
Heal All Soldiers  HealAllSoldiers: But only in Avenger
God Mode  PowerUp: No Damage but also infinite ammo and no reload required
Give Technology GiveTech [Tech Name]
Force Critical Hits  ForceCritHits:

Tech Names


  • AlienBiotech
  • AutopsySectoid
  • AutopsyViper
  • AutopsyMuton
  • AutopsyBerserker
  • AutopsyArchon
  • AutopsyGatekeeper
  • AutopsyAndromedon
  • AutopsyFaceless
  • AutopsyChryssalid
  • AutopsySectopo
  • AutopsyAdventTrooper
  • AutopsyAdventStunLancer
  • AutopsyAdventShieldbearer
  • AutopsyAdventTurret
  • AutopsyAdventMEC

Weapons Tech:

  • ModularWeapons
  • MagnetizedWeapons
  • GaussWeapons
  • PlasmaRifle
  • HeavyPlasma
  • PlasmaSniper
  • AlloyCannon
  • Tech_Elerium
  • Psionics
  • HybridMaterials
  • PlatedArmor
  • EXOSuit
  • SpiderSuit
  • PoweredArmo
  • WraithSuit WARSuit

Proving Groung Projects:

  • Skulljack
  • ExperimentalAmmo
  • ExperimentalGrenade
  • ExperimentalArmor
  • Bluescreen
  • BattlefieldMedicine
  • PlasmaGrenade
  • AdvancedGrenades
  • Skullmining
  • HeavyWeapons
  • AdvancedHeavyWeapons

XCOM 2 Cheats (Give Resource/Add Item)

Give Resource examples

Stasis Vest additem Stasis Vest X, where X is the quantity
Scannerr  additem BattleScanner X, where X is the quantity
Reload Upgrade additem ReloadUpgrade X, where X is the quantity
Mind Shield  additem Mind Shield X, where X is the quantity
Hazmat Vest  additem HazmatVest X, where X is the quantity
Free Kill Upgrade  additem FreeKillUpgrade X, where X is the quantity
Free Fire Upgrade  additem FreeFireUpgrade X, where X is the quantity
Critical Upgrade  additem CritUpgrade X, where X is the quantity
Clip Size Upgrade  additem ClipSizeUpgrade X:, where X is the quantity
Aim Upgrade  additem AimUpgrade X, where X is the quantity

Give Resource examples

Wraith Suit  giveresource LightPoweredArmor X, where X is the quantity
WAR Suit  giveresource HeavyPoweredArmor X, where X is the quantity
Supplies  giveresource Supplies X, where X is the quantity
Spider Suit  giveresource LightPlatedArmor X, where X is the quantity
Predator Suit  giveresource MediumPlatedArmor X, where X is the quantity
Intel  giveresource Intel X, where X is the quantity
Guardian Suit  giveresource MediumPoweredArmor X, where X is the quantity
EXO Suit  giveresource HeavyPlatedArmor X, where X is the quantity
Elerium Dust  giveresource EleriumDust X, where X is the quantity
Elerium Core  giveresource EleriumCore X, where X is the quantity
Alien Alloy  giveresource AlienAlloy X, where X is the quantity

More item names:

  • Firebomb
  • FragGrenade
  • AlienGrenade
  • FlashbangGrenade
  • SmokeGrenade
  • GasGrenade
  • AcidGrenade
  • ShredderGun
  • Flamethrower
  • BlasterLauncher
  • PlasmaBlaster
  • FlamethrowerMk2 (Hellfire Projector)
  • ShredstormCannon
  • IncendiaryRounds (Dragon rounds)
  • TalonRounds
  • TracerRounds
  • VenomRounds
  • ApRounds
  • BluescreenRounds
  • NanoFibreVest
  • PlatedVest
  • StasisVest
  • HazmatVest
  • Hellweave

Give Facility examples

  • Workshop
  • Laboratory
  • PowerRelay
  • ShadowChamber
  • ProvingGround
  • ResistanceComms
  • AdvancedWarfareCenter
  • UFODefense (Defense Matrix)
  • PsiChamber (Psi Labs)
  • OfficerTrainingschool (GTS)

XCOM 2 Cheats (Config File)

Soldier´s skills Change the file DefaultGameData_SoldierSkills.ini
Max number of soldiers per mission Change MaxSoldiersOnMission in the file DefaultGameData.ini
Max number of enemies per mission Change MaxSSpawnCount in the file DefaultMissions.ini
Enemies Health Change CharacterBaseStats in the file DefaultGameData_CharacterStats.ini
Damage, Radio, Weapons stats Change the file DefaultGameData_WeaponData.ini
Allowed Weapons Change AllowedWeapons in the file DefaultClassData.ini

XCOM 2 Cheats (Characters Commands)

Give Scientist  GiveScientist X, where X is the quantity
Give Engineer  GiveEngineer X, where X is the quantity
Change Soldier Class  MakeSoldierAClass [name] [Classname], where [name] us the soldier´s name and [classname] could be: Rookie, Ranger, Sharpshooter, Grenadier Specialist, PsiOperative


So, now that you have XCOM 2 Cheats And Console Commands and the process to enable them, use them to enjoy the game. If you need cheats for any other game, feel free to tell us in the comment section.


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